Driver чит-файл №1

The DRIVER Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
(PC version)
by Kasey Chang (

Last updated: October 12th, 2000

NOTE: You will need to display this FAQ with a FIXED PITCH FONT to
see the mission tree correctly. Use Courier or Courier New is probably
the easiest way.

TABLE OF CONTENTS (## denotes changes from last version)

0.1 A word from the author
0.2 Terms of Distribution
0.3 Distribution
0.4 Other Notes
0.5 The Author
0.6 Copyright/Trademark Information
0.7 Spoiler Warning
1.1 What is Driver?
#1.2# What do I need to run Driver?
1.3 What's so special about Driver?
1.4 What's so bad about Driver?
#1.5# Demo? Bugs and Patches?
#1.6# Sequel and Other versions?
1.7 Can I play without the CD?
#1.8# Difference between PC and PSX version?
#2.1# Setup Questions
#2.2# Car Questions
#2.3# Gameplay Questions
#2.4# Control Questions
2.8 Driver Websites
2.9 Misc. Questions
#3.1# Know thyself
3.2 Know the police
3.3 Know the land
3.4 Use the map
3.5 Know the manuevers
3.6 Anti-police tactics
#3.7# What to do if the police is...
#4.1# Pursuit
4.2 Getaway
4.3 Cross-town Rally
4.4 Survival
4.5 Trailblazer
4.6 Dirt Track
4.7 Carnage
#5.1# Mission Types
#5.2# Miami
5.3 San Francisco
5.4 Los Angeles
5.5 New York
6.0 PSX Codes
7.0 Enhancements
#7.1# Viewing downloaded replays
#7.2# Driver Mission Configurator

0.0 Preface

0.1 A word from the author

This is an FAQ, NOT the manual. You won't learn how to play the game
with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease the life of
software pirates.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version that
I have. I've included any PSX info I found. If you have PSX specific
information, let me know.

PSX players: read 3.X, 4.X, 5.X, and 6.X. The rest do not apply.

0.2 Terms of Distribution

This document is available FREE of charge. You are under NO obligation
to send me ANY compensation. However, I do ask for a VOLUNTARY
contribution of five (5) US Dollars if you live in the United States,
and if you believe this guide helped your game. If you choose to do so,
please make your US$5.00 check to "Kuo-Sheng Kasey Chang", and send it
to "2220 Turk Blvd. #6, San Francisco, CA 94118 USA".

If you don't live in the US, please send me some local stamps. I collect
stamps too.

0.3 Distribution

The "official" site of this FAQ is An HTML version
of the FAQ is available at It has full color maps
of every mission, every objective.

The DRIVER USG should also be available at the Games Domain, Gamecenter,
and other major games websites, and other Driver websites.

0.4 Other Notes

There is no warranty for this unofficial strategy guide. After all,
it depends on YOU the player. All I can do is offer some advice.

PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing remark... If you
find an question about this game that is not covered in the USG, e-mail
it to me. I'll try to answer it and include it in the next update.
You can contact me at, or leave a message on the
Official Driver Forum.

0.5 The Author

I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs. Lots of
people like what I did, so I kept doing it. Previously, I've written
Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander 3,
Wing Commander 4, and Fade to Black. You can find them on my KC GameNexus
website at

You can find me on the Official Driver Forum at GT's website, or if you
need to write me, send e-mail to

0.6 Copyright/Trademark Information

Driver is a game by Reflections, published by GT Interactive.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by GT Interactive or Reflections.

0.7 Spoiler Warning

The USG contains spoilers about all Driver missions. If you only need
help on certain sections, PLEASE look at ONLY the mission you need
help on as not to really spoil the fun.

1.0 Driver General Information

1.1 What is Driver?

"The Criminal underworld has accepted you as one of their own. You are
a getaway driver for hire. Speeding through the streets of real cities
with working traffic systems, pedestrians, and motorists on the streets
and cops on patrol. You are the best driver in the criminal community.
YOU ARE THE WHEELMAN." -- from the Driver CD Jewelcase

Driver was developed by Reflections, whose previous credits include
Demolition Derby and Demolition Derby 2.

Driver was published by GT Interactive (

1.2 What do I need to run Driver?

Required: WIN9X, Pentium 233, 80 MB HD space, 16 Meg RAM,
4MB 3D accelerator, 16X CDROM.

Recommended: 350 MHz or better CPU, 165 MB HD space, 64 Meg RAM.

