Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Winter Assault чит-файл №2

Skirmish Mode Cheats
Start Skirmish Mode. When choosing the game options make sure that "Allow
Cheats" option is set to YES. While playing, press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[~] and then
type any of the following codes in the console:

cheat_power(#) - Get indicated amount of power
cheat_requisition(#) - Get indicated amount of requisition
cheat_revealall - Show entire map
cheat_killself - Suicide
taskbar_hide - Hide taskbar
taskbar_show - Show taskbar
render_togglerainbow() - Rainbow colors
render_togglewireframe() - Colored wireframes
render_togglexray() - See-through white textures
getsimrate() - Show current game speed
setsimrate(#) - Set the game speed to #
detail_toggle() - Toggle shaders
decal_toggle() - Toggle banners and badges
fog_toggle() - Toggle brown dust
terrlod_dist(minumum,maximum) - Change the distance where models lose detail
terrlod_toggle() - Toggle model detail drop
staticdecal_dump() - Dump static decal stats to file
dynamicdecal_dump() - Dump dynamic decal stats to file
shadow_toggle - Toggle shadows
ingame_stats_mouseover_toggle - Toggle mouseover stat bars
ingame_stats_toggle - Toggle stat bars
ingame_select_ui_toggle - Remove selection boxes
simvis_cameranearclip(#) - Objects closer than this value (in meters) are not
simvis_camerafarclip(#) - Hide objects further than this value (in meters);
default is 200
simvis_fx_refresh - Screen update while console is up
simvis_list - Reads data\art\ebps files and lists handler (channel) usage
simvis_toggle(channel name) - Toggle subsystem visibility
cls - Clear console window
quit - Quit to Windows