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FAQ version 1.52
by Nicholas Yu

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Planescape: Torment FAQ/Walkthrough

I. Full Install
II. The Nameless One
A. Character Generation
B. Advancement & Specialization
III. FAQs and Answers
IV. Walkthrough:
A. The Mortuary
i. Morte
B. The Hive
i. Northeast Quadrant
ii. Southeast Quadrant
a. Dak'kon
iii. Southwest Quadrant
iv. Northwest Quadrant
v. Hive Quest Wrap-Up
vi. Alley of Dangerous Angles
vii. The Mausoleum
viii. Ragpicker's Square
a. Mage Interlude
ix. Trash Warrens
C. The Underworld
i. Buried Village
ii. The Weeping Stone Catacombs
iii. The Dead Nations
iv. The Drowned Nations
a. Secret Tomb
v. The Warrens of Thought
vi. Aftermath
a. Annah
D. The Upper Wards
i. The Tenement of Thugs
ii. Alley of Lingering Sighs
iii. Lower Ward
iv. The Great Foundry
v. Clerk's Ward
vi. The Civic Festhall
vii. Miscellany
viii. Brothel of Slating Intellectual Lusts
a. Fall-from-Grace
ix. Return to The Hive
a. Ingus
E. Optional Areas
i. Player's Maze
ii. UnderSigil
iii. Rubikon
a. Nordom
F. Beyond Sigil
i. Ravel's Maze
ii. Curst
iii. Curst Underground
iv. Curst Prison
a. Vhailor
v. The Outlands
vi. Baator
vii. Carceri
G. Endgame
i. Return to The Hive
ii. Fortress of Regrets
iii. Maze of Reflections
iv. The Transcendent One
V. Extras
A. Cinematics
B. Props and Slops
C. Other FAQs

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One thing I learned from the excellent folks at The Baldur's Gate Chronicles
( is how to do a custom full install of
Planescape: Torment. Provided you have the extra hard disk space (2+ GB), I'd
highly recommend doing this. Again according to the wonderful people at BGC,
this solves minor bugs and improves gameplay tremendously.

"Sounds great," you say, "but how do you do it?" Simply install as normal,
following the default instructions before throwing in a twist or two. Next,
find something else to occupy your mind while you copy the contents of disks 2,
3, and 4 onto your hard drive. Finally, edit the torment.ini file using the
invaluable Notepad application and edit the file paths for the appropriate CDs
(they are near the beginning of the file).

Normally, the default file paths will look something like this:


Depending on where you placed the contents of the CDs, you should have something
like this (changes made are in lower case):

CD2:=c:\games\black isle\torment\cd2\
CD3:=c:\games\black isle\torment\cd3\
CD4:=c:\games\black isle\torment\cd4\

I think you can probably figure it out from here. :) Of course, if you don't
want to clog up all of your hard drive, you can just copy one or two of these
CDs instead of all three. If you do the complete full install, you'll only need
to leave CD 2 in your CD drive whenever you play. Also, this will drastically
improve gameplay speed as it will be loading data locally, unless of course
you're one of those lucky bastards with a 40+ speed CD-ROM. I have a pretty
decent 32X CD drive, but I noticed a marked improvement after doing the full
install. Thanks, Baldur's Gate Chronicles!



Okay, now that you've gotten that little bit of tedium out of the way, how about
a few character generation tips? The Nameless One starts out with 9s in all of
the attributes: Strength (Str), Intelligence (Int), Dexterity (Dex),
Constitution (Con), Wisdom (Wis), and Charisma (Chr). Fortunately, you also
have 21 Character Points to spread around so you can tailor The Nameless One to
your tastes.

Personally, I like to be able to complete all the quests and have a bunch of
dialogue options, so I always stock up on Intelligence. Also, Wisdom is a
priceless attribute in Torment. Basically Wisdom = Big Time Experience, both in
terms of recovering more memories and gaining more experience each time you earn
it. Intelligence also means experience, as you gain access to more quests and
are able to solve them in craftier manners -- which usually earns you more
experience than the ol' hack 'n' slash method. Dexterity also plays a Key role
in Torment, as there isn't any armor for The Nameless One of which to speak.
Annah and Fall-from-Grace are the only characters about whom you need to worry
armor-wise, but we'll get into that later.

Constitution is nice for the extra hit points, but you only gain them when you
are gaining a level in your highest class. I got along fine without the extra
HP. According to Brian Brown, the HP bonus from Con is retroactive as in
Baldur's Gate (that is to say, you'll gain extra HP once you Con goes over 15).
Charisma was never a big favorite of mine, since I radiate so much in real life.
;) It's nice to get some favorable reactions, but I think the points are better
spent elsewhere. Charisma also influences some of the rewards you get for
quests and some of your quest options. I spend the leftover points on Strength.

Here are some sample stats for a freshly awakened Nameless One:

Str: 12 Int: 15 Wis: 15 Dex: 15 Con: 9 Chr: 9


In the instruction manual, they say that the Nameless One gains 1-10 HP when he
gains a level in his highest class. They lie; it's according to class. If you
gain a level in another class that's not your highest, then you only get one
measly hit point. You do, however, still receive the Con bonus. Also, as long
as we're on the topic of gaining HPs, there's no shame in saving before you
level a character up and reloading if they gain a measly amount of HP.

Also, when you advance in your highest class, you get an almighty characteristic
point. Spend these wisely. With the first few I gain from gaining levels in
Fighter, I raise my Int to 16 and get my Strength up to 17 (+1 hit and dam).
After that, I pour most of the points into Wis and get my Dex up to 17 or 18.
You also get characteristic bonuses when you first hit levels 7 and 12 in one
class. This is termed "specialization." You only get these bonuses once, so
you can't get three for getting all your classes to level 7 or 12; it only works
for the first one you get to that level. Also, the bonuses are different at
level 12, depending on whether or not it is the same class in which you have
already specialized.

These numbers may be incorrect, so if you know differently, please e-mail me
with a correction. Thanks to Brian Brown for helping compile some of these
specialization bonuses.

1st time: +1 Str, able to train up to 4 levels in weapon proficiencies
2nd time: +1 Str, +1 Con, able to train up to 5 levels in weapon proficiencies

1st time: +2 Dex
2nd time: +2 Dex

1st time: +1 Int
2nd time: +2 Int, +1 Wis

If you get the level 7 and 12 bonuses in the same class, better tattoos will be
available in Fell's Tattoo Parlor. Thanks to Leo Wang for clarifying the Mage
specialist bonuses.

I recommend getting the level 7 bonus in Fighter and the level 12 bonus with
Mage, but it all depends on how you want to play it. By the time you're a level
8 Fighter or so, you should have tons of weapon proficiencies. Personally, I
used them all on Fist and Edged Weapons, as those are the weapons that seem the
most numerous in this game and are useful no matter what class you are. Hammers
and Axes would fall into the second most useful tier, but you can only use these
weapons as a Fighter. I didn't think the Club weapons in this game were all
that great, so I don't recommend spending any valuable proficiencies on the
Clubs skill.

Just so you know, I never really used The Nameless One as a Thief for very long.
I got him to level 8 Fighter or so and then just went Mage for the rest of the
game. Of course, I never did favor Rogues when I played the pencil, paper, and
other people style of AD&D, so my previous biases may be influencing my
decisions here.

Damn it, you've skipped over this section and started playing already, haven't
you? I guess that means we have to move on to the ... (drum roll) ...


NOTE: Many of these answers contain *major spoilers*, so you may just want to
skip over this section.

Q: How can I increase my stats other than gaining levels and using
Characteristic Points?
A: There are two Tear items that raise +1 Con each (only if you're Lawful Good)
and Xachariah's Heart raises +1 Dex. Seek out the following people for the
following bonuses: O +1 Wis, Sebastion +2 Chr, Sarossa +1 Wis, Vivian +1 Chr,
Ravel +1 Wis, and you will gain in attributes after merging with your other
Incarnations and becoming a specialist at levels 7 and 12.

Q: How do I get Dak'kon to join my party?
A: He can be found in The Smoldering Corpse Bar in the southeast quadrant of The
Hive. Just talk to him, and he'll volunteer to join you as you say your

Q: How do I get Annah to join my party?
A: She won't join you when you initially meet her. She will join you
automatically after you bring the Bronze Sphere to Pharod.

Q: How do I get Fall-from-Grace to join my party?
A: Grace is the proprietress of the Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts in
Clerk's Ward. She will talk to you after you have met all her students (*you*
are the tenth student).

Q: How do I get Ignus to join my party?
A: You'll first have to get the Decanter of Endless Water in The Drowned Nations
and learn its power word from Nemelle of Clerk's Ward. Then you can go back and
free Ignus and have him join your party.

Q: How do I get Nordom to join my party?
A: You first need to get to Rubikon using the Modron Cube. Nordom is somewhere
in Rubikon when it is on the highest difficulty level.

Q: How do I get Vhailor to join my party?
A: Vhailor can be found after you free Trias from his chains. He is in the door
*behind* the portal, so don't jump through it before talking to him.

Q: How do I find Ravel Puzzlewell?
A: First you must talk to Quell of the Sensates and learn that Kesai-Serris is
Ravel's daughter. She will provide a drop of her blood for the Key to the
portal to Ravel. The portal is something you commissioned at The Great Foundry
long ago and the receipt is part of your legacy.

Q: Help! What do I do in The Fortress of Regrets?
A: Talk to Deionarra before heading inside. She'll tell you that the clocks are
somehow significant. It turns out you left a message on the clock in the
southeast room telling you to use the cannons. Trigger all four cannons, and a
portal will appear in the northeast room. A few Cloudkill spells will also get
the Shadows off your back (thanks again to the wonderful folks at Baldur's Gate
Chronicles for their help here).

Q: How do I merge with the Practical Incarnation?
A: You need to have a Wisdom of at least 21 or else he'll absorb you. You can
also just fight and kill him if it comes right down to it, but you should be
able to get 21 Wisdom quite easily by playing your cards right with the Good

Q: How do I merge with the Paranoid Incarnation?
A: Speak to him in the language of the Uyo that you learned in Clerk's Ward from
Finam or the cremated remains of his father.

Q: How do I merge with the Good Incarnation?
A: Simply talk to him, but this might not be the best idea before you find out
who he *really* is.

Q: How do I use the Bronze Sphere?
A: Grill the Good Incarnation until you discover that he is the original
incarnation. You'll learn many things, including your name, and get a truckload
of experience. You will also be able to use the Bronze Sphere for even more
happy goodness.

Q: How do I kill The Transcendent One?
A: There are ways to defeat him outside of battle, but if you really want to
fight him, it can be difficult even if you merged with all the incarnations and
used the Bronze Sphere. There is one path of dialogue options that will let you
resurrect one of your comrades before The Transcendent One can stop you. Pick
Vhailor and tell him about the great injustices being wrought. If you thought
Vhailor already kicked ass, well lemme tell you, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
Just make sure to cure Vhailor when he needs it (you can actually pause and then
use items in inventory) and the last fight will be a cakewalk. You won't have
to do any actual fighting yourself. Note that killing The Transcendent One
isn't "the best ending."