I personnaly suggest: Voodoo-based 3D accelerator with at least 8 Megs
RAM onboard, or 128 Meg system RAM.

1.3 What's so special about Driver?

The driving model (of course). The driving "feel" is just about dead-on.
Weaving through city traffic, running from the law, it makes the hot
pursuit mode in Need for Speed III feel like sunday bike ride in the

The graphics is good enough, the four cities look close enough to the
real thing.

There's a director's mode that lets you edit the replays you saved so
you can create your own chase masterpiece. You'll need Driver to view
it though.

1.4 What's bad about Driver?

The missions rely on time limits to be challenging, and a lot of luck,
since the police "respawn". If they respawn in a "good" spot, you win.
If they respawn in a "bad" spot, you lose.

Also, absolutely NO multiplayer at all. No internet, no split-screen,
no modem, no network. NOTHING.

Finally... the police only knows how to SMASH, not stop... Which is
not that realistic...

1.5 How about a demo? Bugs? Patches

Go download one from

Patch is available from the URL for the demo. Three patches, in fact.
There is two program patches, and there's a map patch...

The US version has two patches. V1.1, and V1.2. International versions
only one, specific to the language. Please check the official game
website above to links to the patches.

US V1.2 path adds several configuration options, and is recommended.

You can tell the versions apart by looking at the loading "progress bar".
The demo and unpatched (1.0) have a multi-colored progress bar. V1.1
have a red progress bar, and V1.2 have a yellow progress bar.

There's a lot of little bugs. Every once in a while you can hit a
"Driver Exception". Some people have trouble getting the video to run...
Even when everything does work, those without Voodoo cards may have
frame rate problems.

[NOTE: When applying patches, PLEASE PATCH IT IN ORDER! You will need
ALL the patches! ]

1.6 How about a sequel? Other versions?

Driver first came out on the Playstation.

Driver 2 (or Driver 2000) is planned in less than 12 months, so the rumor
goes. No idea when will there be a preview.

There's supposed to be a Color Gameboy version coming soon, no details.
You can get a "preview" of it by using the "top view" in PC Driver.

1.7 Can I play without the CD?

Officially, no. There's an unofficial EXE, but then, it can't be patched,
and you'll lose most of the text in the game unless you mess with some
language files, and there maybe other problems as well.

1.8 What is the difference between the PC and the PSX version?

[To be compiled]

2.0 Driver game questions

#2.1# Setup Problems and some solutions

Most problems can be solved by either finding the latest drivers for
the video card, or by using one version BEFORE the most recent version
if the latest version doesn't work that well.

2.1.1 The game hiccups during play. What do I do?
--Use GLIDE instead of Direct 3D if you have a Voodoo card
--Turn off force feedback
--Turn off EAX support
--Use lower detail levels
--Use lower resolution
--Close more programs to make more memory available to the game
--Lower the frame limiter from AUTO to a lower value.
--Add more memory (at least 64 megs, 128 megs even better)

2.1.2 I can't see the movies... What do I do?
--If you have ATI card, see the README file for a note to you
--Install the DX6 Media runtime on the Driver CD
--If WIN98, install the DX6 Media runtime patch using Windows Update
--Update your video drivers to latest version
--Try an older set of drivers (sometimes the latest have bugs)
--Try changing the DirectX acceleration from DXDIAG
--Try decreasing the video acceleration slider by a notch
--Install DirectX 7 from Microsoft (last ditch effort) (DX7.1 helps?)

2.1.3 The Driver Configuration says "No 3D Device Detected"!
--Make sure you have a 3D accelerator with at least 4 megs of memory
--Make sure you have the latest MANUFACTURER'S DRIVER (not reference!)
--Try the video chipset maker's reference drivers
--Try different resolutions (like 640x480)
--Try different color modes (usually 16-bit color is good)
--Try changing the DirectX acceleration from DXDIAG
--Install DirectX 7 from Microsoft (last ditch effort) (DX7.1 helps?)

2.1.4 The cars seem to be missing parts!
--Make sure you have latest video drivers installed
--Try an EARLIER version of video drivers, esp. if you have ATI card
--Try changing the DirectX acceleration from DXDIAG
--Use lower resolution (which uses less memory)
--Install DirectX 7 from Microsoft (last ditch effort) (DX7.1 helps?)

2.1.5 My screen flashes and I'm using NVIDIA's 3.53 drivers
or My "show map" is garbled!
--It's a conflict between DirectX7 and Detonator 3.53 drivers. Either go
back to 2.08 or go forward to 3.6x drivers instead.

