Comix Zone чит-файл №2



Written by j_ohanley.

This FAQ was last updated: 8/1/00, Version 1.0

This game is for the Sega Genesis console.

E-mail me at: [email protected]

Version 1.0

You wanted it, and now you've got it. The only incomplete Comix Zone FAQ
on GameFAQs. This update is complete only up till the end of the episode
one, page two, but there is some near updates in the future, I promise.

Current Document size: 28926 characters, 5182 words, 46.5KBs.


Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Known Moves
3. Walkthrough
4. Tricks and Codes
5. Coming up...
6. Credit where its due...
7. Contact me!
8: Legal Trash
9: The Last Words

******Chapter One: Introduction************

Ah, Comix Zone is perhaps the most underrated Sega Genesis game that I
have ever played. The message boards are bare, only three people,
(including myself) have reviewed it. Then, I saw this in the "request"
section, and realized that there are others out there that have heard of
this game, and like it. That's when I got the inspiration to write this

On this guide, you will find cool tricks, hidden moves, and a big
strategy guide, everything to make this FAQ good. It is incomplete for
now, but that status will not last.

******Chapter Two: Known Moves**********

Here is the list of the moves that my friend Steve and me have found
over the six years while he has had this game. Other moves found in the
instruction manual are not listed because we don't know how to do them..
If you have any ideas on how to do moves not mentioned here, e-mail them
in ASAP please, and I will give you credit.

Moving: I think everyone knows how to move, especially in a 2-D game.
Simply hold the control pad in the direction that you wish to move in,
and LO AND BEHOLD! You move in that direction!

Jump: Simply press the B button to jump. The more you hold it, the
higher you jump!

Push Objects: When you see an object such as a crate, get on the side of
it, and push it in your desired direction.

Pick up items: Just stand over them and press down on the Control Pad

Use Items: Surprisingly enough, I find this rather difficult. You must
press down on the C button, hard, and it will highlight one of the three
items in your inventory at the top of the screen. You must then press
the C button again with equal force to highlight the item you wish to
use. Press A, and you will use it. I already told you the funny story of
activating items in my review, go read that when you are done here.

Pull Switches: All you have to do is get close to the switch, and press
A to flick the switch.

Punch: Press A, to just punch the guy! Punch multiple times to get a
Serial Double Punch. Three of these, and your enemies life bar will
drain considerably...

Basic Kick: Press up and either left or right on the control pad at the
same time, and Sketch will scrunch up. Press A to do a kick.

Serial High Kick Tornado. Just kinda go crazy with the Control Pad, hit
it left and right, and keep pressing A. You will eventually do it. Do
this kick three consecutive times for a nasty whirlwind spin.

Jump Kick: Jump, and kick by pressing A! Simple, huh?

Serial Low Kick: Hold down on the control pad, and press A to kick. Do
this rapidly to make it serial!

Upper Cut: Hold up on the control pad, and press A. You will do a very
powerful, jaw shattering attack. Best used for hovering or flying

Shoulder Charge: Stand up against the thing you want to destroy (a grate
for example), and press A. You will take it down, with minimal damage
done to yourself. This is very handy.

Flying Dragon Kick: An extremely powerful kung fu attack, pick up
speed... do a far jump... press A... and BANG! You will soar through the
air, performing the Flying Dragon Kick! I made it sound better than it
really is but anyway...

Roll: Hold down, and now move! You will go rather fast! Gets the job

Airplane: Hold A for a few seconds, and Sketch will make a paper
airplane, which will destroy almost anything! Be warned, this attack
drains some of your life bar.

********Chapter Three: Walkthrough*********

Current Status: Episode One, Page One complete.

Story so far...

Sketch Turner led a pretty normal life. He was a New Yorker, lived in an
apartment building, and had a pet, his rat Roadkill. For a living,
Sketch was also a cartoonist (successful or not, I can't tell). Yep,
things were pretty normal... until that fateful rainy night...

Sketch was just chilling, working on his newest comic book, his best
yet, with the most enemies, most puzzles and so on. It seemed that
Mortis should of shown up during his first comic book.