Keep in mind that this walkthrough is written using a Lawful Good character with
attributes similar to those listed in the Character Generation section above.
This kind of character is intended to be able to solve almost all of the quests,
so if some of this doesn't seem to apply to you, don't worry about it, and just
concentrate on the major tasks.

Also, don't forget that you should try and complete the game on your own first.
The best thing about Planescape: Torment is its amazing storyline, and you don't
really get into it much if you just mindlessly follow the walkthrough step by
step. Use it when you get stuck or after you beat the game on your own.


Welcome to The Mortuary, deader. Wait, you're not dead. At least that's what
the talking floating skull says. Let's find out about him for a bit.


Morte is a pain in the arse, but he's a useful ally and makes some truly
hilarious comments throughout the course of the game. As the instruction manual
says, his Litany of Curses is an excellent ability, especially against
spellcasters. Make sure to expose him to as many insults as possible through
dialogue options. He'll let you know when his Litany of Curses has improved.
He's not that great a Fighter right now, but he'll get quite a bit better much
further into the game. More on that later.

All right, your first task is to find a scalpel, so you can make mincemeat out
of some Zombies. Simply search all of the desks and shelves in the room until
you hit paydirt. You should get 2 Bandages and the Scalpel from the desks on
the northern wall. As for the Zombies, you can examine them instead to find the
one with the Key, but you might as well attack the rest for the Bandages and
experience. Proceed to head out the northwest door. Time to explore: Don't
forget to search everything you can and talk to everyone! You will also be
assigned your first two quests, neither of which you'll solve for quite some
time. QUESTS: Find "Pharod" and Find your missing journal. NOTE: If you're
absolutely sure you won't need a particular Zombie again in the future, go ahead
and kill it for the experience. It's an easy 65 exp per Zombie; it's not much,
but every little bit helps, especially with a high Wisdom score.

In the next room, you'll start a new journal and learn a little bit about the
world around you by examining Zombie 965. Not much to do here except head
through the next door to the north.

You can snag the Receiving Room Log Book from a desk in this room. Another desk
will contain some fist irons and a few coppers. Examining corpse 396 will net
you some more Bandages. You can use your Scalpel on Zombie 1201 for a note and
250 exp. Use the note and decipher the simple code: upper right, lower right,
upper left, upper right. You'll get 250 exp and a Triangle Earring. Ignore
Morte's warnings and talk to Dhall, you'll learn some interesting things from
him. After chatting with him a bit, head out the northeast door. Take a page
from corpse 1664 in this room to learn about your arrival. Next room, please!

Zombie worker 985 can be manipulated so that you acquire its arm as a club.
Ugh. 506 can be sliced open with the Scalpel for 100 exp and some Needle and
Thread. Talk (well, sort of) to Ei-Vene for a quest to bring her Needle and
Thread (which you should already have) and a Jar of Embalming Fluid! QUEST:
Fetch Embalming Fluid and Needle for Ei-Vene. Head southeast now.

Zombie 821 is a strange one. In fact, he's not really a Zombie at all but an
Anarchist spy. He'll tell you that you can escape through a portal in the
northwest room of the first floor, provided that you have a crooked finger bone
that you can acquire upstairs. That knowledge is worth 250 exp. The Anarchist
spy will also disguise you as a Zombie if you bring him a Needle and Thread and
a Jar of Embalming Fluid. Head south.

You will find a couple of Jars of Embalming Fluid in this room, as well as the
stairs leading up. But before you do that, head back to Ei-Vene. You can watch
her operate and recover a memory about a corpse labeled 42 and gain 250 exp.
Give her the items for 250 exp and +1 max HP if you pretend to be a Zombie.
Head back to and up to the stairs you saw earlier.

You'll bump into Dustmen for the first time, and you can get 15 exp for snapping
their necks (this can only be done if your Dex is sufficiently high enough)
after they start to have suspicions about you. You get 15 exp for doing this,
but you'll get an addition 250 exp the first time you do so as the experience
tingles your memory. You can get some decently passable items and a great many
things to sell (the jewelry) this way, not to mention Dustman Robes if you want
a disguise. Go to the northernmost room and search for all the goodies (you can
bash in the jammed desk). Just outside this room, you should find a Needle and
Thread and a piece of Junk (worth holding onto). Inside the locked desk (which
you can bash in), you'll find few useful items, one of which will be a Bone
Charm -- the Key necessary to activate the portal on the first floor. You can
acquire the Mortuary Sanctum Key from a bookshelf outside the western staircase.
There is another set of Needle and Thread as well as another piece of Junk
outside the eastern staircase, but you only really need a single piece of Junk.
Head to the southern storage room and examine Zombie 79 closely. You'll get a
nice Iron Prybar -- it helps you force things open -- in this room as well as an
interesting note telling you that corpse 42 is a Skeleton. Now wander around
examining the Skeletons. Skeleton 863 in the northwest contains a largely
useless reminder message. You can get Leather Straps (if you're into that sort
of thing) and Iron Spikes by prying Skeletons apart after you've examined them.
I never found a use for the strap and the spike is not that great a weapon, so I
don't really see the point of this activity. I found Skeleton 42 wandering
about outside the eastern staircase. You'll get 250 exp for recovering your

Go back to the Anarchist spy and have him disguise you for 500 exp. The
disguise is not so important as the exp. You can now tell Dhall about the
Anarchist spy for another 250 exp. Head back to the Southeast Preparation Room
and bash open the desk next to the stairs. You'll find an earring there whose
secret you can unlock with the information you learned from Zombie 79. This is
worth 250 exp and identifies the item. Time to head down to the first floor.

You'll get 35 + 250 exp for each Dustman Guard you strangle, so I'd suggest
doing this if you're not disguised or if you want some nice easy exp. You can
also get 500 exp if you manage to convince the strangely sickly Soego to unlock
the front door for you. Head to the Northwest Memorial Hall to talk to
Deionarra. You'll gain 1000 exp for re-learning how to raise dead comrades.
You'll also get another 500 exp if you get her to tell you about escaping The
Mortuary through portals. From Zombie 732 in the Southeast Memorial Hall, you
can acquire the useful Tome of Bone and Ash.

By inspecting and then dismantling the Giant Skeletons in the main room, you'll
gain 800 exp and a Rune item (a spell) for each. You can get 500 exp for
figuring out how to destroy them on your own without the Tome. Doing this for
all of the giant Skeletons is definitely worth the time and effort. There's
also a decent axe hanging on the northern wall. You can now leave out the front
door, but I'd suggest heading back to the Northwest Memorial Hall; just head to
the middle archway north of Deionarra, and the portal should open up when you
get in the general vicinity.

Some scary shadows will appear a step behind you, but forget them for now and
pick up the items in the hidden room. You can rest up here if you need to and
leave out the southwest whenever you're ready to tackle The Hive.


Ah, The Hive: A seething cesspool of degenerates and low-lifes. Ain't it grand?
I won't bother telling you how to fight the Hive Thugs, as you don't need any
special strategies. I did notice that they were more aggressive at night,
though, no doubt encouraged by the cover of darkness that conceals their
nefarious deeds.


Depending on where you exited, you'll wind up somewhere nearby The Mortuary
entrance in the northeast quad. Pox, a Collector outside The Mortuary gate, can
smuggle you back in if you ever feel the need. You can talk to a few Hive
dwellers to get a general feeling for the town. The Frightened Hive Dwellers
are the best founts of information. There are also some random encounters with
the Hive Dwellers, so yes, it is actually worth it to talk to them. Also, don't
pass up opportunities to insult people or be insulted to improve Morte's Litany
of Curses. It won't make you more popular, but it will make you a little bit
more powerful.

I would suggest talking to a Dabus, too, as you get 1000 exp for initially
comprehending their rebus language. There's also a Hive Tout in each quadrant
of the town who will point out most of the significant buildings for the measly
price of one copper.

Enter Angyar's House in the southeast corner. Talk to Angyar, endure his
insults, but don't fight him. Instead, go to his wife to find out his troubles,
and volunteer to help him get out of his Dead Contract with Mortai Gravesend.
QUEST: Free Angyar from his Dead Contract and return it to him and his wife.

You may notice a pretty little tiefling near the large monument in the center of
this quad. You can trade verbal barbs with her for a bit and pay her 20 coppers
for information on Pharod. She'll direct you to the Alley of Dangerous Angles,
southwest of here. Annah will show up under the PC section, but she won't join
your party until later, so don't worry about trying to get on her good side.

You've also probably noticed the crazy running-around-all-over-the-place lady
named Ingress. She accidentally hit a portal and wound up in The Hive and has
been stuck here for thirty years. Tell her you'll help her out because it's
most definitely worth solving this quest. QUEST: Find a way to help Ingress.

There's also a brightly-dressed man by the name of Baen the Sender outside of
the black monolith to the north. Volunteer to help him. QUEST: Find Craddock
for Baen the Sender. Head to the monolith to talk to the people there. The
Elderly Hive Dweller had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my seat. Talk
to Death-of-Names and find out what he does for a living besides having a really
cool name. Sev'Tai will tell you about the loss of her sisters and you should
decide to help her. QUEST: Help Sev'Tai get her revenge.

You'll see The Mausoleum and Shilandra's Kip north of here, but you can't do
anything with either one for now.

Okay, enough dallying around and quest acquiring for now. Head towards The
Gathering Dust Bar. Right outside, you'll spot a Zombie called "The Post."
Read all the notices and pry out the cobblestone for 250 exp. The Post will
also point out Pharod's general direction after you learn that it will point
things out and inspect the graffiti. This is worth 500 exp. Time to head into
the bar.

The person you'll first want to talk to is Emoric, who is the spiritual owner of
The Gathering Dust Bar, for whatever that means, and resides near the back. Ask
him about Pharod and agree to help discover his secret. QUEST: Find the
"source" of Pharod's bodies for Emoric. Also, tell him you want to join the
Dustman Faction and he'll direct you to complete tasks that Norochj gives you.
QUEST: Talk to Norochj and do what Norochj asks of you. He can be found near
the entrance. Don't talk to him about the posting yet, instead tell him Emoric
sent you. He'll inform you of a thief disguised as a Dustman. Agree to track
down the "Not-Dustman." QUEST: Track down a thief disguised as a Dustman. Now
talk to him about his troubles and the posting outside. He'll tell you to
investigate The Mausoleum. QUEST: Look into the matter of mausoleum's walking
dead. The quests are coming thick and heavy, but that's just how you should
like it. More quests = More experience. Time to talk to Mr. Gravesend, located
just north of Norochj. Tell him that Angyar is not ready for the True Death and
you'll get 500 exp and the contract.

Return to Angyar's home and tear up the contract. You'll receive 750 exp and
his gratitude. You can now talk to Angyar and rest in his house for free.
He'll also tell you about the secret to the portal in Ragpicker's Square so you
can Pharod. This information is worth 500 exp. His wife will now also sell you
Bandages and Needle and Thread.

