FlatOut 2 чит-файл №2

Select the "Create Profile" option, then enter one of the following names to
activate the corresponding cheat function. The name entered will disappear to
confirm correct code entry. You may then enter the profile name of your choice,
or select an existing one. Only one code can be entered at a time.

Result - Code:

GIVEALL = Gives all tracks
GIEVEPIX = Gives all normal cars and adds 1000000 in credits
RAIDERS = Gives Icecreamtruck
ELPUEBLO = Gives Eldiablo car
KALJAKOPPA = Gives Rocketcar
GIEVCARPLZ = Gives Schoolbus
BIGTRUCK = Gives Pimpstercar
WOTKINS = Gives Flatmobile
RUTTO = Gives Pimpstercar