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By humaetorcH
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version 0.1

This is a basic FAQ describing all the units available in Tiberian Sun.This
guide does not cover mission strategies.You might want to check out other
FAQ's available on if you want a full walkthrough.Also
if you haven't yet played through the game i suggest you don't read this as
this guide contains some major spoilers and can be hazardrous to your gaming
experience.Please also note that all the information is discovered by myself.
If there is some strategy that does not coincide with mine,feel free to
e-mail me and notify me so i can add your suggestions.Now let's get down to

System Requirements

Operating system Windows 95 or 98
CPU Pentium 133
Hardisk space 100 MB
CDRom drive Quad speed
Video Card 1 MB local bus,Ms Direct Draw compatible card
Sound blaster or Ms Direct Sound compatible soundcard

History of Command & Conquer

*Global Defensive Initiative*

Founded October 12.1995,the Global Defense Initiative has always stood to
enforce the United Nations Global Defense Act by providing nation at war
with assistance,and to suppress terrorist acts.Not long after the
formation of GDI,were they forced to contend with the quasi-terrorist
group known as the Brotherhood of Nod,during the first great tiberium war.
They emerged victorious,and to this day have managed to maintain a way of
life among the planet's population despite the ever dangeroud alien
Now,twenty years later,the mineral continues to grow stronger and engulf
in an increasing amount of the earth's land mass.Rumor has it that the
leader of the Brotherhood,Kane has survived and is in the process of
rebuilding his empire.GDI is now faced with several new and dangerous
problems.Problems of such magnitude that only time will tell if they will

*Brotherhood Of Nod*

The Brotherhood of Nod,previously believed to be only a small terrorist
operations,are now considered to be the most powerful and well-equipped
organization out there.Their considerable economic and political strength
allows them to secretly purchase military hardware.
During the first tiberium war,Nod's leader Kane battled the Global Defense
Initiative for control of the alien mineral,Tiberium.Things didn't go well
for the Brotherhood and they were not successful.Kane was believed to be
killed when the Temple of Nod was destroyed.
Twenty years have passed.and Nod has moved underground to build up their
forces.Assuming the role of the leader is Hassan,and the Brotherhood plans
on making a second attempt at taking control of the Tiberium.But,there is
some turbulance within the Brotherhood,as it is rumored that Kane has
survived and he has quite a backing.Before they can start the attack on
GDI,they will have to settle their differences.And Nod doesn't settle it's
differences over a cup of tea......

*The Forgotten*

The Forgotten are a growing organization of people mutated by the alien
mineral,Tiberium.Many are former Nod soldiers who were experimented with in
the Brotherhood's search for the ultimate soldier,while others were mutated
by coming into contact with the deadly plant.But they are all rejected from
society and they aren't too happy about it.They have grown to be quite a
powerful group,with many of their own units to protect their cause,and are
willing to rent them to anyone willing to pay.Their cause is still yet to be
known,but whatever it is, it probably has something to do with revenge.They
are not to be underestimated and they want to make sure everyone knows it.



Construction yard
The most important structure in the entire game.All constructions of other
structures are handled here.In short if you happen to lose this sturcture,
you won't be available to build anything.

GDI power plant
The GDI power plant supplies power to emable other structure to function
to it's full power.A normal power plant supplies an amount of 100 power.

Tiberium refinery
The processing plant for tiberium harvested ny the harvester.Raw tiberium
that has been harvested are processed here in exchange for money which
allows you to purchase other units.

This is where the GDI elite infantry forces are trained.With a GDI flag
hanging at the front,it shows the loyalty of GDI's elite force in protecting
the human race.

Power turbine
An add-on for GDI's power plant.When a turbine is added on an available slot
on a power plant,the power production of that certain plant will be increased.
Cheap and effective.

Tiberium silo
This is bassically a warehouse to store processed tiberium.All processed but
unused tuberium are stored here waiting to be spent.IF a silo has run out of
room,tiberium being processed won't be credited so make sure there is always
plenty of silo's available.