NOTE: A lot of people have problems finding this alleged 3.6x driver, as
NVIDIA had it hidden pretty well. Right now, officially, 3.6x drivers are
meant for Athlon/GeForce combination only, while the 3.53 drivers are for
all TNT/TNT2/GeForce chips. However, I've been told by many sources that
3.62 (current as of release date) works on non-GeForce cards.

2.1.6 I can't hear any in-game sounds...
--If you're using SB Live!, get Liveware 3.0 update
--Try turn OFF the DirectSound acceleration from DXDIAG

2.1.7 I can't start the game and I use a Matrox card.
--Go to Matrox website and download a fix for it.

2.1.9 Any other problems
Leave a note on the Official Driver Forum at GT's website, and include
FULL information on your hardware and driver versions, then describe
exactly what problems are you having.

#2.2# Car questions

2.2.1 Can we drive different cars?
In general, no. Most missions have cars already defined, one car per city.

Some missions or sub-missions may use a special car.

Between some missions you get to choose among two or three cars after you
receive a message. See mission tree in section 5. Those chosen cars are
only used on a few subsequent missions. [See 2.2.5]

If you use the script editor, you can pick among 14 cars, though not all
cars are available in all cities. See 7.0 for details.

2.2.2 Can we "tune" the cars?
No, in the game the cars are NOT adjustable in any way, shape, or form.
You can't even change the color.

2.2.3 Can we make new cars? New skins? Edit the buildings? Textures?
No one knows at this time. GT's not talking, neither is Reflections.

2.2.4 Do different cars perform differently?
Yes, though the "main" cars don't feel that different. Each of the car
models have a "model bonus". No one has figured out the values yet.

2.2.5 So how DO I change the cars when given a choice?
You'll get a message on the answering machine that says something like
"come down to pick your new wheels". Pick that message, and you'll get
into the garage, where you can pick between two or three cars. Select
the one you want to drive, and you'll plop back to the answering
machine. Now pick a DIFFERENT message and go on to the mission!

(You can change your mind about the car by going back to the "choose
car" message and do it again)

#2.3# Gameplay Questions

2.3.1 Is there any cheat codes for the PC version?
There are no secret keystrokes you can enter to enable invulnerability
or something like that.

When you win the Undercover campaign, you will enable the "cheat" menu,
which will allow you to do things like that.

Otherwise, you can use the Driver Mission Configurator to enable the
cheat menu without going through the campaign. For DMC info, see 7.0.

DMC can write an updated CONFIG.DAT which enables the cheat. You can get
the CONFIG.DAT separately, but I recommend looking at DMC.

You can also enter some special names as when you can enter a top score
of one of the driving names. However, I don't have that list.

For the PSX version, see 6.0

2.3.2 What will cause police to chase me when they see me?
--ANY amount of felony
--speeding (speed in RED, usually 50+)
--any collision with another car (even if that car hit you)
--knocking over any signs or cones (running on sidewalk without
hitting anything is okay though)
--running a red light (yellow is okay)
--use burnout or handbrake
--driving at night with no lights
--any collision with the police (even if not by you) < M1 -> H2 --> M2 -> H3 -> M4/M401/M402 --> H4 -> M6 -> M7 -> M54 ->>
\ /
-> M3/M5/M53 ---------------

>>--> H5 --> M8/M10 --------
\ \
-> M9 -> M11/M12 --> H6 -> M13 ->> SF

Recommended path is M1, M2, M4/M401/M402, M6, M7, M11/M12, M13

Why M2 instead of M3? You need the practice to chase non-car targets in
M402. While it is difficult, you need the practice for M13 before you
leave Miami. Why M8 instead of M9? Less missions in that branch.

5.2.1 The Bank Job M1: Miami Bank Job
a) Goto [Difficulty 1/10]: Get to the bank in 80 seconds
NOTE: Take few seconds at the beginning to check the route first with the
"show map" command.
b) Goto [Difficulty 1/10]: Get to the lockup, no time limit, no tail!

5.2.2 Hide the Evidence M2: Super Hot Car
Goto [Difficulty 2/10]: Take the car to chop shop, no time limit, 1/8
felony. No tail!
NOTE: You'll only see one cop on this mission. On the narrow highway,
stay BEHIND the cop the whole way would be a good idea. Losing the cop
around that final corner may be difficult.

