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FAQ (version 1.0)

(feel free to distribute this FAQ freely as long as it remains unedited.
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** Cheats for Sega Genesis: **
(Go to the JukeBox and press C on the following numbers.
You will hear Sketch say "OH YEAH" if you entered the numbers

* Invincibility : 3,12,17,2,2,10,2,7,7,11

* Level Select : 14,15,18,5,13,1,3,18,15,6 (then hit C on the
level you want to go to 1-6. Each episode has 2 parts)

** Cheats for IBM PC : **
* Type CAMERON (all caps) to get the cheat menu. The cheat menu comes up in
the menubar.

** General Tips **

1.) Listen to Stix, he tells you a good strategy. A High-Low combo done
quickly and repeatedly works very well.

2.) Grab hold of a mutant. It will turn into either Strigil or Gravis, who
are much more fun to fight than mutants.

3.) When you need to break an inadimate object, use the shoulder-butt, which
is very powerful. It is done by trying to grab that object, instead of
grabbing it, you ram it! =)

4.) When there are two or more enemies on the screen at the same time, sit
back and watch them fight each other. It's always a good idea to be on
one side of BOTH your enemies, so one that enemy is hitting the other in
the back.

** Level Walkthroughs **
(On some levels you are given a choice of two ways to go, and I have mapped
out every possible way to go. The way I usually go took precedent in
numbering the frames. The "A" in the A-# stand for Alternate. Without
further ado, onto the walkthrough!)

* Episode 1 : "Night of The Mutants" part 1

Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3
Grab the knife Throw the knife Gravis pushes a
and the bomb --> at Gravis. He gets --> flaming barrel at
not much else redrawn. Libery you. Break the
to do here. Head is cool. sewer cover
is cool.

| |
Frame A-2 Frame A-1 Frame 4
Gravis and This level has 4 Break roadkill's
Roadkill are here. his death. Beat the two Kreeps,
trick). break them, and run to the edge, and jump AT THE
then break the gate. cool VERY LAST SECOND across to the
skull background. other side.

This will take you up to 15% on the progress chart.

* Episode 1 : "Night of The Mutants" part 2

Frame 1 Frame 2
The boiler room with spinning fans.
3 cocoons appear, beat them or they'll
Break the steel drop scorpions. Strigil appears. It's
door, plain and --> a lot of fun to back him into the moving
simple! fan and kill him. Set roadkill free and
he turns off the fan for you. Break the
now still fan and go down.

Frame 5 Frame 4 Frame 3
Beat the kreep, There is a box and 2 More fans! Push the
jump up on the Kreeps here. Beat the explosive box into the
top pipe and get his head. Run underneath him, and
green goo that turns into jump over the barrel. He'll shoot
mutants. For some real fun fire at you which will catch the
grab the mutants and they barrel in front of you on fire.
turn into Strigil or Gravis. Push the barrel underneath the dragon
and enjoy your Bar-B-Q!

This will take you to 30% on the progress chart.

* Episode 2 : "Welcome to the Temple" part 1

Frame 1 Frame 2 Frame 3
Not much to do Your first encounter Three boxes are stacked
here. It's --> with Stix. He gets --> up. The top box has
snowing. pick redrawn after you beat a health bottle in it,
up Roadkill. him the first time. the other boxes explode!

Frame A-1 Frame 4
Boring! Break the There's a hole in the gorund
barrier (OUCH!) and that kreeps keep coming out of.
then go down. _ Jump on the rock that isn't part
|\ of a stack, and walk across the
| \ rock towards the left of the
V screen. The rock should slip to
Frame A-2 the right. When it does, push it
Another boring frame! beat so it covers the Kreep's hole.
the scorpion, and then go Now beat the 2 Kreeps!
down, ho-hum!
| V
| Frame 5
| Break the ice covering the rock
| on the left hand side of the
| screen. Walk across the rock, and
| then push the rock into the piston
| spike barrier to break both. Now
| beat the Strigil that appears.
| |
Frame 7 Frame 6
The Tournament! First you A small room. Grab the "?" and
fight 2 Strigils, then away the page divider, kick a few
Eventually you can jump kick Kreeps to death. When the divider
him enough to kill him, or has been broken, press up so that
make him appear on the level your legs don't get hit by Stix's
with you. Just be careful of fire. Cross the rope with your legs
falling! up, and get off the rope on to the
ledge behind Stix. Push him into the
abyss and then beat the remaining

This will take you to 45% on the progess chart.

