Silent Hunter 3 чит-файл №2

You have the needed amount of renown to get the upgrades to your sub or to
change your U-boat model use the following procedure:

You have to be in the base after a mission for this cheat to work. Note: This
procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before
proceeding. Enter the "\sh3\data\cfg\careers\" folder. Select the name of the
folder that is the same as the career that you are using. Use a text editor to
edit the file Patrols_0.cfg. Scroll down to your last mission details and change
the amount of DeltaRenown that you got paid. example (DeltaRenown=498.750000
Change to DeltaRenown=6500.750000) Save the file and start the game. You can now
buy what you like in the game