But, instead, he arrived then, and seized Sketch, but, because he was
obliged to give the human race one last chance, so he zapped Sketch into
his own comic book. Sketch must defeat his own creations, solve his own
puzzles, and overcome his own obstacles to reach the end. Its all up to

Episode One, Page One_______________________


These are the words of Sketch Turner, as he falls to the ground, and
lands at General Alissa Cyans feet. Situation Analysis: You are inside
your own comic book, due to Mortus's twisted powers, and this Alissa
person says that you have no choice. You have to make it through, or the
comic book will be destroyed, with you in it, and Mortis will become
real and destroy the world. Ouch.

When you are done, she will tell you to take the three items that are
off to the side of the room, these are the bomb, Iced Tea, and a knife.
These will surely come in handy. Before you leave the room, press the C
button, and highlight the bomb. Now, follow the arrow. Alissa herself
will be reporting from here on in, warning you about enemies, and giving
advice. Of course, it is stuff you could of figured out yourself. The
people at Sega are rather cheap, no?

Uh oh, trouble! As you can see from the background, the Statue of
Liberty has been smashed! Forget that. Mortis has drawn Gravis, the most
common of your enemies. Before he becomes real, run over, and lay the
bomb at his feet. The second he becomes real, Mr. Bomb will go off,
killing Gravis. Just don't be standing near him! All's well that ends
well I suppose.

Wait, hold everything! Lightning has flashed! And, Gravis has appeared
again.... You can do one of two things though. Keep him over in the left
side of the room where he is formed, just punch the life out of him,
showing no mercy, until you kill him, or simply create a paper airplane
(hold A) to defeat him instantly.

Okay, all's well that ends well... (impatient tapping of foot). Well,
we're waiting. Oh well, looks the the road is clear.

Now, you have not one, but TWO choices for your little mind! You can
either go down, or right. Down is my recommended way, but its entirely
up to you. Whatever you choose, I will still lead you by the hand
through this big bad world.


I hope everyone here chose down, because that's what I am covering
first. You will arrive in a rather small room, with four insignificant
barrels. Might as well destroy them and get them out of your way. BUT
FIRST! Jump over them and push against the wall, so they are pushed away
from the wall, and then, use the shoulder charge to smash against them,
and destroy them. When they are all gone, we have a Superhero Fist on
our hands! Wahoo!

Upon entering the next room, you will see Gravis with his back turned to
you, torturing...Roadkill! You ask: "Who the heck is Roadkill," and the
excited look on my face becomes a "what-are-you-an-idiot?" frown. Oh
well, no time for this now, Gravis has seen you! Use the previous
strategy, and this time, try to knock him backwards into the cage,
breaking it for you and saving you a slight amount of energy in the near

Now, when Gravis is toast, people who dared to spite me are in trouble.
You have to break open Roadkill's cage and waste energy! Hah! That'll
learn ya to disobey me!

Now, as for Roadkill himself, he has come here by accident through the
warp, and now has the power to electrocute enemies (although you won't
be doing that much) and sniff out hidden items...never mind, there are
none in the room. Now, do you have drained energy already? Like halfway
down? If you do, then drink your Iced Tea. If not, well, you'll have to
leave Roadkill behind. Don't worry, he'll show up soon. For now, just
enter the next room, via the yellow arrow! Remember, when your health
bar IS halfway down, use your Iced Tea.

Okay, we are down in the sewers. Ugh. Sketch, what were you thinking?
But the urine dripping from the ceiling is the least of your troubles.
Strigil has shown up, and not just one...

Two Strigils have shown up to try to kill you! You can beat them both
up, and lose Roadkill again, or use your Superhero fist to execute them
both instantly and painlessly. The second method is highly recommended,
so you can go for Roadkill without sacrificing anything. Now go down
into the next room, and wait for everyone else.


Look out, Gravis! Sigh. Do not worry people, you are not missing
anything. The down people are preparing to fight Gravis as we speak!
You, on the other hand are getting it over with. But, they do not have a
flaming barrel to deal with. Yes, a flaming barrel stands between you
and Gravis. Simply destroy it, and Gravis is practically helpless now.
Beat the living heck out of him. When you are done, kick open Mr.
Manhole Cover to proceed.

