RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Магнат индустрии развлечений чит-файл №2

Rename a guest to one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat

John D Rockefeller - Add $10,000
Mouse - Guests Stare at the Ground
Atari - All Guests Laugh and Cheer
Frontier - Rides/Coasters Never Break Down
Guido Fawkes - Advanced Fireworks Editor
Chris Sawyer - Guests Jump for Joy
Sam Denney - All coasters irresistible to peeps
Jon Roach - All rides irresistible to peeps
John Wardley - Removes Height Restrictions on Coasters
James Hunt - Buggy Rides Through the Park
Shifty - Guests Dance
D Lean - Flying Camera Route Editor
Make Me Sick - All guests get sick
ATITech - Speed Up
Jonny Watts - PeepCam
Atomic - Big Explosion
A Hitchcock - Lots of ducks appear
PhotoStory - Peeps take photos

If you are using the BETA V1 patch or higher, these codes are also available:

Andrew Thomas - Decrease Track Friction
David Braben - Disable Lift Chain Speed Limit
Andrew Gillett - Increase park value (double it on the first career mission)
Ghost Town - Guests Cannot Enter
FPS - Show FPS

Here is how to rename your park guests: While playing, click on a peep in your
park; click the General Information button (has an "i" on it); click the peep's
name, delete or backspace over it; enter the cheat code as the name, then press