The X-Files Game чит-файл №1

Having any problems getting started? Walk this way Spook-fans.

First up, meet Special agent Cook in the hall. Pick funny way to greet him. Then
take one step forward, turn left into your office, enter it and pick up the
phone. Now go to the cheif's office and look at the map on the door which leads
outside. Skinner tells you Mulder and Scully are missing. Ask him where they
were last seen and what case they were working on. You'll recieve orders. They
flew from Dulles International Airport to Tacoma, and are staying at the Comity
Inn in Everett. Ask him about their previous behaviour (and all the questions
you want, even if they seem irrelevant). Then talk to the chief and nip to
Cook's office. Talk to him but DON'T ask him to send an APB. DO ask him about
your case files, he'll do a funny thing with his lips but won't give you any
humain answer. Go to your office and log onto your computer. Type in 'CRAIG
WILLMORE' as your name and 'SHILOH' as your password. Go to the APB on your
computer and click send. Quit this and pick up the case files on your desk. Go
down into your drawer and take out you badge, gun and cuffs. Go back to Cook's
office and hand him the case files. Then go to where you would find the chief's
office and you'll meet Skinner in the corridoor. Exit the field office and go to
the Comity Inn in Everett.

First,show the girl behind the counter your ID badge. Ask her about the teo
missing agents and the rental car (It's a Ford Taurus, plate 621517). The note
she's written will be in your folder. Ask the girl to take you to thier rooms.
Be sure to take a good look around in Mulder's room before exiting to Scully's.
In Mulder's room you should find a book about aliens, a paper with some alien-
related articles, some sunflower seeds and a bottle of vodka mix. Now go to
Scully's room and ask Skinner about the case Mulder and Scully were working on.
Then ask him about the outgoing calls (click the phone image). Then go back to
the girl at the front desk and ask her about the outgoing calls (click on the
phone image). Call the numbers on the form she gives you (you'll find it in your
folder). Now return to Scully's room and pick up the laptop. (you'll get a
password from the crime lab later). Go back to the FBI field office and log on
to your PC. Use the ING function to look up the phone numbers, passwords and
rental car number. Go to the meeting room and open the closet marked 'AUTHORISED
AGENT'S ONLY'. Remove all of the items in there. Leave the office and head for
the Seattle Docks. Got it now? You're on you're on from here.

Password for Willmore's Computer

Password is :SHILOH