Uh-oh, your pet rat Roadkill is here! Who the heck is Roadkill? Don't
get me started, I just got into an argument over the "down" people about
this. Anyway, that's Roadkill in there, deal with it! Or just use your
knife to cut right through it, thus making room for Roadkill in your
party, and room for one other item.

Now, as for Roadkill himself, he has come here by accident through the
warp, and now has the power to electrocute enemies (although you won't
be doing that much) and sniff out hidden items. Yes, I know I just
copied and pasted the previous sentence from the "down" walkthrough, I
can't help it if I'm lazy! Excuse me. Zzzzzzz.

Now would be a good as time as any to mention that if your health is
about halfway gone, you should use your Iced Tea.

Now, on a small side note, the floor caves in and you will plummet to
your death! Eeeerrruuuuu, piff. Hmm, I though hitting bottom would make
a louder noise? To the point, look where you are? It's a room with a
trapdoor and a switch. "That's a brainer man!"

-Sketch, the Puzzle Solver.

Open the door or use brute force to destroy the trapdoor, you decide,
you fall again, and find yourself in a rather small room with barrels.
Roadkill has a job to do here. Release him into the wild, and he will
return with a knife! Yahoo! Save that knife, it will come in handy near
the end off this page.

Now, divert your attention to the three barrels. Shoulder charge the
three of them, and run back! Flying Creature, (Creative name if ever
heard one) will pop out, and try to sting you. You can either uppercut
him, or kick him to put down Flying Creature. The uppercut method will
get the job done faster, put jumping and kicking has been found to be
safer. When you are done with this reject, see what lies in the next


Excellent! We're all together again! And not a moment to soon, Strigil
has shown up, and he's not the pushover the "down" people had to deal
with. He takes probably twice as much damage as before, and is
frequently jumping onto the pipe above. If you went right, then this is
a new experience for you.

He will start out by going onto the above pipe. Run over and deliver
several uppercuts to him, its more efficient then jumping onto the pipe
and kicking at him. If he ever goes onto the ground, stay down there and
try to do the serial low kick, because he can easily block with his
crowbars. Speaking of which, if he ever comes at you, spinning madly,
jump onto your pipe, and kick from above. Its more powerful than it
looks! Just avoid his fireballs, grind it out, and soon you will have
defeated Strigil, for now.

If you had to jettison Roadkill before, or have to forget him, then you
find him here in this room. We have a high switch, and a box. You could
just break open the trapdoor, and drop down, except that there are two
flaming barrels below, which could cause some damage! You could do one
of two things.

When you come in from the Strigil fight, DO NOT MOVE. Do you see the
crate that's resting on the trapdoor. Press down, and repeatedly kick at
the trapdoor, and it will break, causing the crate to fall down to the
panel below, wiping out the barrels, or you could...

...push the crate over, to the wall, but not against it. You will have
to jump on it, and pull the switch, which will open the trapdoor. Jump
up into the air to free yourself from the switch, and land back on the
crate. Jump again, press yourself against the wall, pushing out from
crate a bit in the process. Push it into the hole in the floor. It will
fall through, eliminating the threat of the flaming barrels.

I prefer the first method myself, but its up to you.

In the room below, destroy the grate in the matter you see fit, and
highlight your knife. Take a deep breath and enter the next panel...

Oh no, Gravis! Has Sega made you fight him enough already? Here's the
cool part. Just fling the knife right at him, he will fly backwards,
through the two paper columns that divide this strip, and he will land
at the very edge of the pit. Just calmly walk up to him, and push him
off! Ha!

Now, you have two Flying Creatures to deal with, each off which are on
separate sides of the strip. Take the one on the left down with a couple
uppercuts, but the other one is slightly trickier. He is hovering over
the pits, it will take several well placed jump kicks to take him down.

Now, the big moment. Back up to the very back of the room, and charge
ahead at full speed. At the last second...lllllllllleap...over the pit,
to destiny, to experience, to the end of the level!

"Well done Turner!"

"Oh yeah!"