5.2.3 Case for a Key
This is your first three part mission. Try to conserve your car as much
as possible in the first two parts. You'll need it for the final part. M4: Go Meet Them
Goto [Difficulty 3/10]: You have 160 seconds to get to get to the Marina
Bar to get your mission. No tail at destination!
NOTE: Take the most direct route and you should have plenty of time to
lose the cop if you need to. M401: Make the Exchange
Goto [Difficulty 4/10]: Get to Bayside to exchange the suitcase for the
Key, you have 140 secs. No tail at destination!
NOTE: Get to the Marina with time to spare, so you can BACK INTO the spot
you need. You will need those extra seconds as not to turn around in the
next part. M402: Chase the Boat
Chase [Difficulty 7/10]: Someone just ripped you off, pursue the boat to
find out who...
NOTE: Difficult to avoid the cops on the narrow highways, a bit of luck
is required. If you see cop coming head-on, go for the right side edge
to avoid them. Once you head into the warehouses to the T section, make
a left, then follow the road, which goes right away, then turn LEFT again
and follow the "coast".

5.2.4 Ticco's Ride
Another three part missions. Try to conserve the car in the early parts. M3: Pick up Ticco
a) Goto [Difficulty 4/10]: 90 seconds to get to Ticco's place, no tail
b) Goto [Difficulty 5/10]: Deliver Ticco to his friend's place M5: The Clean Up
Goto [Difficulty 5/10]: Go to Coral Gables, you have 120 seconds, no tail M53: Get the hell out of there!
Goto [Difficulty 6/10]: The cops got your car. Take another and get outta
here! (No time limit)

5.2.5 Tanner meets Rufus M6: Go and meet Rufus
Goto: [Difficulty 4/10] You have 180 seconds to get to the bar and meet
Rufus there.

5.2.6 Bust Out Jean-Paul
A two part mission, this one can be quite difficult if you try to ram the
van. Instead, save the car for the next part, just follow it close. M7: Ram the armored Car
Chase [Difficulty 3/10]: Pursue/ram the armored van carrying Jean-Paul. M54: Get Jean-Paul outta there...
Goto [Difficulty 4/10]: You got him. Go for the safehouse, and no tail!

5.2.7 Payback M8: Get to the first restaurant
Goto [Difficulty 4/10]: You have 250 seconds to "visit" all the
restaurants... Through the front window and watch for the cops. You'll
get a little more time if you smash a window...
NOTE: You need to "smash" all restaurants within the time limit. You
should have plenty of time. Use cross-town checkpoint as practice. Watch
for cops though. M10: A shipment's coming in
a) Goto [Difficulty 4/10] : Get to jetty arrival in under 200 seconds
NOTE: Look at the map and figure out your route first!
b) Goto [Difficulty 6/10]: It's a police ambush! Run for it! No tail!
NOTE: It's hard to make it back into the city from the warehouses through
those narrow freeways. If you make it, you're home free. Cut through the
warehouses to avoid the cops.

5.2.8 Superfly Drive M9: Take this pupply home
Goto [Difficulty 5/10]: You have 230 seconds to arrive at the drop-off
point with the "hot" car without a tail...
NOTE: This car is extra fast... Just make sure you use it right.

5.2.9 Bait for a trap M11: Wreck his car
a) Goto [Difficulty 3/10]: 250 seconds to make it to the bait location,
b) Smash [Difficulty 4/10]: wreck the target car.
c) Goto [Difficulty 4/10]: make it back to the lockup.

5.2.10 Take out Di'Angio's car M12: Ram him!
Chase [Difficulty 4/10]: Pursue and smash the target car...

5.2.11 The Informant M13: Catch Jesse
Chase [Difficulty 5/10]: Jesse is on the monorail. We must follow the train
and be ready to pick her up before she talk to the cops... Follow it!
Note: It's raining, which affects your handling. Cut through grass and
sidewalks. You should be able to stay close.

5.3 San Francisco
Note: As you can see from the mission tree below, there is NO save point
between Miami and San Francisco. When you get to SF, you have to
immediately go on a mission without a chance to save.

Hx = Hotel Save Points, Mx = Mission Number (see below)

M14 -> H7 ----> M15/M151 ---> H8 ---> M18/M20 ---> M22/M221/M222/M223 ->>
\ / \ /
--> M16/M161 - -> M19/M21 -
\ /
--> M17 --

>>-> H9 (pick car) ---> M23 ---> M25 ->> LA
\ /
-> M24 -

Recommended path is M14, M16/M161, M18/M20, M22/M221/M222/M223, M24, M25.