You can now run to The Mausoleum and enter the portal that appears just outside,
but I would suggest waiting and running a few other errands first. I personally
recommend heading out the south gate to the southeast quadrant.


Right after you enter, head east. You should see a Damsel in Distress. She's
bluffing, of course, and you can confront her about it for 500 exp. You'll also
see Mourns-for-Trees, yet another guy with a cool name. You can get 500 exp for
volunteering to "care." You can also talk Morte into caring, too.

A little bit further east are the three Starved Dog Barking Thugs who killed
Sev'Tai's sisters. They're probably a little tough for you right now, so ignore
them for a bit.

You can visit Fell's Tattoo Parlor and learn that he knows you, but you can't
talk to him about too much yet and you can't afford any of his tattoos just yet.
There's also nothing you can do in Ku'atraa's Warehouse yet, so your best bet is
The Smoldering Corpse Bar, wherein you'll meet all manner of interesting people.

First talk to Drusilla, who'll give you a quick rundown of the joint and a
healthy helping of her smart lip. Examine Ignus and you'll also find that he
appears under the PC section, but you won't be able to help him for quite some

The next people worth talking to are Ebb Creakknees and Candrian. Ebb is a
tiresome old windbag, but he might tell you some remotely useful information.
Candrian is an experienced planewalker, and he will agree to help Ingress find
her way home. You just need to tell her to wait for him. If you ask him about
how he survived the planes of Negation, he will give you a very useful item.
He'll also give you a thorough rundown on the composition of all the planes.

Run back and tell Ingress to wait for Candrian and then head back to the bar.
Now talk to Candrian again for 750 exp and Ingress' Teeth. The teeth can do
either crushing or piercing damage and will power up every now and then. Every
time Morte levels, check to see if the teeth can evolve. They upgrade at levels
5 and 8.

Talk to Alais and get 250 exp for talking to him about the planes when asking
about the other patrons. Ilquix will give you more background information, but
the man you want to see now is the barkeep, Barkis, who knows you from before
you lost your memory. He has your eye, but you might not have enough money to
buy it yet. You can bargain him down to 300, but that's still quite a bit. I
would suggest buying the eye now before you forget.

Actually, there's more to Ilquix than meets the eye. According to munchy (who
posts regularly on the Baldur's Gate Chronicles Torment forum), Ilquix is
actually a Glabrezu in disguise! If you attack the 2 Abishai who are in the bar
with him, he will reveal his true form. You probably can't deal with him right
away, but this might be something you want to come back and do much later on.

Head out the bar and go out the west gate. This will take you to the southwest
quad; The Marketplace is located in the northern part of this area. Sell
whatever weapons and jewelry you've acquired and don't need, and you should
easily exceed 300 coppers. You can also gamble here with Gaoha if you wish.
Save the rest of this quad for later and head back to the bar. Buy back your
eyeball for 300 coppers and pop it in. You'll get 1000 exp and absorb some old
fighting skills. Now ask Barkis about the patrons and he'll offer you a job.
QUEST: Resolve a bar tab. You'll find Mochai near the east wall, trying to slip
out without paying. She's not really a Dustman, but she's not the thief for
whom you're searching. I spotted her 100 coppers and received 1000 exp after
telling Barkis about it. According to Vikas Nagaraj, you can also poison
Mochai's drink with Embalming Fluid, but I expect this is a naughty thing to do.

The Mercykillers are here hunting for a killer, but they're an unfriendly lot
and I didn't really profit from talking to them. Talk to O, who claims he is a
letter of the alphabet. Maybe he really is, because you can get a permanent +1
Wis from learning some of the secrets of the universe from him. Two abishai
patrons are frequenting the bar and they claim to know you. Morte tells you
that they're bad news, and I'm inclined to agree. They do tell you about
Morte's strange Baatorian odor, though.

Now, you've no doubt noticed the cool Githzerai with the extremely cool karach
blade standing alone. Now's a good time to talk to him. You'll get 1000 exp if
you accept Dak'kon into your party.

a. Dak'kon

Dak'kon is a *really* powerful character. As he levels up in Fighter, his
already versatile karach blade just becomes more and more powerful. It's
obscene, really. It evolves at Fighter levels 4, 7, and 10. He'll also provide
a lot of early muscle and spellcasting power. Talk to him and gain 600 exp for
learning the Githzerai language. You can also get another 500 exp by talking to
him about the nature of Sigil and reminding him of his own words spoken long
ago. Later on, you can even learn spells from Dak'kon, and he can train you to
toggle you between Fighter and Mage once you first learn The Art.

That's enough of the bar for now. Head back to Mourns-for-Trees and ask Dak'kon
to help, too. Then ask Mourns-for-Trees about the status of trees. He'll tell
you they're slightly improved and you'll get a nice 500 exp present. Also, it's
worth it to find and talk to the Githzerai Townsperson who wanders around this
area. Listen to the conversation between Dak'kon and the Townsperson and then
afterwards, ask Dak'kon what certain expressions mean. You'll uncover the
secret of Dak'kon's slavery and acquire 3000 exp. A memory worth 6000 exp will
also pop into your scrambled scarred head.

You're ready for the Starving Dog Barking Thugs now, so get ready to rumble.
After penning them into the Dead-Book, go back and talk to Sev-Tai. You'll get
33 coppers and an additional 250 exp. Head back to the southeast quad and
ignore the Tenement of Thugs for now, you won't be able to get in. Head out the
west gate.


As you head north from the east gate, you should see a Dustman named Ash-Mantle.
Go ahead and talk to him. Don't confront him about anything yet and direct him
to The Gathering Dust Bar. As you leave, if you're observant enough, you should
be able to catch him picking your pocket. Allow him to do so and observe his
technique for 1250 exp and improved Pick Pocket skills when you become a Thief.
Grab his hand, if you're dexterous enough, and then confront him. Tell him to
abandon his little charade but don't report back to Norochj just yet.

There's a poor soul in the northeast corner named Reekwind who sells stories.
Take pity on the man and volunteer to help him. QUEST: Remove Reekwind's "curse
of stench." This quest will be with you for awhile before you can solve, so
don't feel bad. You can gain 500 exp by telling him the story of yourself.

The man selling rats outside of the Office of Vermin and Disease Control is a
good source of information. Don't bother with the office just yet as you won't
be able to accomplish anything there. Off to the west somewhere, you should
find a man called the Crier of Es-Annon. Offer to help the holy man. QUEST:
Find a tombstone for the Crier of Es-Annon.

Ignore Brasken's Kip and the Hive Dwellings. Don't ignore the latter if you
plan on being the evil plundering type, though. You can talk to Iron Nalls
south of The Marketplace. She'll tell you about the Lower Ward and how it's
currently inaccessible due to the Dabus' tampering.

Head back to The Marketplace and sell any miscellany that you may have acquired.
Now find Craddock, the giant of a man, who is in the eastern part of The
Marketplace, directing the Laborers. He'll send you to find someone else.
QUEST: Find Jhelai for Craddock. Run east through the gate and you'll find
Jhelai wandering around in front of The Smoldering Corpse Bar. You'll get 250
exp for finding him. Report back to Craddock and you'll get 500 exp. If you
tell him the truth about what Jhelai said, he'll give Morte a few additions to
his repertoire of curses. You can fill in for Jhelai to be a good sport and
earn 20 coins.

Buy a Pet Lim-Lim before leaving and you're basically done here except for the
equipment-selling runs you'll make to The Marketplace. Time to head out the
north gate.


You'll immediately spot Mar, who's surrounded by dead Lim-Lims. Remember that.
Talk to him and accept his job and he'll run off laughing. QUEST: Deliver box
to Ku'atraa.

There's also a gruff man out here with a fork by the name of One-Ear (the man,
not the fork). There's also a man here by the name of Fleece, and you'll find
that he's aptly named. He's a pickpocket, of course, and you can again observe
his technique for a few pointers and 1250 exp. Grab his hand, give him a smack,
and take your coins back. Now talk to the man named Porphiron and ask him about
his woes. Agree to recover his prayer beads. QUEST: Retrieve Porphiron's

That's good for now, head into The Flophouse. Talk to Arlo the owner and agree
to help evict Nestor. QUEST: Get rid of Nestor for Arlo, the Flophouse
Slumlord. Talk to Nestor and try to make sense of his incoherent ramblings.
Agree to help him. QUEST: Find Nestor's fork. You know who has it, of course.
Beat One-Ear around like a redheaded stepchild and give Nestor his fork back.
You'll get 500 exp and an Obsidian Earring from him, and another 500 exp and
free rent from Arlo.

Now you have a ton of quests hanging over your head. Time to solve a few of
them, what?


Head east to the northeast quadrant first. First talk to Death-of-Names and ask
him to bury the name of Es-Annon. This will net you 500 exp. Now find Baen the
Sender and tell him you were successful. This will get you 500 exp and 15
commons. Head into The Gathering Dust Bar and report to Norochj on Ash-Mantle.
You'll get 750 exp for solving this quest.

Now head into the southeastern quadrant. Head into the Warehouse to deliver the
box. Unfortunately, Ku'atraa won't accept it and will send you to find someone
else. You'll get 250 exp for this. QUEST: Deliver box to Brasken. Also, while
you're here, confront the thugs who took Porphiron's necklace. They're the ones
dressed in red to the west of the bar. I got 500 exp for bluffing them out of
it, which is more exp than killing them for it. You can get another 250 exp and
a few coppers.

Now go west, young man, into the southwest quad. Let the Crier of Es-Annon know
the good news and you'll receive 500 exp. Brasken's Kip is also nearby, so this
is a good time to see him. You'll get another 250 exp but be sent off again.
QUEST: Deliver box to Shilandra. Head north to the northwest quadrant.

Return Porphiron's necklace to him for 1000 exp. He will now also train you as
a Fighter and help you get up to two levels in any given weapon proficiency.
Head into the northeast quad. Visit with Shilandra in her kip and get 250 exp.
QUEST: Go to cathedral located at the center of the Hive. Head over to the
Alley of Dangerous Angles.


Two rival gangs, the Razor Angels and the Darkalley Shivs, make the Alley their
home. You can choose to ally yourself with either one, depending on whether
you'd rather be good or bad, respectively. Don't bother with them yet, though,
instead look for the ruined cathedral in the southeast corner.

Now, the entrance to the ruined cathedral is *really* frustrating to find. It's
hidden on the southeast side, where the outer upper wall ends in a corner. You
may have to resort to slowly panning your pointer across the cathedral until you
see the door icon. Aola, the priest of Asokar, will rid you of the box for 1000
exp, but he'll keep the gem as payment for his services. QUEST: Talk to Mar
about the box. You can also get into trouble with the Lady of Pain here if you
decide to worship Asokar. You can buy the gem back from the priest for 300
coppers. You'll get a quest to acquire it later, so it's probably worth doing
as soon as you have the money.

Instead, head into the middle of the Alley. Inside some ruins to the north,
you'll meet the dangerous Blackrose. I told him I was on the side of good, so I
was told to kill the leader of the Darkalley Shivs. QUEST: Blackrose wants
Rotten William dead. Now talk to the leader of the Razor Angels, Krystall.
She'll also offer you a quest to do the same task. QUEST: Krystall wants Rotten
William dead.