End of Level One

Episode One, Page Two_______________________

You start out in a small room, with a huge door blocking your path.
Before you begin, release Roadkill, and he will discover a bomb! Lay it
down in front of the door, step away, and it will blow up, knocking down
the door. To find out what horrors lurk in the next room, simply enter

Its a rather big room, we've got a strange fan, so don't touch it! It
will drain a considerable life portion. Now, Alissa cuts in, by warning
you about a sensing something. Suddenly, a strange thing will pop out of
the ceiling! Quickly destroy it some uppercuts, or it will spit out
little crawlers. They are no big threat, but they waste time and are
quite annoying. After you defeat three of these machines, you will face
your next threat...

Strigil has decided to show up just now! He is still quite angry for you
killing him back in the sewers, and will be attacking with quite a bit
of force. But there is a trick to beat him.

When you destroy the last machine, that's when Strigil shows up. The
second you destroy the last machine, run to the left of the room,
against the wall. When Strigil pops out of the floor, immediately go
after him, and don't give him a chance! Keep punching, and he will
eventually fly back, hit the fan, ricochet off, and land on the floor,
dead. just an example of what could happen to you if you touch that fan.

Speaking of which, how do you get around it? Quite simple, really. See
that switch over there on the other side? It turns the fans on and off,
but who is small enough to crawl under the fan and pull it? Roadkill of
course! Release him, and he will do just that, shutting the fan off.

Now, shoulder charge it a few times, and the fan will be reduced to
rubble. On the other side, reclaim Roadkill, and leave the room (at

Oh no! Another fan! Chill, its no biggie. See that crate full of
explosives? Push it into the fan, and the crate will explode, clearing
the way!

Now, in room number four, there is a couple of Flying Creatures that you
have to deal with. Just kill them normally, there really isn't much to
say here.

Guess what time it is? Iiiiiiiiiits CHOICE TIME! Yes, you have to deal
with a couple of choices. There is the upper way, which you reach by
jumping on the crate. It is generally shorter and easier. However, you
will not get an item that will help you beat the boss. The choice on the
ground is a bit harder and longer, however you get a grenade that will
help you tremendously in the boss fight. Its up to you.

Upper Left:

Um, to tell you the truth, I don't remember exactly what happens when
you go this way, and the cartridge is at my friends house. The Upper
Left path walkthrough is not here for now, but will be added in Version
1.1. So there.

Lower Right:

Yeah! You are making a good choice here. Before you follow the arrow, it
is time to take out your frustration on that crate. Go ahead, punch it.
Kick it. Shoulder charge it till its destroyed. There, now didn't that
feel good and... well lookee here! A grenade. Save this Grenade, it will
come in handy.

In the next room, you will be hanging on a pipe, and another one of
those Crawler Machine things will come down the line to make your life
miserable. Jump off the pipe, and do several uppercuts to them. After
facing three more, enter the next room.

Much to Sketches dismay, there are another three Crawler Machine things
in here. Defeat them as usual. Then at the other end, defeat Gravis as
usual. Sigh.


Now, in the room where we all meet, there will be a two circles, and a
spinning gripper thingy in each one. There is also a switch. Diagram

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
/ \ \ / / \
| \ | | / |
| 0 _ |__|_ 0 |
| | | |
\_ _ _ _ _ _ _/ \_ _ _ _ _ _ /

Now, the two lines attached to the 0, are the stick things that move
around in a circle. See that stick thing that connects the two circles?
Well, the switch controls whether the sticks stop or move. Time it so
the left stick grips the left end of the stick. Do the same with the
right stick, and grab the right side. You're confused. AND I'M NOT! If
done correctly, you should enter the next room. If you fail, pull the
switch twice to try again.

Uh oh. In the second last room, you will encounter two crawlers. Defeat
them with a low kick, and examine your surroundings. Strange liquid
cells. A bottle of Iced Tea that only Roadkill can find. Soooo, here's
what your items should consist of: Roadkill, Grenade, Iced Tea.

Now, Alissa should be cutting in about the room is alive. Maybe it has
something to do with the strange liquid cells above... CRACK! SHLOOP! OH
NO! A cell has cracked open and is spilling out goo! OH NO!! Its
mutating into a monster! Help!

Seriously, the mutant is no trouble. He just stands there while you
punch him, kick him, and do general damage to him. Now, has he bit the
dust? Good. If that will be all...