M16 is easier than M15 or M17. While M17 seems shorter, the second part
can involve up to 4 cops, which is quite difficult in San Francisco. M18
is easy. Getting Ross is quite easy if you figure out the fastest route.

5.3.1 The Casino Job M14: Get to the casino
a) Goto [Difficulty 5/10]: Get to Casino within 90 seconds
NOTE: This one is tough as the streets are narrow, just pick a good
route and hope you don't run into police too often.
NOTE: It is possible to NOT get any felony in this part, which makes next
part VERY easy.
b) Goto [Difficulty 6/10]: Make it back to the warehouse... No time limit.
NOTE: the Warehouse entrance is in the BACK.

5.3.2 The Briefcase M15: Get to Levy's
a) Goto [Difficulty 6/10]: Go through the checkpoints with 280 seconds,
just watch out for the cops!
b) Goto [Difficulty ?/10]: no time limit to meet the client, no tail... M151: Go make the exchange
a) Goto [Dif ?/10]: 200 seconds to make it to the exchange point, no tail!
b) Goto [Dif ?/10]: 320 seconds to make it to the drop-off point, no tail!

5.3.3 Guns in the Trunk M16: Get to Fisherman's Wharf
Goto [Difficulty 5/10]: Make it to pickup point in 200 seconds... M161: Go make the drop
Goto: Make it to the destination with no time limit, but felony on.
NOTE: Unmarked brown sedans come after you with a vengeance! Think of
this as practice run for President's Run with only two cops.

5.3.4 Visit to the mall M17: Go shopping
a) Goto [Difficulty 5/10]: Go pick them up inside 100 seconds
b) Goto [Difficulty 7/10]: Take them to the warehouse, no tail!

5.3.5 Taxi! M18: Scare him!
Taxi [Difficulty 7/10]: Gotta scare the "associate" complete s**tless.
NOTE: Accelerate to maximum speed. Once he goes "What do you want!?!?"
do a 180 degree handbrake spin. He should be 30% freaked. Repeat two
more times, and he's 90+% freaked. Do 360 degree wheelies until he
freaks out completely. M20: Cosy to the chopper
a) Goto [Difficulty 6/10]: 120 seconds to arrive at Cosy's place, no tail
b) Goto [Difficulty 7/10]: take him to the chopper!

5.3.6 In the pickup M19: Get out of there, watch the crate!
Crate [Difficulty 9/10]: Explosive crate in the back, slight felony. Can
you make it without going KABOOM... No time limit, but slight felony.
NOTE: Watch out for that BIG bump inside the destination alley... Take
it VERY slowly. M21: The Chinatown pick up
a) Goto [Difficulty ?/10]: 120 seconds to pickup some passengers (no tail)
b) Goto [Difficulty ?/10]: Go to the destination, no time limit, no tail!

5.3.7 The Mercy Mission
Probably the most frustrating of all series of missions, except for the
President's run. This four parter has damages that carry over. Preserving
the car in the early parts is essential, but time limit is VERY tight.
You'll finish each section with only seconds to spare, which is why the
early parts have higher difficulty rating than the later parts. M22: Callbox 1
Goto [Difficulty 8/10]: You have 90 seconds to make it to the first phone... M221: Callbox 2
Goto [Difficulty 8/10]: And 80 seconds to the second... M222: Callbox 3
Goto [Difficulty 7/10]: 160 seconds for the third... M223: Callbox 4
Goto [Difficulty 7/10]: And 140 seconds for the final callbox...

5.3.8 The Set Up M23: Get to the garage
a) Goto [Difficulty 6/10]: You have 110 seconds to get to the garage...
b) Goto [Difficulty 7/10]: It's a setup! Get out of there... No time limit.

5.3.9 The Hyde Street Pick up M24: Go get Ross
a) Chase [Difficulty 5/10]: Ross is on a Cable Car, and cops are waiting
near the Hyde street corner. 90 seconds to get there first and get Ross...
NOTE: Chase the cable car, but just follow it. As the cable car
approaches the corner, you should see your destination arrow change from
the cable car to a spot near it. Stop on it, and wait for Ross to get
into your car.
b) Goto [Difficulty 7/10]: take Ross back to the hideout...

5.3.10 Tanner and Slater M25: Stop Slater, smash him.
Chase [Difficulty 7/10]: Pursue/ram Slater so you can take his place and
head for LA! Chasing him should be quite simple, but he's pretty fast.