You can just sit back and watch the gang members kill each other, but each Shiv
that dies is less experience for you. Go knock off Rotten William and his
goons, and then report back to Krystall first. You'll get 1500 exp, free
passage through the Alley, and the chance at another task. QUEST: Krystall
wants Blackrose dead.

Now report to Blackrose and get another 1500 exp. Now refuse to kill Krystall
and take him down. You'll get another 1500 exp from Krystall for killing
Blackrose and a tidy sum of coins.

Now venture into the burnt building in the south. You'll meet the feckless Rauk
who needs your help. QUEST: Rauk needs you to fetch three rings from his tent.
Rauk's items are actually stored in, not one, but three, separate tents. The
first tent you should search is right across from the burnt building. You'll
find a bronze ring hidden underneath the bench. The next tent is nearby to the
east. There's a woman looking for the silver ring here, but she didn't find it.
It's hidden in the firewood by the stove. The last tent is near Krystall's
location. The gold ring can be found in the middle plank of the bed. Now give
Rauk the rings so the Mages can complete their summons. That's one ferocious
Lim-Lim. You'll get 500 exp and can pick the items off of the dead Mages.
You're done with the Alley, you can go back and tell Annah off if you wish for
sending you into such a dangerous area.

It's just about time for the Mausoleum, but you need to give Mar a stern
talking-to first. Head to the northwest quad. You can follow the dead Lim-Lims
into a small building where Mar is hiding in the dark. You'll get 1250 exp for
this conversation.

By this time I was carrying a bunch of nice expensive jewelry, so I went back
and sold and identified things. You should have a decent amount of jink-jink,
too (I had over 3000 coppers at this point), so I decided to treat myself to a
nice Tattoo of Action. Also, don't forget that Dak'kon and Annah are also able
to wear tattoos. Okay, we've put this last quest off long enough: It's time to
tackle The Mausoleum. Enter through the portal in the northeast quad.

vii. The Mausoleum

You'll be accosted immediately by The Mausoleum's Guardian Spirit. Agree to
help him out and he'll agree not to kick your scarred booty. QUEST: Defeat the
intruder for the Guardian Spirit.

This is a pretty straightforward area. Just wind your way through the
passageways, not forgetting to search the opened graves where the Skeletons are
digging, and defeat various undead until you get down to the southeast exit.
There will be a few Giant Skeletons here to make life interesting, but you
should be able to handle them with relative ease after powering up on all those
quests. The undead will repopulate every now and then, so don't be surprised to
see monsters in areas you thought you had cleared out. There are also a few
traps, but they do really insignificant damage.

After putting the dead to rest, find your way to the southwest corner. There
you'll find an entrance to The Mausoleum Inner Chamber. There's no way you can
avoid a fight with Strahan Runeshadow, so you might as well enjoy it. If you
kill him, all of his undead minions will immediately follow him into oblivion.
Search his room for a few useful items and then head out the door. The Guardian
Spirit will reward you with 2000 exp. Leave The Mausoleum and enter The
Gathering Dust Bar.

Exchange words with Norochj and you'll get 1000 exp and 100 coppers for solving
his problem. Now chat with Emoric and tell him you've helped out Norochj. Tell
him that you'd like to see more of the faction before making a decision about
joining. He'll direct you towards Awaiting-Death. QUEST: Speak to Awaiting
Death on behalf of Emoric. He can be found hiding at the bottom of the bar,
south of Norochj. Give him a fresh perspective on life (you may have to kill
yourself to prove your words) and receive 500 exp. Talk to Emoric again, get
250 exp, and learn about another depressed Dustman. QUEST: Speak to Sere on
behalf of Emoric. Sere the Skeptic is, well, a skeptic; but you can force her
to confront her beliefs and consider her latest woes as a test. This earns you
500 exp. Go back to Emoric and receive another 500 exp. Emoric will know tell
you of Soego who has disappeared while serving as a missionary. QUEST: Find
Soego for Emoric.

Enough of this blather, Pharod has evaded you long enough. It's time for
Ragpicker's Square!


Ragpicker's Square is located north of the northwest quad. It's probably the
seediest place in all The Hive; but hey, it's somebody's home.

The first person you'll want to talk to is Yellow-Fingers. He's a bit on the
greedy side, but you can finagle something useful out of him. If you toss
enough money his way, he'll grudgingly give you some information and agree to
show you how to find Pharod. You won't need to do this, though, as you have
already received advice from Angyar, not to mention the excellent FAQ you are
currently reading. It's possible that Yellow-Fingers just pockets your money and
walks off, as I was never able to meet with him afterwards.

The next Collector you should seek out is Marrow-Friend. He's a bit on the
barmy side, but you can finagle something useful out of him. You can let him
bite you in exchange for the fingerbone he's been chewing on. The ring is
cursed, but who cares? It gives +2 to your AC, so you won't want to take it off
anytime in the foreseeable future.

The next Collector you should seek out is Nodd. He's a bit on the grungy side,
but you can finagle something useful out of him. He'll give you some useful
information and a sob story about his sister Amarysse. Agree to help him.
QUEST: Find Amarysse for Nodd.

Before you go running off to help Nodd, head into the hut to the north, namely
the midwife's hut. Therein you'll meet Old Mebbeth, a crazy and mysterious old
crone. She provides free healing, lets you rest in your hut, provides a
plethora of useful information, sells items and identifies objects, and, last
but not least, is a witch who can teach you The Art. She wants you to do some
menial tasks for her first, though. QUESTS: Learn the ways of the Art from
Mebbeth, and Find the herbs that Mebbeth needs.

There are some Cranium Rats you can kill in an unmarked building to the south of
Sharegrave's Kip. Polish them off and collect their tails. Directly across
from Mebbeth's kip is the home of a mage named Jarym. He's looking for a vital
component for a spell he wants to cast. QUEST: Find a spell ruby for Jarym.
You can give him the ruby from Moridor's Box for 500 exp. Thanks to Ryan
Gustafson for finding this out.

Now head over to Sharegrave's Kip and talk to Ratbone who's standing out front.
He'll train you as a thief for 50 coppers, but it's worth it. You'll get exp
according to your Wisdom (with a Wis of 16, I earned 3438 exp). Now head inside
and talk to Sharegrave. He's also interested in Pharod's whereabouts and
activities. You can help him out if you want. QUEST: Find out where Pharod's
corpses are coming from for the man in Ragpicker's Square.

You have enough to keep you busy for awhile, so head back to the northwest quad.
Either let Dak'kon or Porphiron lead you back on the path of the warrior. Head
out to the southwest quad.

In The Marketplace, talk to one of the fat merchants who deals in spices and ask
about Mebbeth's herbs. You'll get 500 exp but he won't be able to help you and
will recommend you talk to a gardener instead. QUEST: Find a gardener who has
Mebbeth's herbs. Now is also a good time to visit The Office of Vermin and
Disease Control. You'll meet Phineas T. Lort XXXIX, a pretentious old windbag,
but endure his flimflammery, learn a few things, and sell your cranium rat
tails. It's back to the southeast quad with you.

You'll find Amarysse opposite the entrance to The Smoldering Corpse Bar. She's
the harlot with black hair and dressed in violet. She'll give you some copper
to give to Nodd. Now go talk to Mourns-for-Trees and ask him about the seeds.
You'll gain 500 exp for willing the seed to grow. Head back to Ragpicker's

Pass on Amarysse's coppers and regards to Nodd for a nifty 750 exp. Give
Mebbeth her herbs for an additional 500 exp. Get another 750 exp for making it
into a picture frame with your thoughts alone. She'll now send you on another
errand. QUEST: Get Mebbeth's wash from Giscorl.

You guessed it, back to the southwest quad. Giscorl can be found among the Hive
Merchants. You can pick up Mebbeth's wash for 500 exp. Yup, back to
Ragpicker's Square. It's worth 500 exp to return Mebbeth's wash. Yay, yet
another visit to The Marketplace awaits. QUEST: Get ink for Mebbeth from
Kossah-Jai. Unfortunately, Kossah-Jai sells fish, not ink; however, she can
point you in the right direction. QUEST: Find Meir'am, get the ink for Mebbeth.
Fortunately, Meir'am's not too difficult to find. She's south of The
Marketplace against the east wall of the Office of Vermin and Disease Control.
Well, now you need a container to carry the ink in. Head back to The
Marketplace and talk to the flirtatious Hive Merchant. Purchase a tankard from
her and return to Meir'am. She'll fill your tankard with ink. QUEST: Deliver
ink to Mebbeth. Thank her and leave. Return to Mebbeth once again and give her
the ink for 1000 exp.


At long last, Mebbeth will be ready to teach you The Art. Gain 2000 exp for
accepting her tutelage. She'll give you some spells to start off with, 5000
exp, and a really powerful earring for mages. Mebbeth will also now start
selling a large variety of low level spells.

Now is a good time for an interlude with Dak'kon. If your Wisdom isn't 18, go
buy a Tattoo of the Soul. Talk to Dak'kon about The Art and ask him to teach
you using Way of Zerthimon. You will now be able to use The Unbroken Circle of
Zerthimon from the inventory screen. Each time you read a circle and talk to
Dak'kon about it, you should get access to the next circle (provided you learned
the correct lesson). Learning the lessons of the First Circle will profit you
300 exp. Learning the lessons of the Second Circle will profit you 600 exp and
the spell Scripture of Steel. Learning the lessons of the Third Circle will
profit you 900 exp and the spell Submerge the Will. Learning the lessons of the
Fourth Circle will profit you 1500 exp and the spell Vilquar's Eye. Learning
the lessons of the Fifth Circle will profit you 3000 exp and the spell Power of
One. Learning the lessons of the Sixth Circle will profit you 6000 exp and two
copies of the spell Balance in All Things. The spell I really wanted to learn,
of course, was Reign of Anger; but unfortunately you don't learn any spells from
the First Circle. Bug? Oversight?

You can go back and look at the Circle some more and puzzle out new combinations
for 3000 exp. You need 19 Wisdom to understand the Seventh Circle, so you may
not be able to do any of this yet. Doing so will get you 5000 exp and two
copies of the spell Missile of Patience. If you have a high Int and Wis (19
each, I think), you can figure out yet another combination for 6000 exp.
Learning the Eighth Circle and sharing it with Dak'kon gives you 10000 + 10000
exp. You'll get two copies of the spell Zerthimon's Focus, but more
importantly, Dak'kon will become even more of a bad *shut your mouth*. He'll
increase in Str, Dex, and Con. Thanks to Brian Brown for clueing me into this.
After this interlude (I think this is a really cool word and like to use it a
lot. (Don't use it in casual conversation though, or people will think you're a
pretentious bastard. (And they'd be right. (I also like to use parentheses in
pointless editorial comments.)))), I went back to being a Fighter.