Of course not. Another liquid cell pops open, mutates, and you kill him.
This is repeated several times, so I have three words of wisdom.

1: You control which cell bursts open. The one your standing closest to
is the one that is going to evolve.

2: NEVER attempt to grab the mutant. He will turn into either Gravis,
Strigil, and who knows what else. Personally, I would rather deal with
Mutants instead of Gravis.

3: Be quick when fighting a mutant. Sometimes, another will pop out and
attack. Dealing with two at a time, especially if one is on either side
is no day in the park.

When this battle is over, you can finally relax by going into the next

Surely you jest! It's the boss! He is very very angry with you for
killing all his children and wants to do the same to you, by means of a
several nasty fireballs. If you wish to defeat him, then go down to the
next paragraph.

Do you have the Grenade? If you do, then get close to the boss. Notice
how he hangs from the ceiling? Avoid his fireballs, and toss the Grenade
directly at him. He will move up, but only for a split second. Roll
under him, and stand upright.

Now, if you do not have the Grenade, then you will have to punch the
beast five times.

When you are on the other side, outrun the bosses fireballs, and jump to
the other side of the barrel that you will see. When another of the
bosses fireballs hit the barrel, it will be set on fire. Make your way
to him, using the barrel as a shield against fireballs, and push the
barrel right under him. The fire will do damage to him, he will become
weaker and weaker until...

KABOOM! The boss explodes in an overly dramatic death.

"Your fired!" -Sketch, the comedian.

"Well done Turner!"

"Oh, yeah!"

End of Level Two

*********Chapter Four: Tricks and Codes*********

Heres what everyone wants: Good old fashion codes that can be easily
activated, and strange tricks and bugs that can be activated at home.
Have fun!

Invincibility: From the menu, go to the Jukebox screen, and enter the
"invincibility code" by pressing the numbers in this order: 3, 12, 17,
2, 2, 10, 2, 7, 7, and finally, 11. If done correctly, you will here
Sketch say "Oh yeah!" Now, when you play the game, you will be
invincible, as in, invulnerable to everything! I only recommend this to
people that have already finished the game.

Level Select: Go to the old Jukebox again, and enter: 14, 15, 18, 5, 13,
1, 3, 18, 15, and 6. You will here "Oh Yeah" again, but you are not done
yet! You have to choose the level, so stay on the Jukebox! Pick the
level you want to go to, for example, if you want to go to the sixth
level, go to 6, and press C. Simple enough.

View Credits: On the options screen press A, then B, then C, and start.
You will see the credits. Nice!

Unlimited Power Punches: Go to Mr. Jukebox again, and this time hit: 1,
6, 17, 19, 1, 3, 3, 7, 6, and 1. Now, you have unlimited Power Punches.

I am sure that there are alot more codes out there, but considering that
this is only Version 1.0, you understand, right?

**********Chapter Five: Coming soon...**********

More updates to this guide will included:

-A Frequently Asked Question section as questions are e-mailed in
-More moves
-Finish Walkthrough
-More Tricks and Codes
-Possibly more sections

Now, in the review department, these reviews are going to show up sooner
or later.

Yogi Bears Goldrush: (6/10)
Super Mario Land: (8/10)
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (8/10)
Donkey Kong Land: (9/10)
Kirbys Dreamland: (7/10)
Kirbys Blockball: (9/10)

Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage (7/10)

Super NES:
Spiderman: (8/10)
Home Alone: (6/10)
Stunt Race: (7/10)
Donkey Kong Country: (9/10)
Super Mario World: (9/10)
Super Mario RPG: (10/10)

Nintendo 64:
Mario Party 2: (9/10)
Donkey Kong 64: (8/10)
Star Fox 64: (7/10)
Mario Kart 64: (7/10)

And much, much more...

******Chapter Six: Credit Where its Due...******

Me: Geez, I'm selfish. Giving credit to myself!

Steven Helps: He is the owner of this game, not mine, and loaned me some

Hans Moleman: My friend and partner...look for his secret agent
Goldeneye guide, and e-mail him at "[email protected]"

Young ARMs: I met this guy on the message boards, and when I asked how
to submit a FAQ, he told me. So basically, if it weren't for him, well,
you woundn't be reading this.