5.4 Los Angeles
KEY: Hx = Hotel Room (Save points), Mx = Mission

H10 (choose car) --> M26/M28 ---> M30/M301 -> H11 (choose car) ->>
\ /
-> M27/M29 -

>>-----> M31 ------>> NY
\ /
\--> M32 ---/
\ /
-> M33 --

Recommended path is M26/M28, M30/M301, M33.

The cop car is fragile, so you must practice evasive driving more, but
the missions are shorter and simpler, same reason for Test Run (M33).

5.4.1 Steal a Cop Car M26: Get the car to the lockup
Goto [Dif 8/10] : You got the cop car... You have 165 seconds to take
it to the lockup... Avoid all cops, and don't bang it up too hard.
NOTE: Try the horn/siren! Losing the cop around the final corner can be
difficult, so get there fast with some time left to lose the tail. You
can get there with over 40 seconds to spare. M28: The Chase
Chase [Dif 5/10] : Pursue/ram Duval's car!
NOTE: Standard pursuit, just follow close and bounce him when you can.

5.4.2 Lucky to the Doc's M27: Go get Lucky
Note: TOTAL of 180 seconds for BOTH parts. [Dif 6/10]
a) Goto: Go get Lucky! He's in big trouble!
b) Goto: Lucky's been shot! Drop Lucky off at the hospital fast!
NOTE: get there early enough so you have time to lose the tail around
the destination. M29: Maya
Note: TOTAL of 200 seconds for BOTH parts. [Dif 6/10]
a) Goto: Maya's overdosed... Pickup at Maya's location
b) Goto: Take her to the hospital, no tail!
NOTE: In b) get there early enough so you have time to lose the tail
around the destination.

5.4.3 The Maddox Hit M30: Pickup the Hitmen
a) Goto: Go to the garage to pickup the hitmen in 120 seconds,
NOTE: Guys are on the TOP floor of the garage, keep making the turns on
the INSIDE (left) and you'll get there. The trick is how NOT to attract
too much attention getting there, as time is short.
b) Goto: Take them to the Mann's Chinese Theater in 140 seconds.
NOTE: Time is a little tight, but you don't have to lose the cops around
the final turn. M301: Make it to the lockup
Goto: The hit's done... Run for the safehouse!
Note: This one is tough because there will be four cops after you if you
don't lose them FAST. It's tough to avoid them on the freeway.

5.4.4 Lucky to the Crib M31: Pick up the Gangsters
a) Goto: pickup the gangsters at pickup point under 60 seconds...
b) Goto: Make it to Lucky's place with no tail...
c) Goto: Take Lucky home...

5.4.5 Beverly Hills Getaway M32: Get to Beverly Hills
a) Goto: Pickup the gangsters at Beverly Hills, 60 seconds...
b) Goto: Run for the lockup...
c) Goto: The cops are watching the lockup... Go to the crib instead.

5.4.6 The Test Run M33: The Test Run
Goto [Dif: 3/10] : Just drive the heck out of the car...
NOTE: There's no cops in this one, so you can push the car as far as
possible. If you can make it in under 2:30 you are doing fine. I can
do it in under 2 minutes. Pick straight route and just GO FOR IT!

5.5 New York
KEY: Hx = Hotel Room (Save points), Mx = Mission, AA = Ali flag

H12 ---> M34/M341/M342 --> H13 -> M36 --> H14 --> M38/M40 ---->>
\ / \ /
--> M35/M37---AA-SET------------- -> M39/M41 ->

>>--> IF AA ---> M43 - WIN --> M44 --> Drive with Ali into sunset
\ \
\ - LOSE -> M44 --> Drive alone into sunset
-> NOT AA -> M42 ------> M44 --> Drive alone onto the highway

Recommended path is M35/M37, M38/M40, M43, M44.

I assume that you DO want to meet Ali? Besides, M35/M37 branch is easier
than the other branch. Whether M38/M40 or M39/M41 is easier is debatable.
I prefer M38/40 because second part of M39 can be really nasty as you
can't make it back to the hotel without picking up a tail.

5.5.1 Grand Central Station Switch M34: Meet the Contact
Goto: You have 200 seconds to see the contact... M341: Get to Grand Central
Goto: The other contact is at Grand Central... Get there... M342: Go Make the Drop
Goto: Take the information to the destination... Lose the FBI tail!