Okay, you're ready to find Pharod. Head west and hop onto the dilapidated
wooden bridges. Follow them all the way through to the north and east until you
come to a dead end. As you approach the archway, thrust forward a piece of junk
and a portal should appear. Jump through and enter the doorway to The Trash

ix. Trash Warrens

Anamoli will come up and greet you in a hostile fashion. It's probably not
worth it to tangle with his crew as you will be doing enough fighting in here as
is. Most of the Thugs here will attack you on sight.

If you head south and then east, you'll spot a hostile Buried Villager who will
run away at first sight. Follow her back and wipe out her cronies. Now head
across the way to a chamber on the west side. There are three Thugs there, but
you're not interested in them. There's a crate there that holds some Tails and
a Cranium Rat Charm, which will serve as a Key.

Turns out the hostile Villagers were guarding a portal to a bunch of Cranium
Rats. Maybe the Buried Villagers were subjugated, or something. Approach the
archway that was behind the band of Villagers, and the portal should open.
Watch out, these Rats will sling some low level spells at you, but they still
shouldn't be that great a threat. Raid the room and collect the tails, then
exit through the portal.

Head southeast until you find a bunch of Thugs led by a man named Bish. He'll
run up and approach you. Just tell him that you want to see Pharod and he'll
let you through. This will also give you 1200 exp. Don't head down those
stairs just yet though, there are a few more things worth doing.

Finish exploring the rest of the Warrens and fight off any Thugs who attack you.
If they weren't so aggressive, they'd probably still be alive. I guess none of
their mommas ever told them, "Don't start none, won't be none." There'll be a
lone hostile Collector somewhere to the east, south of the crate you found
earlier. After you attack him, however, a gang of Thugs will emerge from the
shadows. Teach them a lesson in humility. When you're done exploring the
Warrens, head back out to the southwest quad.

Sell off any extra items before heading into The Office of Vermin and Disease
Control. Sell all your newly acquired Tails to Phineas. Finish selling them
and then conclude the conversation, then talk to him again. He'll give you a
mission, should you choose to accept it. *insert theme from Mission:
Impossible* QUEST: Kill the wererat in Phineas' basement. The wererat isn't too
difficult to kill, and you can bust open a crate down here, too. Head back up
to collect your 1000 exp and copper reward.

You've tied up all the loose ends that you need to, so it's time to go delving
down under for Pharod. Go back through the portal in Ragpicker's Square and
head down the stairs beyond Bish. You're in the underworld now, baby.


The Underworld and Upper Wards are basically the second third of the game (disc
3), The Hive being the first third (disc 2), and the as-of-yet-undiscovered
areas the final third (disc 4). So congratulations, you're one-third of the way


Okay, I lied. I know I talked a lot about how scummy The Alley of Dangerous
Angles and Ragpicker's Square were, but Buried Village takes the cake in terms
of scumacity (a word I just now made up to good effect). There's absolutely no
point in talking to any of the unnamed Villagers. They're an ignorant
unfriendly lot, so they can sod off.

I would heartily recommend Marta the Seamstress' home first; it can be found on
the west side of town. Marta's a batty one, all right, but she can be quite
helpful. She has the unenviable job of removing everything from the corpses so
the items can be sold individually before the corpses are toted off to the
Dustmen. She'll also help you in searching your innards for any "thingies."
You'll hit paydirt if you ask her to examine your intestines. It's worth 500
exp and two items: A Twisted Ring (+1 AC) and your intestines (useful later).
She also sells a few items, the most important one being Teeth of the Viper, a
decent weapon for Morte. She'll also let you rest in her home whenever you

You can check out Quint's Shop to the north next. He sells a couple of items
which may of interest, the Angle-Less-Eye and the Shamanic Rod. It's worth
buying the Angle-Less-Eye and replacing your original Eyeball with it (hang onto
your eyeball). Some people also got a quest from Quint to find a Necklace
that's located outside of Marta's, but he never talked to me about it. The
exact cursor location is 1055 (x), 1680 (y). Thanks to Ralf Schuster for the
exact coordinates.

Talk to the man outside Ojo the Leatherhead's home. His name is Ku'u yin and he
has a really strange problem. Evidently, a woman named Radine has stolen Ku'u
Yin's name and number, and he is helpless without it. QUEST: Recover Ku'u Yin's
number from Radine. Now go talk to Radine, she's south of here. You can ask
her for the name and number back. You'll get 250 exp for this good deed. Get
2500 exp for giving Ku'u Yin his name and number. Accept his magical number
tattoo as reward.

Go ahead and enter Ojo's home now. I was unable to do much here except
determine that he talks to someone in the wall. I surmise that it's a cranium
rat, or possibly a ghoul, due to the chewing of the rags in his kip and the bite
on Ojo's hand, but I have been unable to ferret out his secret. If you know
anything about this, please drop me a line via e-mail.

Walk over to the east side of town and talk to a collector by the name of Uhir.
He'll tell you about how he lost his favorite knife; agree to recover it for
him. QUEST: Find and return Uhir's 'lucky knife.'

If you check out the southeast gate and listen to the conversation between Barr
and his Guards, you'll hear them talking about the disappearance and presumed
death of a local named Gris. Apparently, he has quite a stash tucked away

That's about all there is to Buried Village. Head to the northeast gate and
talk to the Guards. They'll tell you to watch yourself in Pharod's Court.
Well, it's time to finally meet Pharod! Head in and strike up a conversation
with Pharod. Pharod will agree to tell you about yourself provided that you
bring him a bronze sphere. QUEST: Get Bronze Sphere for Pharod. Before you run
off to do this quest, though, ask him some pertinent questions. You can learn
from Pharod the secret of his never-ending supply of bodies. I lied to him,
because I wanted to go get experience from Sharegrave and Emoric.

Speaking of whom, this is as good a time as any to run back up to Ragpicker's
Square. You'll get 750 exp and some coppers for tattling on Pharod to
Sharegrave. Head to the northeast quad and rat Pharod out to Emoric, too. This
will net you 2500 exp and hundreds of copper. Back to Buried Village with you.
Head to the southeast gate and talk to Barr. He'll let you through now.


The Catacombs are filled with angry critters in the form of various Rats,
undead, and Lesser Vargouilles. The Cranium Rats, in large groups, will start
casting more dangerous spells like Ball Lightning. Fortunately, in each group,
there will only be one Rat who casts spells. After you identify and locate this
particular Rat, you can just take him out with a Magic Missile.

There are a lot of exits here, but I wouldn't recommend exploring any of them
just yet. Just walk around killing monsters and exploring the entire map for
now. You've no doubt noticed that you can examine all the corpses on the
ground. It's rather pointless right now, but it will be important later on.

In the course of your exploration (on the west), you'll be greeted by one of the
stone faces. The face, Glyve by name, needs your help. He tells you to talk to
an artist by the name of Chad for more details. QUEST: Find the Decanter of
Endless Water.

Okay, you're ready to start entering some of these doors now. I recommend
hitting The Crypt of the Embraced first. Open up the large coffin in the
middle, you'll be immediately beset by a trio of tough ghouls. Turns out that
you've found the remains of Gris. He does have a Hell of a tale to tell, but
you can't understand it just yet.

Go ahead and enter The Shattered Crypt now. Once you walk into the center of
the room, you'll be ambushed by a large contingent of Lesser Vargouilles.
Search the room for some really good treasure, including the Punch Daggers of
Moorin, the second best weapon for Annah and one you can use in the meanwhile.

Off to The Crypt of Dismemberment. This is probably one place where it'd be
nice to be a Thief as the top room is trapped, but oh well. I just ran through
the traps until I got to the stairs in the northwest. You can open up the tomb
in the middle, but there's nothing in there of worth. Head downstairs and make
sure your lunch stays down. A few Cranium Rats who seem to be feeding on the
Big Pile o' Gore in the center of the room flee at your approach; but no matter,
there is one corpse off to the right that seems newer. Examine it and take the
Severed Arm. Identify the Arm and learn that it used to be yours. There are
some interesting tattoos on there, but that can wait for now. You're done here.

Journey to The Mosaic Crypt. This is a pretty crypt, but it's also trapped.
You can raid the tomb for items, but there's supposed to be some great secret in
this crypt, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what it is.

That's good for now. You're ready for The Dead Nations. Insert Disc 3, baby!


Whoa, that's a whole bunch of undead. Hargrimm the Bleak, priest of The Silent
King will order you to submit. It's best to go along for now. In the chapel,
you'll find the missing Dustman Soego. You can rest here if you wish. Soego's
bed can be pried open but not while Soego is in the room. Hey kids, it's time
to explore! There are plenty of items to find here and many containers to bash
in or pick.

You can talk to Hargrimm, but no amount of pleading or cajoling will get you
free or an audience with his master, The Silent King. Hargrimm is full of a
heapload of useful tidbits, though.

I started wandering by swinging east first. I bumped into a Puzzled Skeleton.
He'll pose a very difficult riddle, and I wasn't able to correctly reply. Head
west and you'll bump into a Nameless Zombie, but you won't be able to
communicate with her. If you keep on west, you'll run into a little cul-de-sac.
Remember this area for later. For now, turn around and go south when you can.
There's a Doubtful Skeleton in the hallway to whom you should talk. He's
debating the Dustmen idea of the True Death.

Head west into the zombie area. You'll meet the wise Stale Mary and can
communicate with her if you have a high enough Wisdom. If you don't, Hargrimm
will teach you to listen to her correctly. Ask her to teach you how to
communicate with the other undead, and you'll learn Stories-Bones-Tell, not to
mention gain 3750 exp.

Go east from here and you'll find a Skeleton Merchant. I guess even the undead
have consumer needs. Go back and talk to the Nameless Zombie. You can accept
her quest (QUEST: Find the Nameless Zombie her name) but I just talked her into
taking a new name and thinking one up for her for 5000 exp.

Now head south towards where you entered, past the Doubting Skeleton. You
should meet and greet the Riddling Skeleton. You can challenge him to a riddle-
off. You get 625 exp for solving his first riddle, 1250 for the second, 1875
for the third, and then 2500 to get the answer to his stumper. You need a high
Wisdom score to solve his riddles. You can go back and tell the Puzzled
Skeleton, but it won't net you anything.

Just east of the Riddling Skeleton is Acaste and her posse of ravenous slavering
ghouls. The only interesting thing you'll learn from her is that Soego smells
of "blooded rat." Wandering around to the east is a Knifed Ghoul. He has
Uhir's knife and is willing to part with it for 6 Cranium Rat Tails. You'll get
600 exp for acquiring the knife. You can visit the antechamber of the Silent
King's throne room, but you won't be able to get in without fighting off all of
the inhabitants of The Dead Nations.

The next thing you should do is talk to Soego. Distract him by telling him
about the Doubting Skeleton. After he leaves, pry open the metal slab and have
a peek at his journal for 2000 exp. Confront Soego and he'll transform and
attack you. Kill him and make sure you hold onto his skull. Then go tell
Hargrimm for 3750 exp. Unfortunately, he still won't release you from your
bondage unless you prove yourself some more. QUEST: Seek out and slay any
cranium rats in the Dead Nations.

