Quake II чит-файл №1

Type these in at the Quake 2 command line (press ~)


Command Item Quantity
give all All Item See Other Cheat Codes
give health Healt 100
give weapons All Weapons All/No Ammo
give ammo All Ammo 100s/200b&c/50&&
give armor Body Armor 200
give body armor Body Armor +1
god God Mode N/A (on/off)
notarget No Target Mode N/A (on/off)
noclip No Clip Mode N/A (on/off)


Command Item Quantity
give jacket armor Jacket Armor 1
give blaster Blaster 1 - No ammo
give shotgun Shotgun 1 - No ammo
give super shotgun Super Shotgun 1 - No ammo
give machinegun Machinegun 1 - No ammo
give chaingun Chaingun 1 - No ammo
give grenade launcher Grenade Launcher 1 - No ammo
give rocket launcher Rocket Launcher 1 - No ammo
give railgun Railgun 1 - No ammo
give bfg10k BigFu*kingGun10k 1 - No ammo
give shells Shells 10
give bullets Bullets 50
give cells Cells 50
give grenades Grenades 5
give rockets Rockets 5
give slugs Slugs 10
give quad damage Quad Damage 1
give invulnerability Invulnerability 1
give silencer Silencer 1
give rebreather Rebreather 1
give environment suit Environment Suit 1
give ancient head Ancient Head 1
give adrenaline Adrenaline 1
give bandolier Bandolier 1
give ammo pack Ammo Pack 1
give data cd Data CD 1
give power cube Power Cube 1
give pyramid key Pyramid Key 1
give data spinner Data Spinner 1


give airstrike marker AirStrike Marker 1
give blue key Blue Key 1
give red key Red Key 1
give security pass Security Pass 1
give commander's head Commander's Head 1
give power shield Power Shield 1
give armor shard Armor Shard 1
give combat armor Combat Armor 1

*The above 8 commands are not activated by the "give all" command.

Quake 2 Levelnames

To jump to any level you want, just type "map levelname" in the
console (i.e. map base1)

Unit 1 Base Unit

Outer Base base1.bsp
Installation base2.bsp
Comm Center base3.bsp
Lost Station train.bsp

Unit 2 Warehouse Unit

Ammo Depot bunk1.bsp
Supply Station ware1.bsp
Warehouse ware2.bsp

Unit 3 Jail Unit

Main Gate jail1.bsp
Destination Center jail2.bsp
Security Complex jail3.bsp
Torture Chambers jail4.bsp
Guard House jail5.asp
Grid Control security.bsp

Unit 4 Mine Unit

Mine Entrance mintro.asp
Upper Mines mine1.bsp
Borehole mine2.bsp
Drilling Area mine3.bsp
Lower Mines mine4.bsp

Unit 5 Factory Unit
Receiving Center fact1.bsp
Sudden Death fact3.bsp
Processing Plant fact2.bsp

Unit 6 Power Unit/Big Gun

Power Plant power1.bsp
The Reactor power2.bsp
Cooling Facility cool1.bsp
Toxic Waste Dump waste1.bsp
Pumping Station 1 waste2.bsp
Pumping Station 2 waste3.bsp
Big Gun biggun.bsp

Unit 7 Hangar Unit

Outer Hangar hangar1.bsp
Comm Satelite space.bsp
Research Lab lab.bsp
Inner Hangar hangar2.bsp
Launch Command command.bsp
Outlands strike.bsp

Unit 8 City Unit

Outer Courts city1.bsp
Lower Palace city2.bsp
Upper Palace city3.bsp

Unit 9 Boss Levels

Inner Chamber boss1.bsp
Final Showdown boss2.bsp

Cheats for the compatibility demo release:

Enter the command console (press [~]) then type
Note: [#] means any number (if you type "give blaster 255" then
you'll get 255 blasters (WOW!...like you need it!). The same goes
for all the other weapons. The [] means its optional.

god - Enables god mode
give blaster [#] - Gives you the weapon you start with (DUH?)
give shotgun [#] - Gives you the Shotgun.
give sshotgun [#] - Gives you the Super Shotgun.
give machinegun [#] - Gives you the Machine Gun.
give grenadelauncher [#] - Gives you the Grenade Launcher.
give rocketlauncher [#] - Gives you the Rocket Launcher.
give shells # - Gives you # number of Shotgun Shells.
give bullets # - Gives you # number of Bullets.
give grenades # - Gives you # number of Grenades.
give rockets # - Gives you # number of Rockets.
give quad [#] - Gives you # number of Quad Damage Power
give envirosuit [#] - Gives you # number of Environment Suits.
give invulnerability [#] - Gives you # number of Invulnerability
Power Ups.
give silencer [#] - Gives you # number of Silencers.
give rebreather [#] - Gives you # number of Rebreathers.
give jacketarmor [#] - Adds # Jacket Armor points.
give bodyarmor [#] - Adds # Body Armor points.
give combatarmor [#] - Adds # Combat Armor points.
give health 999 - 999 health (doesn't add to your health)
g_unlimited_ammo 1 - All ammo gets stuck at 999! (but you need
to get the ammo first, Of course.)
g_unlimited_ammo 0 - Ammo goes back to normal.
noclip - Turn off clipping
status - Displays info on the current game
sv_gravity xxx - Gravity; xxx represents a number from 00
to 850, where 00 equals no gravity and 850
is normal gravity
crosshair 1 - Cross wires on
crosshair 0 - Cross wires off
notarget - Invisibility
map start - Jump to the start of level
map end - Jump to the level end boss (might not work)
team "team name" - Sets your team name.
gamemap (map) - Chooses map to play on.

Other interesting stuff:

give powershield [#] - Gives you a Power Shield.
give powerscreen [#] - Gives you a Power Screen.
give item_adrenaline [#] - Gives you Adrenaline.
give item_bandolier [#] - Gives you Bandolier.
give item_pack [#] - Gives you Ammo Pack.
give key_data_cd - Gives you the Data CD.
give key_power_cube - Gives you the Power Cube.
give key_pyramid - Gives you the Pyramid key.
give key_data_spinner - Gives you the Data Spinner.
give key_pass - Gives you the Passkey.
give key_blue_key - Gives you the Blue Key.
give key_red_key - Gives you the Red Key.
give key_commander_head - Gives you the Commaner's head.
give key_airstrike_target- Gives you the Airstrike Marker.
give cells # - Gives you # number of cells.
give slugs # - Gives you # number of slugs.
give mines # - Gives you # number of mines.
give nuke # - Gives you # number of nukes.
wait - ??(multiplayer)?