5.5.2 Luther's Heap of Junk
Note: This is where you meet Ali, and if you don't take this series,
you get M42 instead of M43, and a different ending. M35: Take this Heap of junk to the yard
Goto [Dif 1/10] : No felony, no time limit, car half damaged... Just
take it to the yard. Just drive slow and don't hit anything. Patience. M37: The Rescue
a) Goto: Go get the boys outta a police trap, you have 140 seconds...
b) Goto: Get to the lockup with no tail!

5.5.3 The Accident M36: Cause the Accident
Chase: Run Granger's driver off the road with an "acquired" police car.
NOTE: You have to hit the car 12 times

5.5.4 Take a Cab M38: Bring the cab in
Goto: Deliver a taxi to lockup... Don't bang it up too hard, and no tail. M40: Take out Granger's Boys
a) Smash: Ram and disable Granger's Boys' Cars... There's four of them,
so watch out. They don't run from you though. You have 180 seconds...
TACTICS: the cars are easy to find, and repeated collisions does the trick
quite nicely. Just do it fast so you have time to find the next target.
b) Then make it out of there with no tail.

5.5.5 Trash Granger's Wheels M39: Trash Granger's Wheels
a) Goto: Granger's car is near the park. Get there in under 120 secs.
TACTICS: Just drive flat out, you should make it with time to spare,
and you don't need to lose the tail as cops disappear around the park.
b) Smash: wreck Granger's car,
c) Goto: then make it back to your hotel room.
TACTICS: Watch out for cops around your hotel, as it's a pain to lose
the cops there. M41: The Negatives
Chase: Pursue the guy with the negatives you need...

5.5.6 The Ali Situation M43: Save Ali
a) Goto: Ali is in danger, better go pick her up in under 2 minutes...
b) Goto: Get her back to the hotel room, lose the bad guys.
TACTICS: You should make A if you pick a good straight route with
minimum turns. B's a bit tougher.

NOTE: you CAN fail this mission and still make it to M44, but you'll
get the "Driving off alone" ending.

5.5.7 Rite of Passage M42: The Rite of Passage
Goto: A long run but a lot of time, be careful and pick good routes...

5.5.8 The President's Run
This is the final mission of the game... M44: Get the President out of there
Goto [Difficulty 10/10]: Make it to the underground garage... Four
extra-fast cops are after you... You have a LONG way to go.
NOTE: You're in a tough car, the cops can't do you too much damage unless
they hit you head-on or bounce you into a building. Based on the criteria
outlined in 3.7.4, the best route is Broadway. It's wide, with lots of
parallel streets, and it's STRAIGHT. You have plenty of room to get your
speed up, and when your speed is up, the cops can't do you much damage
or push you too far off course. You just need to watch for head-on
kamikazes (where the wide street helps) or side-street attacks.

6.0 Playstation Codes (courtesy of DriverHQ)
This section is slightly editted for formatting. All codes are Gameshark
codes. I don't know anything about PSX, so don't ask me about it.

6.1 General codes
Enter these codes at the title screen, you'll hear a chime when they
are activated. (2) or (4) means push it 2 or 4 times.

Quickly press L2(2), R2(2), L2, R2, L2, L1, R2, R1, L2, L1(2).

No police
Quickly press L1, L2, R1(4), L2(2), R1(2), L1(2), R2.

Rear wheel steering
Quickly press R1(3), R2, L2, R1, R2, L2, L1, R2, R1, L2, L1.

Mini cars
Quickly press R1, R2, R1, R2, L1, L2, R1, R2, L1, R1, L2(3).
Note: The collision detection will still behave as if the cars were
normal size.

High suspension
Quickly press R2, L2, R1, R2, L2, L1, R2(2), L2(2), L1, R2, R1.

Upside-down screen
Quickly press R2(2), R1, L2, L1, R2, L2, L1, R2(2), L2, R2, L1.

View credits
Quickly press L1, L2, R1, R2, L1, R1, R2, L2, R1, R2, L1, L2, R1.

6.2 Codes available for the E3 playable demo

This is not the demo that comes with the UK's Official Playstation
Magazine. That's in the next section.