The radar is a structure that enables a GDI commander to have intelligence of
the enemy.When deployed,a map on your right taskbar will be visible allowing
you to view areas in a sector that has already been previously explaored.

Component tower
A tall erected tower for the purpose of defensive means.

Vulcan add-on
A vulcan cannon to be added on a component tower.Excellent for handling
infantry units but useless agaisnt high armoured tanks.

RPG add-on
Another add-on for the component tower.Superb for handling very high armoured
vehicle and even infantries.The only drawback is has is it's very slow firing

SAM add-on
Missile launchers that can only provide cover on air attacks.Not that effective
but it does the job to keep pesky air crafts at bay.

GDI war factory
Ah....the place where all kick-ass GDI mobile vehicles are assembled.From
towering mechs to four-legged tanks,this place has it all.

Concrete wall
Defensive walls to provide cover from enemy fire.Virtually useless as a few
even from the most pathetic cannons can bring it down.

As they name says,a gate to shield bases from enemy fire.

Stone slabs that can be deployed around bases to stop pesky NOD burrowing
from appearing out of no where in the middle of your base.

Service depot
A repairing bay which repairs all mechanical units for a small price.Very slow
only 1 unit can be repaired at a time so that makes it uneconomical.

GDI tech center
This is where GDI scientist are continously developing new technology to
counter Nod
forces.Once constructed,other advance structures can be constructed.

Reloading bay for orca aircrafts to reload ammunition.

EMP cannon
A cannon that generates a powerful electro magnetic pulse blast.Once the blast
a mechanical unit,it will be temporarily offline where you can move in for the
Very slow at regenerating but a worthy weapon nevertheless.

GDI upgrade center
An upgrade center providing slots to be added once new technology has been

Fire storm generator
The fire storm generator provides fire storm defense which is strong enough to
keep out chemical missiles.As long as a fire storm compartment is built in the
of your base,you're quite safe from enemy nukes.

Ion cannon uplink
An add-on for the upgrade center.2 uplinks can be added on to increase the
power of the
all time favourite-ION CANNON which i don't think i need to elaborate on how
powerful it


Construction yard
Has the same purpose of the GDI's con yard.All construction are handled here in
this facility.

Nod power plant
Supplies power to other structures.

TIberium refinery
Processes raw tiberium into money with the aid of a harvester.

Hand of Nod
The training ground for all Nod infantry troops.This high-tech facility even
experiments on
mutants which is evident as the production of cyborgs are also handled here.

Nod wall
A wall to shield your base from enemy fire.Very weak but luckily the cost to
construct a gate
is very cheap.

I don't think i need to explain the purpose of this structure twice.

Nod's first defensive structure.It fires a beam of light thus incinerating
enemies.Weak but at
least it has a fast firing rate to counter for it's weak firing laser.

Tiberium silo
As identical as GDI's,the tiberium silo stores unused processed tiberium.
Nod war factory
Here is where the cream of the Nod mobile vehicles are constructed.Powerful
mechanical units
are being produced whenever orders are issued and provided there are enough
funds to assemble
the units.

Nod radar
Provides radar for a Nod commander to spot enemy intelligence.

Emp cannon
Freezes mechanical units for a short period of time.The powerful Emp blast
covers a certain
radius thus allowing multiple units to be stopped.The only drawback is that the
range of this
particular cannon is not that great.

Provides defensive measures against aeriel GDI aircrafts.Strong and very
reliable.It's just
too bad it's not mobile so using rocket infantries is a better option.

A landing site and reloading bay for Nod Harpees and of course their very
advance Banshees.

Nod tech center
Once constructed,other advance structures will be available to be built.

Advanced power plant
An upgraded version of the Nod power plant.It produces twice the amount of
energy a normal
power plant will so it is an obvious choice over it's predecessor.

Laser fence post
A higher technology version of the wall.This fence post is surrounded by laser
beams.It is
very highly armored so it's ideal to cover up the perimeter of your base
provided you can
find enough flat terrain to build it on.

