Xenominer чит-файл №1

A Mile In My Shoes (Silver):
Travel 1609.344m or 1 mile.

Block Buildmaster (Silver):
Place 1000 blocks.

Can You Dig It? (Bronze):
Dig 100 times.

Firefly (Silver):
Recieve 1000 units of Radiation.

Hip Hopper (Silver):
Jump 1000 times.

I'm Not Dead Yet! (Gold):
Have 10% HP for 60 seconds.

If You Dig This... (Gold):
You have dug 10,000 Blocks.

Moon Marathon (Gold):
Travel 49,195 meters or 26 miles and 385 yards.

Nice Tan! (Bronze):
Recieve 100 units of Radiation.

One Giant Leap (Bronze):
Your very first jump. Welcome to XenoMiner!

Quick! Like A Bunny! (Bronze):
Jump 100 times.

Right Away, Sir! (Bronze):
Deploy your first bot.

Treasure Hunter (Silver):
Dig 1000 times.

Weekend Warrior (Bronze):
Place 100 blocks.