* Episode 2 : "Welcome to the Temple" part 2 (Temple at the Gates)

Frame 1 Frame 2
There is a post you can There's a cool looking
jump up to grab to help hut in the background. Beat
you beat the two Kreeps. --> Stix, and he'll drop a health
Then break the stationary bottle. Not too useful in
spike barrier. god mode! =(

Frame A-1 Frame 3
Death by fire! Don't 3 Morgana's and 4 page dividers
go this way! The page are here. The game slows severly
catches fire at the top Worms pop out at you
his teeth in. The box in on alternating sides
left corner has a bomb for as you go down. So give
you if you break it. them a quick five kicks
each. At the bottom
there is steel trap
that looks like a jaw.
It's kinda cool in god
Frame 6 Fu Master with the long finger-
from the ceiling. The switch nails. He trows fireballs into
only lifts the bag for a split the water which are easy to jump
second. The box contains a bottle. over. When he decides to face
break the spiked bag, walk through you, use whatever bombs, grenades,
it, or stand next to it and release etc. you have on him. Keep your
Roadkill in the direction of the distance from him and jump kick
lever. him a lot. If you attack from
too close, he says "Your Kung Fu
is Good" and you have to wait for
him to face you again. If any of
his nails get lodged in the wall,
try to attack him so he lands
against the wall on his own nails.
This does lots of damage!

This will take you to 60% on the progress chart.

* Episode 3 : "Curse of the Dead Ships" part 1

Frame 1 Frame 2
Get Roadkill. Nice There is a large head here, with
Arizona looking background. large teeth! One mutant will
Mutants will drop out of the appear. Push him (or what you
two anthills. Don't chicken --> tansformed him into) into the
out, grab them and transform jaws of the beast for some fun.
them! To beat the beast, let him try
to eat Roadkill. Roadkill is
to small to eat, and while the
monster is chomping him, punch
him until he explodes and leaves
you with a bomb

Frame 4 Frame 3
Jump up to the top level, There are several mines here, and
and push the explsove box a Kreep that tries to knock you
down one level. Pull the into the mines. Beat the Kreep.
swich on the level and get Jump kick him until he's dead.
and a panel will rise from NOW you need the knife from Frame
the right of the screen. 4! There is a switch on the
jump on it before it disappears! opposite side that only the knife
can activate. When the lever is
tripped, a panel will rise in the
center of the lava, but only
BRIEFLY! This jump is hard! If
you hit the lava in god mode you
get stuck in it, and you have to
reset the game, so be careful,
and practice this one!

Frame 8 Frame 7
There are spikes on the A lava pit with two Octopus guys
floor and the cieling! You and a pipe to hang on to. Fairly
can break the floor spikes The first one is shorter than the
here. Two Strigils also appear, second one. Kick them both to the
this level is fun, but a lot of ground, or let Roadkill pull the
work! lever that lowers the second one.

This will take you to 75% on the progress chart.

* Episode 3 : "Curse of the Dead Ships" part 2 (Grave Shipyard)

Frame 1 Frame A-1
A rope chain above you More water to walk through! Break
and water below you. 3 the door to the ship, and fight the
mines are well hidden in --> two scorpions. Then you have to fight
the water. There are 2 Strigil and Stix simultaneously! Lucky
"?"'s and one usually sets you!
off the mines.
| |
| |
Frame A-1 Frame 2 Frame 3
Drop down the The top box in this 4 cocoons drop from
hole at the end the ceiling. Try to
to your death! a health bottle. The uppercut them for a
no thanks! others go BOOM! =) change of pace!

Frame 5 Frame 4
There are 2 bombs a ball There is a ball attached to
and a magnet. Use the lever to a magnet on the ceiling, and
pick up the ball with the magnet a lever on the right hand
that moves across the ceiling. an out of the way lever that
tough opponents, back each one opens the door. I prefer to
into the piston. Once the last just BASH the door down! =)
Gravis is killed, break the piston Beat the Kreep, check what's in
if it's not already broken. the box, and get ready for the
final battle in the next Frame!

| *** End-Game Frame *** |
| |
| Mortous kidnaps Alica and tries to drown her in a machine that is half |
| drawn. Power-Fists, Grenades, Bombs, Knives, and Roadkill are not |
| very effective againt him. Neither are any attack combinations! The |
| key to beating Mortous is simple! The switch on the right side of the |
| frame makes part of the machine explode. You can pull this switch |
| over and over again, and make as many BOOMS as you want. The trick is |
| to lure Mortus down there. Stand by the engine that explodes and |
| Mortous will jump down near you. Quickly jump to the ledge with the |
| lever and pull it as many times as you can until he vanishes. When he |
| vanishes jump back down near the engine, and repeat the above process |
| until you've finally killed Mortous. Now you must kill the remaining |
| Kreeps on the level. After you've finished them off, a switch will |
| appear to the left of where Alica is being held captive. You should |
| be able to flip the switch and release her before she dorwns if you |
| followed my strategy. The rest as they is history! |

You are now a 100% superhero!
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