Remember the cul-de-sac? Head there now. You'll meet and beat 6 Cranium Rats
who have snuck into The Dead Nations. This is an excellent source of Tails if
you didn't have enough to satisfy the Knifed Ghoul earlier. Hargrimm will again
reward you with 3750 exp; however, this time he will grant you your freedom as
well to the tune of 7500 exp. Hargrimm will now let you buy healing and rest
whenever you ask.

Head out into The Weeping Stone Catacombs for a brief moment and talk to the
corpse lying on the ground right outside. Turns out it's Chad, the artist whom
the stone face Glyve mentioned. Before Chad will help you, though, he wants
some Vargouilles dead. QUEST: Kill Vargouilles to prevent the corpse of Chad
from becoming a Vargouille himself. Just head east and northwest until you run
into the area that the Vargouilles frequent. Kill them and return to Chad for
3750 exp and directions to the Decanter of Endless Water.

You can also talk to one of the corpses by the exit back to Buried Village. It
turns out his name is Burt and he was a companion of Gris, along with someone
named Lowden. Lowden ran off into The Crypt of Dismemberment, and presumably he
is the one from whom you acquired your arm. Now enter The Crypt of the Embraced
again. With your newfound skill, you can now communicate with Gris and hear his
story. He'll also tell you that The Mosaic Crypt has a secret about it and "it
smells different." He'll also tell you about a secret chamber in The Drowned
Nations that he can't enter. He will tell you that his stash is hidden near his
kip, to the right of Ojo's home. Thanks to Lucas Gyl for finally giving me
clear directions to Gris' stash. It's to the south of Marta's house (looks sort
of like a roof), and you can find Quint's Poison Charm near the tip of the roof-
like object.

So much for your brief foray back into the Catacombs, head back into The Dead
Nations. This is now a good time to tackle The Drowned Nations. It's
accessible through the doorway opposite the entrance to The Weeping Stone


There are lots of hidden goodies stashed away in various containers, so don't
forget to keep clicking on everything you can. There is an exit to The Warrens
of Thought nearby, but don't go through there. There are lots of different ways
to go, but here's the way I took.

Go east into the next room, you'll see two Ghouls held at bay by a Trocopotaca.
It's guarding a corpse, and they want you to kill it in exchange for whatever
the corpse has. Now go all the way west and then south into another room.
Empty room (except for some items you can find). Turn around and then head
south down the main passageway. Help the gang of Ghouls defeat the Trocopotaca.

Go north of here. Three Trocopotacas for you to exterminate, one of them is
already wounded. Go all the way west with a slight southerly slant. There'll
be another two Ghouls fighting a Trocopotaca. Go back the way you came until
you can turn south. You'll bump into two Ghouls who suddenly drop dead.

Go south again. You'll see a group of Lesser Vargouilles ganging up on a
Trocopotaca. I'd advise attacking the Vargouilles first to thin their ranks.
Head east. At first there will only appear to be a single Trocopotaca here, but
Lesser Vargouilles will quickly emerge. Keep going east until you find a pair
of Trocopotacas. Eradicate them at your leisure and then claim your prize from
the corpse. It's the Bronze Sphere Pharod desires.

Okay, go back to the last intersection you haven't explored and then head east
into a cross-shaped room. Two Ghouls are attempting to set a trap. I just
sprung it and killed the Lesser Vargouilles that appeared. Go east into a very
damp room.

This is the room to which Chad directed you. The corpse lying in the middle of
the room doesn't have the Decanter. Just look slightly north, though, and
you'll see a pile of items. Fight off The Lesser Vargouilles and take the
treasure. There are a *lot* of Vargouilles here, so you may have to grab the
items and run. Among those items is, of course, the Decanter. Congratulations.

Before you leave The Drowned Nations, there is one last area you can do. You
will have an area on your map marked "sealed passageway." It's back where you
found the Bronze Sphere and I believe it is the chamber that Gris couldn't
figure out how to open. If you want to get this area out of the way, head back
there now. You might as well do it, so you don't have to come back this way
later. Enter through the sealed passageway and go it alone.


This is a heavily trapped area that only The Nameless One can solve (since it
requires dying a few times). There may be a more elegant way to figure this
tomb out, but I never bothered. :) There are a few items you can find, but
nothing all that important. Many of the containers contain traps nearby, too.
It would be useful to be a Thief here, so you can see where all the traps are;
but the important traps are in the center of the blade emblems (it's the mark of
torment, but you shouldn't know that yet) on the floor. There are four of them
each, located outside an entrance to the middle room.

The first thing you want to do is head towards the middle room, taking care to
step around the mighty lightning trap. You will be teleported to the northwest
room. Tomb Key1 can be found inside the tomb in the middle of this room. Now
go ahead and die. The big lightning trap is the easiest way to do this.

When you die, you return to the tomb's entrance. Head back towards the middle
room again. Now that you have Tomb Key1, you'll be transported off to the
southeast room instead. Again, raid the tomb for Tomb Key2. Now die to return
to the entrance.

Head back to the middle room and be teleported to the southwest room. Again,
open the tomb to retrieve Tomb Key3. Rinse, repeat, and die to return to the
entrance. Head to the middle one more time, and this time you'll be let

Examine all of the writing on the wall, starting with the west corner. Push
each panel so that there is a click behind you. The second from the left is
pretty important, read it all the way through. There are 8 panels in all. Now
go examine the sarcophagus and open it up. Congratulations, you have found and
read your missing journal.

Move into the southwest room and you'll be teleported to a new location. There
is a box full of goodness and a portal to take you out. Don't forget to pick up
Morte and Dak'kon before heading all the way back to The Dead Nations. Have a
chat with Morte about the line he omitted from your back. You'll gain 1000 exp.

Tie up any loose ends here, because this may be your last chance to do so. exp
for confronting him about it. If you want to be honorable and just, skip to
section vi. Aftermath.


Head back into the Weeping Stone Catacombs and make your first stop Glyve. Put
him out of his misery and receive 5000 exp. He'll tell you that the woman
Nemelle in Clerk's Ward knows the power word for the Decanter. I was no longer
Lawful Good after doing the next section, so I went back to a previously saved
game. If this doesn't bother you in the least, then I'd recommend doing this.

If you want to, head into The Warrens of Thought. You'll be greeted immediately
by Mantuok, the voice of Many-As-One. He's got a poor temper and an itchy
trigger finger. The only way I know to get past him (besides attack him) is by
saying Soego sent me.

If you get captured, just talk to the Wererat Guard to let you out. If Annah is
in your party at this time, a Wererat friendly to Buried Village will free you.
If you manage to fast talk past Mantuok, he'll escort you to the formidable
Many-As-One. The only way you can get out of a fight here is to agree to do its
bidding. QUEST: Discover the weaknesses of the Silent King for Many-as-One.

Assuming you did this part (and I didn't), head back to The Dead Nations. I
don't think there's any other way to do this other than killing the Royal Guards
who protect the entrance to the throne room. You'll also have to knock off
Hargrimm as he carries the Key. I would suggest attacking Hargrimm first as he
is the only spellcaster you'll face here.

If your Charisma is high enough, Stale Mary will open a portal to the Throne
Room of The Silent King. There, you find out that The Silent King accepted the
True Death and passed away. If you're Dexterous enough, you can do a little
sleight of hand and exchange his skull for an ordinary one. Basically, Hargrimm
and Stale Mary covered this up to keep Acaste and Many-as-One in check. Thanks
to Brian Brown and Vikas Nagaraj for informing me about this branch. Vikas
Nagaraj also went on to write that afterwards, he had a long conversation with
Stale Mary and Hargrimm who offered him the throne. The game crashed every time
he tried to accept, though. If you do find out the King's secret peaceably, I'm
sure you can also report to Acaste.

You'll discover that The Silent King is pretty darned silent. Return to Many-
As-One after you've discovered the secret of The Dead Nations. You'll gain 7500
exp for reporting back, even if you lie; but if you lie, Many-As-One won't
trigger any of your memories. You'll get 2000 exp and another 1000 exp for the
memory sequence.

After this, though, the Rats will turn mean on you and be hostile. What
ingrates they are. Now that they're hostile, you might as well kill them,
though it might be a little on the hard side for now. You can always run away
and come back some other time. Many-As-One is one of the tougher foes you'll
meet, especially at this stage of the game.


You've done what you set out to do. Leave The Weeping Stone Catacombs and head
back up. Show Barr the Sphere to be let back in without paying any money.
Before going to Pharod's Court, return Uhir's Knife for 5000 exp. Now return to

Obtain 15000 exp for giving Pharod the Sphere and ask for your answers. Don't
forget to push him about the "tribute" he took when his adopted daughter Annah
found your corpse. Pharod will direct Annah to show you where you died and
she'll now join your group automatically. Woo hoo! QUEST: Find the site where
Annah found your body.


You should have the Punch Daggers of Moorin and Enchanted Punch Daggers at this
point. Give them both to Annah as she can dual wield them. Take some time to
talk to Annah and explore all of your dialogue options. Ask her what she found
on your body and get a ring back. Annah is also capable of training you as a
Thief. You can help each other with Thief skills, depending on who's got a
higher percentage. You gain 1000 exp each time you do this. Also talk a little
bit to Annah and learn that she was drawn to you in the Alley for 2500 exp.

Annah is a decent character. The Nameless One, Morte, or Dak'kon should be able
to bash open almost anything, so you don't need to allocate that many points to
Pick Locks and Find/Remove Traps. Put most of them into Stealth and Pick
Pockets. Stealth will help you hide so you can backstab for obscene amounts of
damage, and Pick Pockets will give you Annah's special five-fingered discount on
expensive items you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.

Time to head back to The Hive, specifically, The Gathering Dust Bar in the
northeast quad. Tell Emoric the truth about Soego to receive 2500 exp. Joining
will net you another 2500 exp, but I always choose to remain Factionless.

Head to the southeast quad. Don't worry about trying to free Ignus with the
Decanter just yet, because you don't know the power word to active its full
potential. Just head over to Fell's Tattoo Parlor. Ask Fell about the tattooed
Arm of yours, and he'll give you some information and new tattoos will be
available for sale. These are definitely worth buying, as they infuse you with
experience and permanent bonuses. It'll run you 4200 coppers, but you should
have that much by now.

Now talk to Fell again and ask Dak'kon to translate for you. Dak'kon will lie
when you ask him about the tattoos on the Arm. You get 750 exp for challenging
him on this. He says he will tell you more about the four on the tattoo later.
Leave the Tattoo Parlor and then ask Dak'kon about your travels and then ask him
about the Arm again. Now ask him about everything he's willing to talk about.
When you ask him about the archer, you will recall that his name is Xachariah
for 3000 exp.

Now approach the door to The Tenement of Thugs and Annah will tell you how to
bypass its magic. Don't head in quite yet, though, there's one more thing you
should do. It's time to return to The Mortuary in the northeast quad. Don't
bother having Pox smuggle you in, just tell a Gate Guard that you're here to
visit Deionarra, and you'll be let in. Head up to the second floor.

