Quake II чит-файл №1

A number of easter eggs have turned up in the PAK file for Quake 2. As
reported previously, there are the CFGs of the players and beta
testers. Also, it turns out that there are hidden, unused models for
the nuke, mine, flare gun, and disintegrator (all of these weapons
were dropped from the final game). There appears to be no way to play
with them. Thanks Kami0. Also, it seems as though 2 unused sound files
are in the sound directory of the PAK file, one named xianbeats.wav.
I'll let you find those and listen to them yourself :).

I just found a kickass secret at the end of Quake2...а it is better
than romero's head If you don't want to hear about it DO NOT read any
farther...а otherwise scroll down...
OK I guess you want to hear...а After you beat the main stroggos
guy... go down into the rearming place in the basement of the final
room.... at the end of the long hallway th wall is shootable... this
opens a passage to the "id gallery" where there are pictures of almost
everyone...а Some of the pictures also do stuff... Xian's plays
music... Tokays blows up.... Carmacks goes into the floor... Steed's
damages you....after you press all the buttons to see what they do...
another hole opens up in the floor.... revealing the "Tank Pimp" and
a few of his bitches.