Infinite Time
800C1A74 FFFF
800C1A76 000E
Infinate Damage
80090714 0000
Drive Through Walls
80039456 1000
Never complete the mission
800C18C4 0002
800C18E4 0000
800C18E6 0000
Hold Top 4 Shoulder Buttons If You Turn
Over To Help Flip You Back Right-Side Up
800905BC 012C
Drive Thru Cars (Slowly)
8001BAA2 2400
These codes have been made and tested on Version 3.0 Game Shark

6.3 Codes available for the Uk's Official Playstation Magazine Demo

Joker Command (put it in Master code)
D008 5110
Infinate Time
8008 5410 0001
8008 5414 0001
No Damage
800A FFA4 0000
800A FFA8 0000
Thanks to dadriver site for supplying the codes

6.4 Codes for the full game
Secret City
D0096DB4 0044
8009AE54 FFFF

6.5 Game Shark Codes for PAL version
Mission Select
8008 62F8 0003
8009 621C 00??
where ?? is replaced by one of the following missions in HEX

AE - Garage Test/Interview

01-The Bank Job
02-Hiding the Evidence
03-Ticco's Ride
04-Case for a Key
05-The Clean Up
06-Tanner Meets Rufus
07-Bust Out Jean Paul
09-Superfly Drive
0A-A Shipment Is Coming In
0B-Bait for a Trap
0C-Take Out DiAngio's Car
0D-The Informant

0E-The Casino Job
0F-The Briefcase
10-Guns In The Trunk
11-Visit to the Mall
13-In The Pickup
14-Cosy to the Chopper
15-The Chinatown Pick Up
16-The Mercy Mission
17-The Setup
18-The Hyde Street Pick Up
19-Tanner and Slater

1A-Steal A Police Car
1B-Lucky to the Doc's
1C-The Chase
1E-The Maddox Hit
1F-Lucky to the Crib
20-The Beverly Hills Getaway
21-The Test Run

22-Grand Central
23-Luther's Heap Of Junk
24-The Accident
25-The Rescue
26-Take a Cab
27-Take Out Granger's Boys
28-Thrash Granger's Wheels
29-Get The Negatives
2A-Rite Of Passage
2B-The Ali Situation
2C-The President's Run

8008 5414 0001

Joker Command
D009 6AEC ????

Employment-Test No Damage (Except
801E 3588 0000
Damage-Bar At 0
8009 AC10 0000
Felony-Bar At 0
8009 70F8 0000
800A FFA8 0000
Charger-Boost (Push R1)
D009 6AEC 0008
8009 AB84 FFFF
BurnOut In Reverse (Push L1 & Square)
D009 6AEC 0084
8009 AB84 000F
Charger-Boost In Reverse (Press L1 & Square)
800A FFA4 0000
800A FFA8 0000
Start With ? Checkpoints/Flags Cross Town Checkpoint/Trail Blazer
D00C 69B4 0000
800C 69B4 00??
Start In 3rd Round Dirt Track
D00C 69C8 0000
800C 69C8 0002
Indestructible On (Press L1 & Up)
D009 6AEC 1004
8009 6230 0001
Indestructible Off (Press R1 & Up)
D009 6AEC 1008
8009 6230 0000
Immunity On (Press L1 & Down)
D009 6AEC 4004
8009 6234 0001
Immunity Off (Press R1 & Down)
D009 6AEC 4008
8009 6234 0000
Rear-wheel Steering On (Press L1 & Triangle)
D009 6AEC 0014
8009 D2CC 0001
Rear-wheel Steering Off (Press R1 & Triangle)
800A FFA4 0000
800A FFA8 0000
MiniCars Mode On (Press L1 & Circle)
D009 6AEC 0024
8009 D2D0 0001
MiniCars Mode Off (Press R1 & Circle)
D009 6AEC 0028
8009 D2D0 0000
MonsterTruck Mode On (Press L1 & X)
D009 6AEC 0044
8009 D2D4 0001
MonsterTruck Mode Off (Press R1 & Square)
D009 6AEC 0088
8009 D2D4 0000
Australia Mode On (Press R1 & Right )
D009 6AEC 2008
8009 D2DC 0001
Australia Mode Off (Press R1 & Left)
D009 6AEC 8008
8009 D2DC 0000
No Damage
800A FFA4 0000
800A FFA8 0000

7.0 Enhancements
7.1 How do I view a downloaded replay?
Save any of your own REPLAYx.BIN that you want to keep. Then just unzip
the file and overwrite one of the REPLAYx.BIN files. Go back into game,
and try to view the chase replays, the choice should be there.

Note: Replays among different versions of patches may not be compatible.

Note: Replays of a mission that had its mission script modified may not
run properly on another computer that does not have the modified script.

7.2 Can I edit the missions?
Yes, with DMC, the Driver Mission Configuration by Karlr. The language
is a bit complicated, and prone to cause Driver Exception. You can find
a link to DMC at