You'll find that you can now use Stories-Bones-Tell on all of the undead here.
Dhall has said that no doubt that others who have walked your path are interred
here, Deionarra is just the only one he knows about for sure. Zombie 257 in the
Northeast Preparation Room will talk to you, but will be pretty incoherent. As
you walk off, though, it'll mention "Limbo."

On the third floor southwest of the eastern staircase, Zombie 310 will answer
your Stories-Bone-Tell ability. While he tells an interesting tale, I don't
think it has any bearing on your plight. The burned Zombie in the northwest
corner will tell you a little about Ignus, but that's all.

Head back to the first floor. The most interesting Zombie remains standing in
the room north of the eastern stairs. Use Stories-Bones-Tell on Zombie 331 and
find out that he's your former companion, the archer Xachariah. There are some
items hidden inside Xachariah, including something you stabbed into him long
ago. As you leave, Xachariah will ask you to truly put him in the Dead-Book.
Let him rest in peace and resume your journey. Credit goes to Marco Melgazzi
for sending this one in even though he truthfully admitted that he wasn't the
first to discover it. This tiny quest didn't reward that much experience, but
it did answer some nagging questions and tied up some loose threads I thought
existed after I beat the game for the first time. It's this level of depth and
storytelling that makes me really love Planescape: Torment for all its flaws.

Time to tackle The Tenement of Thugs in the southeast quad; and as you head in,
you'll view Pharod's unfortunate fate.



This is another fairly straightforward area. I wasn't able to get much of a
reaction out of the beautiful tiefling painter, so I just left her to her work.
Head inside and check out the nearby rooms in the hallway. The northwest room
contains two Painted Thugs duking it out with each other. Apparently, they
painted each other in each other's sleep.

In general, the Starved Dog Barking Thugs are slightly tougher than your average
thug, and the Veterans tougher still. Thankfully, their relative toughness is
not to the same degree that Yogi is smarter than the average bear.

Turn now into the southeast room, which will open up to the main area. You'll
see two doors in this hallway; go northeast first. Inside, you'll find the
legendary blind seer Tiresias of Homeric fame. He went crazy on me, and I wound
up snapping his neck. Oh well. Head into the room across the hall and you'll
see a woman named Sybil calling for your attention. Go talk to her and find out
what she wants. There are a dozen Chaosmen in the next room, so brute force
won't work here until you're significantly stronger. Actually, you might be
able to handle this fight, but you'll come out of it at lot worse for the wear.
I'd recommend guile over a direct attack this time. QUEST: Find Key and sneak
out of Tenement. You can always come back at a later point and kill them all
with a single Cloudkill spell if you don't like running away from fights.

The Key is located upstairs. Go back into the hallway and enter the southeast
door. Go into the southwest room and kill the Thugs therein. The northwest
door in this room is locked. This is the one by which you'll exit once you get
the Key. Go southwest instead and follow all the way until you get into a
bathroom with a lone Thug. Search the toilet and pick up a Blood Fly Charm.

Head back to the room with all the crates. The first door as you come back in
will also be locked but you won't be able to get in unless you kill the bald
Veteran in the other and take his Keys. Their mighty storeoom treasure only
turned out to be 121 coppers. Whoop dee frickin' do. Try the next one and take
the stairs up.

There's a trap in the room on the left, so have Annah disarm it. I hope you're
not forgetting to search everything, as there definitely are some decent items
to be found that can be sold. The room across the hall holds nothing of
interest, so swing through the door north. There's a Thug and Veteran you need
to pen into the Dead-Book. Run up the stairs they were guarding and get ready
for a spell-slinging foe.

There are two Thugs and a Veteran protecting a Mage who just happens to be a
perfect target for Morte's Litany of Curses. Dak'kon can also disrupt any
spells he might cast with a constant stream of Reign of Angers. Yes, of course
it's the Mage who has the Tenement Key. Don't forget to check out the other two
rooms before heading back down. The room on the right contains a solitary Thug.
Head back down to the first floor.

Go to the room that I mentioned before. The door that was locked will lead into
the south end of the room with the dozen Chaosmen. You don't want to be
spotted, or they'll immediately attack. Since you only need one character to
find the exit, you can just make Annah hide in the shadows and exit out to the
southwest into The Alley of Lingering Sighs.


Sybil will immediately follow you out and hand you an Adder's Tear and 1000 exp.
Go west and south until you see a Dabus. Just to the south of this Dabus will
be a building you should enter. Inside you'll find the corpse of a recently
deceased Dabus. Use your Stories-Bone-Tell ability on it for 1000 exp and to
discover the mysterious reason it died. Don't forget to take its Hammer before
you leave.

Now leave south, turn east, and exit out the southeast gate. Annah will take
over from here and the Alley itself will talk to you. Recall the memory it
brings up for a cool FMV sequence. It asks you to remove the Dabus so that it
can divide. QUEST: Get rid of dabus in the Alley of Lingering Sighs.

Go back to the Dabus you saw repairing earlier, but don't kill it lest you bring
The Lady's wrath down upon yourself. Instead, tell the Dabus about the body you
discovered earlier. It will leave to examine the building, and the door will
immediately lock behind it. Now return to the sentient Alley. You'll gain
11500 exp for solving this non-violently and without attracting The Lady's gaze.

Unfortunately, the Alley still needs some help. QUEST: Undo repairs the dabus
made to the Alley. You should still have a Hammer and Iron Prybar (there's
another in The Tenement of Thugs that you should have found if you sold or lost
your previous one). Go back up the stairs and look for the spots to repair.

Just sweep your mouse over the points until you get a question mark. You'll
then be prompted to examine and then modify the structure. The first site
should be just northwest of where you come up from the stairs. It's a
ramshackle building that vaguely resembles a shack of some sort. Loosen some of
it with the Prybar and move on. The other construction site is the building
north of the one where you found the corpse of the Dabus. Hammer some stuff
back into place and go back to talk to the Alley.

Just before you head back, though, transfer *all* of Morte's equipment to your
other characters. Just trust me on this one. It'll save you a little bit of
hassle in the near future. The Alley will reward you with 16250 exp and will be
able to divide, allowing access to the Upper Wards.


Crap! As soon as you enter the Lower Ward, you'll be distracted while a pair of
Wererats captures Morte. Not to worry, though, you'll be able to recover him at
any time you desire.

Turn your attention to the people around you. There will be a large bald
warrior named Korur. Assuming you specialized in Fighter once, he will be able
to train you up to 4 levels (5 if you specialized twice) in any given weapon
proficiency. Korur, and many other Ward inhabitants, will tell you to look for
a gutted or wrecked building in the Ward.

Now go northeast a little and talk to Sebastion the pseudo-Mage. Sebastion
promises to help you in return for your cooperation in another affair. QUEST:
Kill Grosuk the abishai for Sebastion. You'll also first learn of the siege
tower here. If you ask Sebastion about the Lower Ward, you'll get a memory
worth 500 exp.

Just to the right of Sebastion is a haughty Aasimar named Xanthia. Find out
about the Thokola and the fight they're about to regret getting into. I felt
bad for them, so I talked to Thorp and warned them for 6000 exp. He'll also
give you a pouch of coins after telling them Xanthia deliberately tried to get
them killed. If you tell Xanthia you did what you felt was right, you'll get
another 2000 exp.

Below the Thokola is a seedy individual named Byron Pikit. Asking him about
thieves will net you 2000 exp. He'll also direct you to a man named Lenny
standing south of the siege tower. Go talk to Lenny and ask him about thievery.
He's willing to train you and that will net you 2500 exp and the Punch Daggers
of Zar'Anun, a very nice item for Annah. I went back to being a Fighter
immediately, though at this point, you might want to start gaining levels in
Mage and stay there for the rest of the game.

You may have noticed an auctioneer named Giltspur standing outside The
Marketplace near Pikit. Go talk to him and ask him for a job. QUEST: Take a
handbill to Scofflaw Penn at Print Shop to be printed. He also sells items and
rents out rooms, so if you need to rest, he's your man.

Now head north. You should be able to see the Godsmen and the Great Foundry,
but there's no reason for going there just yet. There is a Githzerai woman
named An'azi who is suffering greatly, so allow Dak'kon to put her out of misery
mercifully. There's also a Githyanki named Yi'imin wandering around here, but I
never talked to him due to the racial hatred between the Githzerai and
Githyanki. There's another zerth here by the name of Kii'na, but she and
Dak'kon really hate each other.

After you mercifully kill An'azi, you can talk to Yi'imin and Kii'na and they
want to kill you for your act. If you let them, you'll then gain some
interesting information. Thanks to Ralf Schuster for this.

Keep moving along the north side until you see Deran and the criminals he sells
into service. There is one slave standing by herself named Trist. Go introduce
yourself and put yourself at her service to get her out of her predicament.
QUEST: Find Trist's loan documents. Talk to Deran and tell him you're trying to
help Trist, he'll keep her off the block for the time being. Go back and talk
to Pikit. You'll get 1000 exp for talking to him about his possible

Talk a quick break from this quest and visit The Marketplace. Make friends with
the two Harmonium Guards at the two entrances, Drixel and Corvus. Corvus knows
quite a bit, but he won't fully disclose anything until he gets to know you
better. It turns out Corvus is infatuated with one of the young ladies shopping
here. Her name is Karina and you'll get 2000 exp for befriending her but she's
still lonely. QUEST: Karina needs a friend. Go back to Corvus and get 2000 exp
for telling him her name and that she's lonely. Corvus will now be willing to
tell you a little more about Lenny and Pikit. Talk to Karina again for another
500 exp.

If you're in the mood to buy something, Cinder sells spells, Anze weapons, and
Aalek charms and magic items. Personally, I'd wait until Annah's Pick Pocket
skill is sufficiently high, and then just steal whatever you need. Anze's son
Lazlo, who works at the furnace, is also worth talking to. After talking to
him, you'll figure out the key and the location of the portal. That's enough of
the Marketplace for a bit. Cinder will also tell you that Corvus is very
interested in solving the crime of Zak's murder (Zak was Trist's husband).

Go back and talk to Lenny. Bluff him into giving you the papers and 1000 exp.
Learn about Pikit's documents at the Warehouse for another 4000 exp. QUEST: Get
evidence that Byron Pikit is a criminal.

You should have noticed the Warehouse, it's just by the auction block where
Trist is being held. This area is pretty buggy, because everyone says there's a
management problem that you need to solve here, but I've never encountered it.
For version 1.0 of the game, you can just talk to the Vault of the Ninth World
and simply claim whatever items you need. Take the papers and claim a large bag
of coins, too. It's probably yours from some time ago, since you correctly
guessed the amount of coins, so it's not really stealing.

Now go talk to Trist and free her by showing the documents to Deran. You'll win
4000 exp and Trist's freedom. Talk to Trist again, and she'll come back and
reward you with 4000 exp and some copper. Return to the Marketplace to converse
with Corvus. Give him the evidence about Pikit for 2000 exp to get that scum
off the streets.

