UK Truck Simulator чит-файл №1

How to increase money:

Just go to a save file in your "/UK Truck Simulator/saves" folder and edit the
file "game.sii" in a folder of save.
Edit with notepad.
Here in that after 3 pages down you will find this line. money_account:
Beside that you will find actual amount of your money.
Just add what ever amount u like.

for e.g 99999999999, 55599999999 etc. and u will have that amount in game also.

Increase reputation points:

go to "my documents"
then "uk truck simulator"
then the "save" folder
after this click on your save file (its best if you only have one save as this
will help you choose the right save).. now select "game" with a text file (note
pad rorks best)
then change the reputation_points:***(what ever your point score is) to EG:.