Stealth generator
This interesting but costly structure will cloack any units or buildings in
it's surrounding.
A good way to defend your base from incoming attacks and also to suprise your
enemy with
defensive obelisks.Be aware though that it eats up a lot of power so be sure to
have sufficient
power before deploying it.

Obelisk of light
Wooohoooo.....this advance laser tower fires a large beam of light that eats
through armor
faster than anything else.It's laser beams are so deadly that even a Mammoth's
cannot match this.The best defensive structure in the game but marred by a very
slow recharge
rate.A favourite among old timers.

Temple of Nod
The temple allows Nod commander to gain alien technology.Once built,the all
powerful Cyborg
commander and the mutant hijacker will be available at your service.

Tiberium waste facility
Works very much like a tiberium refinery but the weed-eater harvests deadly
weeds provided by
alien plants found everywhere.In case you don't know what i'm talking
about,it's the orange
colored weed produced by a big lumbering plant.Once collected and filled,the
wastes will
be produced into deadly chemical missiles.The missiles works very much like an



Light infantry
The most basic soldier.Wields a minigun and can be very deadly in packs.Good
for attacks early in
the game

Disc thrower
Basically,it's identical to grenadiers found in red alert.It's disc can hurt
your own troops so
proper navigation is required.I prefer to stick to light infantry as they are
cheaper and more
economical.Good for taking out tanks though.

Medics automatically heals any friendly infantry units near it.Very useful in

Engineers have the ultimate task of repairing damages structures and
bridges.Any friendly structure
entered by an engineer will be fully repaired although you will lose the
engineer.However,the engineer's
most deadly arsenal is it's capability to capture enemy buildings.You don't
have to damage a building
before capturing it like in Red Alert.This time, you can capture a building in
any condition.Very
annoying so make sure your important buildings are well guarded.

The job of a harvester is to cut tiberium and bring it back to it's processing
facility.Although it
does not have a weapon,it is very very heavily armored.An important unit as all
your credits depend on

Amphibious APC
This vehicle has the task of shieling infantry units from enemy fire.It is now
modified to a certain
extent that it can now even go under water.As such,a weapon had to be discarded
from the vehicle.
Lightly armored and only useful for shielding engineers.

The Titan is perhaps GDI's best arsenal.Protected by very highly armored
plating and equiped with
a deadly 1-handed cannon,it can easily mow down bases without much effort.The
most interesting
feature however,is it's ability to fire over walls,not to mention it's cheap
price.Truly a deadly

Very fast but it's speed has a drawback.It's very lightly armored.Wields a twin
autocannon making it
only useful against infantry units.The funny thing is that the price of a
Wolverine is almost identical
to a Titan's.You're better off with Titans if you ask me.

Jump jet infantry
This GDI soldier had been provided with jump-jets.Thus they have the ability to
fire on air or even on
ground.It's most useful in uncovering the fog-of-war as they can fly anywhere
and you don't have to
discover a terrain first for them to fly there.Too bad they have a crapy

Hover MLRS
The MLRS is a hover tank that fires deadly strings of missiles.Very useful as
it can even move on
water and the ability to fire aeriel units.It is however lowly armored and
priced exorbitantly.

Mobile sensor array
A detection vehicle.Once deployed it can uncover cloacked Nod units and even
detect those pesky
underground units.A must-have in any GDI base.

Mobile construction vehicle
A mobile version of the construction yard that has yet to be deployed.It is not
functional until deployed.
Very expensive but an important unit nevertheless.

A tank that uses sonar waves as it's weapon.Deadly sound waves are fired from
the mouth of it's cannon
incenarating everything in sight.Good but not great because of it's costly

Mammoth Mark 11
Oooookay...I don't think this monster needs any more introduction.The strongest
mobile vehicle in the
entire game.It's fire power is so immensed that 3 shots from it can take down
even a Nod temple.Heavily
plated,it is one hell of a killing machine.The only drawback is it's awfully
slow moving rate.I however
will not complain as it's firepower more than makes up for it.Did i also
mention that it can only be
consrtucted 1 at a time?