Sega: They made this very fun but sadly underrated game.

GameFAQs (particularly CJayC): For excepting my FAQ. Thank you.

Gamesages: I used some of there codes in my FAQ.

Whoever the heck it is that requested a Comix Zone FAQ: The individual
who posted the request for a Comix Zone guide on that board. A special
thanks to you, for you inspired me to write a FAQ.

You: For sitting through this guide.

********Chapter Seven: Contact Me!********

Go ahead! Contact me. I loooove the attention. My address is

"[email protected]"

However, I will not except the following mail, they are in order from
the least from the bad to the worst:

Death Threats: Just think, how would you like to be greeted with an
e-mail that reads: "Ya, slimy idiot, I kill ya, Willy will kill every
one of ye!" I thought so.

Chain Letters: I do not like chain letters. For those of you who are not
sure what a chain letter is, it is a letter that does not have what you
are supposed to be talking about. Example:

"Hey dude, what's happening? Me? I just got...
It lodged itself in my brain in such a way that I have... IFOJDSALKLA...
sudden, temporarily loss of my finger control. Also...
AHDSIOAIFOHDSOHAIFDSLAKJHAOHHAF... our back space key is broken."

Get the picture? No chain letters.

Asking Questions that are Already Answered: Asking questions that are
already answered. 'Nuff said.

Unconstructed Critism: I hate that stuff. I really do. An e-mail telling
me my FAQ sucks, and nothing more. If you are going to give me or my
FAQs criticism, make it constructed please.

However, I don't mind:

Constructed Criticism: If you don't like something I'm doing, then don't
be afraid to e-mail me, just explain reasonably what I should do. I will
reply to all letters though.

Corrections and Additions: Hmm, have you been looking through my FAQ,
and seen inaccurate information, typos, or see something that I forgot
to add, or something along those lines? Well then speak up! E-mail me
about it, and I will be happy to add it in my update, and give you
proper credit.

Questions: Chances are, you will get your reply back very soon, as I
check my hotmail account daily. I will answer the question the best I
can. Also, at the bottom of your question, I would appreciate it if you
added a note asking if you would like it to appear in my FAQ section for
all to see. If there is no message, I will not post it.

Praise Letters: All hail j_ohanley! I doubt I ever get any of these, but
oh well.

One more time! My e-mail is "[email protected]" I can't wait to
here from you.

*********Chapter Eight: Legal Trash**********

You may freely post this FAQ on your website, just so long as you meet
the following terms:

1. You MUST ask me for permission if you wish to post this on your site.
Only GameFAQs can use this FAQ and alter it in anyway they please.
Everyone else, leave it in its original form, update as I updated, etc.

2: If you do use this FAQ on your site, them you MUST give me proper,
absolute credit. If you don't, then I will e-mail you telling you to do
so. If you still don't, then I will take matters much more seriously. If
you STILL don't, then you will get one final warning. After that, I will
notify CJayC, owner of GameFAQs he can easily remove anything that you
ever contribiuted to GameFAQs. If you STILL don't, I'll get the prime
minister involved. The coast guard! MY MOMMY!!!! So basically, once you
have my FAQ on your site, I will be watching you like a hawk. Period.

3: You must despise Pokemon, much like myself, although everyone hates
it now.

4: Do not use it to make money, put in magazines, or ANYTHING. Or else,
I will know. I will e-mail you constantly to stop it, and if you don't I
will take matters more seriously.

You may NOT link to my FAQ. For some reason, GameFAQs has seen to it
that that is illegal. However, you can link to the page with my FAQ on
it, and point it out or something, but I would prefer if you posted it
on your website with my permission. For more info, "READ THIS", found at
the bottom of every GameFAQ page.

Copyright 2000, by j_ohanley

********Chapter Nine: The Last Words********

I really think its a shame just how underrated this game was,
considering that it is fun, difficult, as lots of variety, and several
other things that make it a good game. Sigh. You'll check out my review,
ya hear?

I am very very glad to have filled up one of the dozens of gaps in
GameFAQs. Gimmee a round of applause. (Crickets chirp). Oh, you
obviously need me to say it louder.

Signed: j_ohanley