Zork: The Great Underground Empire чит-файл №1

by Andrew Egerton

This is a FAQ that should get you through all of the puzzles in Zork:
The Undiscovered Underground, the new text adventure from Marc Blank
and Mike Berlyn.

This is my first FAQ, so please bear with me.

IMPORTANT: Should your lantern go out, give it a good shake!
You begin in the New Excavation. Mir Yannick, the Grand Inquisitor
of Zork, has ordered you to explore uncharted terrain in the Great
Underground Empire. Travel northeast twice, and you will come to the
Cultural Complex. Go north to the Convention Center Lobby, and
northwest to the Souvinier Stand. Try talking to the salesman there.
It seems odd that there's another person down here. He's wearing
a mask. Try taking the mask and see what happens. Ooh, that was fun!
I hope you remembered the appearance of that grue!(like you could

Now, take the candy from the counter, as well as the popcorn and
postcards. Read the postcards. Yippee. Go north into the changing
room. You'll see a wide array of costumes. Take the suit, gloves,
and mask that look similar to the grue, and head back to the
Convention Center Lobby. Wear the costume, drop the lamp and head
north to the Convention Hall jam-packed with grues! Take the hat,
glasses, and shoes and get out via the south exit. DO NOT take the

Head back to the Cultural Complex and head south for the Hall
of Science. Explore the adjoing rooms, and don't forget to take the
stuff in the Mud Forum!. Look at the tree and take the tinsel hanging
from it. Head back to the Cultural Complex and go east to the
Theater. Head east to the backstage and open the trunk. Take the
5-zorkmid piece inside and TIE THE TINSEL TO IT! (ooh, alliteration!)
Go back to the Museum of Illusions and put the zorkmid in the slot.
Take it out and put it back in again. Neat, you got some hints!
Let's follow up on them then, shall we?

Go to the Hall of Adventure and use your sword to pry the sixth rib of
the skeleton. Go through the door to the Janitor Closet and take the
bug repellant. Rose colored glasses, huh? 3-D? Go to the stage and
look at those footlights. Take the blue and red lenses(hope you had
your gloves on!) and put them in the glasses. Go back to the Mud
Forum, wear the glasses, drop your entire inventory, and open the
cover. Hold the button and observe the picture. This is the
combination for the sealed door. put the model of the closest object
in the circle, next in the square, triangle, then pentagon. The
sealed door should open.

Drop a candy bar in the Mud Forum, one in the Hall of Science, and one
in the Cultural Complex. Go back to the Mud Forum and go southeast.
Drop your remaining candy bar and run back to the Cultural Complex and
wait for the rat-ants. When they leave, go through the tunnel
to safety and a Great Reward from the Grand Inquisitor himself!

NOTE: It is important that you have your bug repellent with you at
this point. If not, rat-ants devastate the countryside and you get to
see what the inside of a totemizer looks like!

Thanks for reading

And thanks goes to Marc Blank and Mike Berlyn for making this fun
game, and to Activision for continuing the Zork series!

Andrew Egerton