Aliens Versus Predator 2 чит-файл №1

Here's how to edit the game to give yourself nearly infinite ammo, energy,
health, and increase the walking/running/crouch/whatever...

Find the file CharacterButes.txt. Open it, scroll down to the "Base Predator
Character" and make these changes to the speeds, and then save the changes.
WalkSpeed = 250
RunSpeed = 400
CrouchSpeed = 140
LiquidSpeed = 250
CanClimb = 1
LadderSpeed = 250

Now you can open the Weapons.txt file. Find the values for ammo, health,
energy... and change them to 9999. Save the changes.

Next, made a shortcut to lithtech.exe and add " -rez Mods" (without the quotes)
after the command line parameters. (Mods is the name of the file where I
extracted each rez file). All you need to do is double click on that shortcut
and it starts the game up with modifications every time.

After extracting each file, I openned the "Mods" folder and there's a row of
several more folders. The one labeled "Attributes" has the CharacterButes and
Weapons text files mentioned above. Keep in mind I already beat the game twice
and really needed something to keep myself occupied. I highly suggest NOT
cheating until you've beaten the entire game at least once. This is only the tip
of the icerburg in things to edit.

Demo Cheat Codes
Use Winrez to open this .rez file, in the AvP 2 demo. This means you can save
changes to the game.

The following specify cheat codes that are processed when the player starts a
level. NOTE: There can be up to 255 cheats specified and they are processed in
the order specified. Cheat(0-255) (String)

//Cheat0 = "mpgod 2"
//Cheat1 = "mpkfa"

Use winrez and extract the clientbutes. Remove the "//" from mpgod2 and mpkfa2.
Then insert it back into the rez and save it, ignore errors and there you go!!
:) The guns don't work proper but the flame affect on the alien is cool.