A transport vehicle.It can only carry 1 mechanical unit so it's virtually
useless.Good for sneaking in
engineer filled APC's or dropping the deadly mammoth in the middle of an enemy

Orca fighter
An attack aircraft that is fast and reliable.Fires a machine gun and holds
quite an impressive amount
of ammunition.I however prefer bombers for the little more extra credits.

Orca bomber
A more advance version of the Orca fighter.It's bombs really rock but only very
little of them can
be carried at a time so frequent reloads are expected.


Light infantry
Works very much the same as GDI's

Rocket infantry
A more useful soldier compared to the GDI's disc thrower.Fabulous at bringing
down tanks,capped with
the ability to fire air,it certainly is a useful arsenal.

Identical to GDI's incarnation.

A super soldier developed by mutating human beings using the alien
plant,Tiberium.Highly armored
and equiped with a twin auto cannon,it is perhaps one of the strongest infantry
units.It even
provides humor when it tries to walk even after its legs are blown apart.Too
bad for the costly
price though.

I guess i dont need to explain it twice.

Attack cycle
Very similar to the recon bike,this is the fastest unit in the game.It packs
quite a punch in it's
missiles but it's very very very low armor lets it down.However,if you need to
scout the map then
this is the ideal vehicle.Other than that,don't even bother.

Subterranean APC
This armored-personal-carrier is extremly sly and cunning.Burrowing itself
underground,it can appear
out of nowhere carrying pesky engineers.Very useful in crippling an enemies
production facility.
it is clearly a better choice compared to GDI's amphibious APC.

Nod's answer to the Titans.It's extremely high powered cannons are a pain in
the ass.Backed up by
a cruiser-alike range it is the greatest asset to the Nod forces.If you ask
me,i think this unit
is a little too much.Maybe Westwood oughta reduce the range a little bit.

Tick Tank
You could have mistaken this for a medium tank and nobody would blame you.Fires
the exact cannon and
looks exactly the same,it is nevertheless a good unit.It also has the ability
to burrow itself into
the surface.Once burrowed,it's armor is increasedd tremendously.Good support
for the Attlilery.

Mobile repair vehicle
If GDI has a medic,then Nod has this.This repair vehicle automatically repairs
any mechanical unit
around it for free.Yes.You heard me.Free.Nice.

Attack buggy
A rip-off of the wolverine.No difference at all.Okay maybe it looks
different.But that is all.

Stealth tank
Making a return from the original game,this tank has the ability to cloack
itslef.It will not be
visible until it fires.It might sound cool but in reality,this unit suck.Lowly
armored and very
expensive, i don't know why Westwood ever bothered to include this.

Devil's tongue
A subterranean flame tank.It's ability to burrow makes it look useful but
actually no.It's worthless.
Try damaging a Titan using this.Zilch.No damage will be done.Good for taking
out infantry though.Also
provides an excelent diversion for your burrowing APC.

Weed eater
The other version of the harvester.This one harvests weed for the construction
of chemical missiles.
If you would like faster missile production,then build lots of this.

Cyborg commander
Nod's answer to the Mark 11.It works exactly like the mammoth only this is a
soldier.It is more
lightly armored and slightly cheaper.Other than that,it works like the
mammoth.Oh but it can
automatically heals itself when come into contact with tiberium.

Mutant Hijackeer
Although can only be trained 1 at a time,it still kicks ass.As the name says,it
can hijack any vehicle.
Imagine hijacking a GDI mammoth and working it side by side with a Cyborg
commander and a MRV.

Fast and deadly,but somewhat losing out to GDI's orca bombers.Still,it provides
a good cover for your
ground assaults.

A crappy aircraft similar to the orca fighter only with less speed.You'll be
better off with Banshees.

Well, that's my description of the units available in C&C 2.If you would like
to add anything or
correct me,please feel free to e-mail me.You are also welcomed to post this up
anywhere you like.
I don't mind at all as long as you give me credit.Remember to check back for
updates soon.

Copyright 1999-Joe Lee Tze Vern
September 19,1999
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