Трудно быть богом чит-файл №1

Save file editing

This can be confusing so im going to explain it quick if at any point you dont
DONT try it youll screw up your save...

You can edit the games saves very easily [for most people :D],
Goto the games install directory,
Then the Profiles directory...
Then your profiles directory....
Then the Savegames Directory...
Open the folder of the save you want to edit...

Now you need to know the last level you were in so...
Open the Info directory... lol
Open saveinfo.xml in notepad... find where it says CurrentMap="" whatevers in
the quotes remember it.
Go back one folder...

Now the mpak files are the save files, they are actually .zip files,
I recommend doubleclicking one of them, and whe the 'what do you want to open
this shit with' thing
pops up set it to popen with winrar/7zip, and check always use this program,i
f you dont have winrar or 7zip get one of em. [www.7zip.org]

Now make sure you open the last area you were in, whatever currentmap said, open
the .mpak with its name.
Once its opened in winrar/7zip

Open currentmap...
Open entity_data...
Drag and drop/extract the ent.xml to.. anywhere, minimize winrar[dont close it],
open the ent.xml in notepad..

Now for fun, search for in the text

When you find it you will find your characters stats/skills/money/items/weapons
etc all here.
It goes from to .
Note: I erased all my inventory cept one for this guide and added it to the end
scroll down to see it...

After you edit your shit, save it and drag/drop it back into the winrar folder
And overwrite the file in the archive with your edited one

So Heres quick descrition of the item/weapon/armor stuff

Count= -How many you got [Umm dont go over 1 on weapons/armor cuz normally you
cant though i havent tried it]
disposable= -No idea maybe whether you can drop the item or not [if you didnt
know yeah you can drop items drag/drop the out of the menu and on nothing
acting= -no idea
selected= -nope
damage= -How much damage a weapon does
level= -Character level to use wepons/armor
price= -Whatevers value*, it isnt exact the games money is wierd on that leave
it alone.
ep_cost= -stamina used to swing it.
modification= - either 1 or 0, whether its modified or not, used for the mod
kits you buy from salesmen in game later in.
armour= -armor gained from clothes/armor* [not exact value its a wierd thing,
like price value]

*= those wierd values on pricing/armor i dont get like i put 1000 for a price it
ends up 600 or so ingame its wierd.

The next important line is the params line

max_hp= -Max health
max_ep= -Max Stamina
hp= -Current health
ep= -Current stamina
xp= -Experience
sp= -Skill points for upgrading weapon skills
sp2= -Skill points fo upgrading stats
damage= -might be a multiplier for your damage i dunno
armour= -Same as above i dunno try 2 maybe itll 2x your damage im just guessing
never tried it
lt_wpn= -Light weapon skill
sw_wpn= -Medium weapons skill
hv_wpn= -Heavy weapons skill
ds_wpn= -Bow skill
dex= -Health skill
dip= -Diplomacy skill
sta= -Stamina skill
med= -Medicine skill

No idea what these are...

money= -how much money you have
kills_points= -i dunno

Sample of what your looking for to edit...

Console guide

irst you need to create a Profile, then quit the game.
When thats done goto the games install directory,
And open the Profile folder, Then open the folder that has the name of the
profile you created.

From there you'll find a file named 'local.ini'...
[Back up the file before you edit it if you dont know what you are doing]
Open it in notepad and add at the end 'g_console 1'.

That enables the console which is used by pressing 'tilde' [which is the ~ key
right under escape...].
Type these then press enter in the console screen to enable them, Use 1 or 0 for
the # for on or off.
Some such as grass/fog reset in each area you enter...

Console Command - Effect

god # - Infinite Health/Stamina
r_fog # - Toggle Fog Rendering
r_grass_show # - Toggle Grass Rendering [Very useful for lower spec systems]
g_collision # - Can walk through some objects. [Or can use 'no_clip #' or
'noclip #']
g_megahealth # Wierd one, Fills everyones health near you, Revives dead
And if its left on, the revived people will revive right when they die, but
you wont...

g_skip_video # - Skip Intro Videos

This game has a camera pretty far from the player, and at an unmovable angle, I
didnt like that so these are useful.

camera_distance_max # - Set Max Camera Distance from player [Default=17]
camera_distance_min # - Set Max Camera Distance from player [Default=7] [I like
4 but can screw up talking scenes camera]
camera_angle_max # - Set Max Camera Angle [Default=40]
camera_angle_min # - Set Min Camera Angle [Default=30] [I like 10]
g_camera_fov # - Change Field of View [Default=45]

Extra Notes
Theres to many commands to list press 'tab' in the console menu to see a massive
God and the camera commands are the most useful that ive found so far but theres
probably alot more,
Almost any of the console commands can be put at the bottom of the 'local.ini'
file and they will load up ingame.
The camera and fog commands are already in the 'local.ini' file.
Changing the camera angle might be REALLY laggy on older computers.
Can use the hardtobeagod.ini file but i wouldnt recommend it when you dont need
to, in case you mess up something...

Hotkey Binding
The game has a Console hotkey setup for developers... They can be added at the
end of the 'local.ini' file.
This is how it works but any commands that need a 1/0 after it dont seem to work
'bind DIK_ '
The can be
1-9 and 0
MINUS or EQUALS or BACKSLASH maybe more but that should be plenty, I recommend
using Numpad keys.

The can be any console command as long as it dont need a 1/0...

So as an Example adding 'bind DIK_K t_remove_grass' to your 'local.ini' file
will make pressing 'k' Remove the Grass,
I tried to get 'god 1' to work but it wont use the 1/0 thats added so it wont
Maybe someone else will figure that out, but its very useful for some commands.