Universe at War: Earth Assault чит-файл №1

Easily complete Masari second mission (global domination)
This strategy is quite risky and will be very costly. It is best executed after
the second or third mission when you have at least one Energy Magnet (critical)
and a Key Inspiration. This strategy involves building up an army in Global mode
and then rushing in all your units for a full front assault on the enemy Origin
Core, Glyph Carvers, and any other mission-critical units (Reaper/Detection
Drones, Walkers, etc.). While this will not likely destroy the entire force
instantly, it will allow you to build a base without worrying about any attacks
or enemy reinforcements. Before starting the mission, make sure to completely
reach the unit cap in Global mode (for example, use Skylords mixed with
Peacebringers due to their sheer power). When starting the mission, immediately
create a save. Next, find the Hierarchy base. Once you know its position, revert
to your saved game, and bring your Dropship close to the base. Make sure it is
close enough where your units only have to walk a few feet but not so that they
are attacked the moment they hit the ground. Order all your units to attack the
Origin Core. Once that is done, move onto the Glyph Cavers. Chances are that if
you have made it here quickly, the Glyph Carvers should only still be summoning
the first Reaper Drones and have not begun with the walkers. The next move is up
to you -- either chase the drones/walkers or return to base and attack later.
The only important objective is that the Glyph Carvers and Origin Core are gone.
Note: Move fast, do not hesitate, and do not allow your enemy to build. It is
not a bad idea to have Architects at work with a base to fall back on in case of
a failed assault and you do not want to restart. Casualties are also going to be
high. Most to all of your units will be destroyed, but their cost will be offset
by both the Energy Magnet(s) and the fact that your enemy will have no base or
reinforcements to summon thus allowing you to build a new army from the
battlefield or the Globe.