World Cup '98 чит-файл №1

Hint: Your chances of winning a given contest are greatly enhanced if you
maintain a good share of ball possession and take lots of shots on goal, two
statistics that are prominently displayed throughout each match. So, shoot
when you can and do a lot of seemingly unproductive back passing to keep those
stats high.
Hint: Keeping the above tip in mind, remember that strengths build upon
strengths and perseverance is the key. If you're playing well with lots of
shots and possession but find yourself down on the scoreboard, keep at
it--things should eventually go your way. A number of games can be won late in
the second half when the defense finally succumbs to the pressure.

Hint: Late crosses from deep in the corner tend to find unmarked players in
front of the net. Don't be afraid to go in almost to the dead ball line before
passing for a one-touch shot.

Hint: If you're going to slide tackle, do it head-on or your chances of getting
carded rise dramatically. Otherwise, go with a less vicious tackle and keep
your men on the pitch.

Hint: The only thing better than winning a close AI game at pro or world-class
level is winning a close multiplayer game at pro or world-class level. World
Cup 98 supports network play, but it's just great head-to-head over a modem.