Head to the northeast corner and enter the Printing Shop. Give him Giltspur's
handbill. You can also confront him about the note you found in the hidden tomb
that was written to the Anarchist spy in The Mortuary, but he'll just rip it up
and claim defamation of character. Perhaps he would have been more amenable if
I wasn't Lawful Good and had higher Charisma. Report to Giltspur for 6000 exp
and another job. QUEST: Take a message to Keldor of Durian at the Foundry.
This job can wait, though, as you'll spend a significant amount of time in the
Foundry once you decide to enter.

In the southeast corner, you'll see a building marked The Coffin Maker. Speak
with Hamrys and bring up the Secret Tomb in the Drowned Nations. It turns out
his father designed it for you (and that you killed his father afterwards), but
he needs you to fetch the tomb plans back from The Warehouse since they're
having problems (buggy non-existent problems, that is). Thanks to Vikas Nagaraj
for reprimanding me for accidentally leaving this out in previous versions of
the FAQ.

Talk to Dimtree next. Turns out he's a Zombie that Sebastion animated to keep
the obnoxious Hamrys occupied in his shop. Unfortunately, Dimtree has to endure
a nonstop stream of Hamrys' blather, so he's suffering. QUEST: Release Dimtree
from his zombie condition. There's not much to get from Hamrys other than some
basic information at this point, so go talk to Dimtree's master Sebastion.
Sebastion can't do it himself, but he'll turn his back and let you read a book
from which you can learn the method to put Dimtree to rest. Gain 4000 exp. Let
Dimtree rest and gain another 4000 exp.

Okay, poor Morte is probably suffering so you should go free him. Enter A
Wrecked House, it's down on the south side of The Lower Ward. The house has a
pretty interior, but it's down the stairs to grandmother's house you should go.
Morte will yell at you to free him, but dread Lothar will suddenly appear. Be
polite because Lothar can kill you with one hit. Get 30000 exp for telling
Lothar that a crypt that he is interested in is emtpy (it's the one a former you
designed). You should know because you've already thoroughly explored The
Weeping Stone Catacombs and surrounding area. Lothar won't just give Morte
back, though. QUEST: Find a skull of great value. Get 15000 exp for giving him
a skull in which Lothar is sufficiently intrigued. I used the Skull of Soego,
but if you killed any of the unique personalities in The Dead Nations, their
Skulls will also suffice. Lothar will also tell you a few important things,
namely that you have lost your mortality and must seek out a night hag to answer
your questions. QUEST: Find the night hag Ravel Puzzlewell. Head out of
Lothar's and pick up Morte. Morte will also have a new special ability that
really rocks your world.

You can get 2000 exp from the skull on the shelf in the southeast by asking him
about Ravel and her question. A couple of the other skulls will tell you about
Mantuok and a powerful book that he carries. You can find him by going down the
passage under the divan. The portal beyond him will drop you off right outside
The Crypt of Dismemberment. Matt Thomson confrimed that you can use the
Poisoned Cheese item (sold in the Lower Ward) on Mantuok here instead of
fighting him.

Should you choose to kill Mantuok for The Grimoire of Pestilential Thought, you
can try to unlock its powers for yourself. If you listen to too much of its
advice, you will become tainted somehow. It will teach you the spell Blindness
for a drop of your blood, but the price increases exponentially after that. It
next asks you to sell one of your companions into bondage and seek out Vrischika
the importer in Clerk's Ward. QUEST: Sell a companion into slavery. Vrischika
will pay you 5000 copper for any of your companions. The Grimoire will then
teach you Adder's Kiss. Now it will ask you to betray one of your companions.
QUEST: Kill a companion for additional power. You have to do it alone and
without spells. Afterwards, it will teach you Power Word, Kill. Obviously,
none of this is really worth doing, but some of you evil types might be
interested. Thanks to Erik S. for dropping me a line on The Grimoire.

Now that Morte's back in your party, it's worth dropping in on The Pawn Shop.
Miccah and Brokah are an excellent source of insults and curses. There's not
that much to buy there, but it's worth a stop to pick up a few funny curses.

With Morte's extra muscle, feel free to tackle Grosuk, too. He's located east
of the siege tower by the drawbridges, trying to determine a way in. You can
tell Grosuk that Sebastion sent you, but you won't profit much from that, and
Sebastion definitely won't. You can also open the portal up after you kill him.
Just approach the eastern drawbridge and when prompted, suppress any desire to

Go inside and meet Coaxmetal, a bitter iron golem who forges weapons for Entropy
itself. Talk with Coaxmetal a bit and get 10000 exp and a weapon that can kill
even you when you are in a location cut off from the Planes. Coaxmetal also
sells a couple of cool weapons, like Punch Daggers of Shar and Spiked Gauntlets
of Ogre Power. I never had a weapon that he seemed that interested in, though.
Brian Brown wrote that Coaxmetal's inventory seems to change based on what
weapons you are carrying.

That's enough for now, return outside to Sebastion. He'll give you 4000 exp and
raise your Charisma permanently by +2. Now go deliver Giltspur's Note and let
that be your reason to give the Godsman Guard.


There's not very much you can do in the main room except take note of the
important people, such as the superviors Thildon and Alissa Tield. As long as
you're talking to him, ask Thildon for a piece of Ore. There's also an office
to southeast (the other room is empty) that is occupied by a Guard and Nadilin.
Also, as long as you're here, buy the equipment you'll need for forge work from
Nadilin for forty coppers.

Exit northeast into The Godsmen Hall. Meet Sarossa briefly and head up the
stairs to the north. If you join the Godsmen later and ask Sarossa to teach you
with her special talent, you'll gain a permanent +1 Wisdom. There is an
engineer named Bedai-Lihn standing by herself on the balcony. She'll tell you
about some of the other people here and how she doesn't like how the Godsmen are
building a weapon of mass destruction, but that's about it for now.

Go back down the stairs and up the northeast staircase. Sarossa's brother Saros
is wandering around The Hall. It's evident he doesn't care for Thildon at all.
The man you came to see is behind the desk. Deliver the note to Keldor and then
ask him about The Godsmen. QUESTS: Join the Godsmen and Forge an Item.

Before you head back to the forge, go the northeast and meet a man named Nihl
Xander. His great-grandfather was commissioned to build a dreambuilder by one
of your previous incarnations. QUESTS: Help complete the Dreambuilder in the
Great Foundry and Fetch a vial of skin and blood. If you head up the stairs and
tak to a Guard, you'll find that the factor Sandoz, the father of Saros and
Sarossa, is away on a trip. Okay, now it's okay to return to The Foundry.

Just approach any of the Godsman smiths and they'll give you a crash course on
using the forge. Pick the unusued one to the southwest. Work it, baby, work
it. Ready the tongs, pick up the ore with the tongs and hold it in the flames,
place the softened ore on the forge and work it into shape. I built a battle-
axe, the item that required the most skill and patience. Return to Keldor and
present your work for 8000 exp.

Accept the next task. QUEST: Solve the murder of Avildon the smith. Talk to
Alissa first, and she'll tell you the possible suspects: Thildon, Saros, and
Bedai-Lihn. Now have a word or two with Thildon; he'll try to implicate Saros.
Now run back and talk to Saros. If you ask Saros whether he has any leads or
not, he'll give you Thildon's Awl, something he said he found at the murder
scene. Go back and talk to Thildon. Thildon will call Saros a thief, go talk
to Saros. Saros will make more accusations, so you need to talk to Thildon
again. He'll tell you that Saros and Bedai-Lihn are really Anarchists. Talk to
Bedai-Lihn now. Now go talk to Saros again. He wants you to talk to Thildon
again. Do so. After you confront him, Thildon will try to talk you into
letting him go with the promise of a bribe, but I didn't give him the chance.
Gain 10000 exp for solving the crime. I turned Thildon in but gave Saros a
chance at redemption.

You still have one more task before you can become a Godsman. QUEST: Prevent
Sandoz from killing himself. Talk to Sarossa about her father Sandoz and learn
a little bit about him. You can also gain 200 exp by talking to Saros about
being independent from the Anarchists. Go up the stairs behind Xander and talk
to Sandoz from behind the door. Talk him out of it by asking him what he's seen
and why it's so bad. He'll still be moody, but he won't be suicidal anymore.
Gain 12000 exp when you return to Keldor.

You can join the Godsmen now if you wish for 8000 exp. If you do, you can see
the secret project (nothing that'll affect the course of the game), rest by
talking to Keldor, and buy items from Keldor. Also, as previously mentioned,
you can go get an extra point of Wisdom by asking Sarossa. Also as
aforementioned, I always choose to remain Factionless.

Leave The Great Foundry, because you're ready to tackle Clerk's Ward. Don't
forget to check in with Giltspur for another 6000 exp and another job. QUEST:
Take the handbill to Barkis at the Smoldering Corpse. The entrance to the Upper
Ward is in the southeast.

v. Clerk's Ward

Head northeast from the gate, and you'll see a man named Malmaner standing
outside of The Tailor. Talk to him and you'll discover that he's in foul odor
with the owner inside, so he needs you to pick something up for him. QUEST:
Retrieve Malmaner's costume from Goncalves. Head inside and wait while
Goncalves finds the time to talk to you. Get the costume and give it to
Malmaner for 8000 exp, but warn him many other people are attending as Dustmen.
QUEST: Obtain a second costume for Malmaner. Get a Godsman costume from
Goncalves and give it to Malmaner for 6000 exp. The Tailor also sells magical
garments for females, and it is the only place where you can buy armor items.
When you have the extra cash or Annah's Pick Pockets skill is high enough, you
can acquire armor for Annah and Fall-from-Grace here.

You'll notice a couple of entrances to UnderSigil as you explore Clerk's Ward,
but I'd heed the warnings of the Harmonium Guards standing outside for now.
There's great experience to be had down there, but also great danger.

There is a woman named Diligence followed by a Harmonium Guard named Matter-of-
Course. I don't know if they have any purpose other to be a piece of dry humor.
Send me an e-mail if you manage to accomplish anything with them.

Wander around the Ward until you have a complete map. To the southeast of The
Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts are a couple of people you may want to
whom you may want to talk. Ignore Eli Havelock for now, but remember his
location. Instead, heckle the Old Poet for fun. Go in front of The Brothel and
talk to Jolmi's Messenger. He'll ask you to meet his mistress inside The Civic

South of the gate you'll see a small cafe with a few interesting patrons. Talk
to the Drunken Mage first, find out his problem, and then conclude the
conversation. Next talk to Able Ponder-Thought and grill him extensively. You
can trade many insults and banter much when you first talk to him.

Now talk to the pretty Aasimar by the name of Nemelle. She'll give you the
command word the Decanter and a quest. QUEST: Find Aelwyn for Nemelle. Swing
around south to check out the rest of Clerk's Ward. Locate the Advocate's Home,
Art and Curio Galleria, Finam the Linguist's Home, Curiosity Shop, and
Apothecary; but don't go into any of them just yet. To the southeast of The
Apothecary is another cafe. Aelwyn is here and will ask you to tell Nemelle
where she is. You may pass by a Performance Artist who really *is* stuck inside
an invisible box because he did an impersonation of a passing mage. Report back
to Nemelle for 8000 exp and a kiss that bestows +3 max HP. She won't answer any
questions now, but just follow her back to Aelwyn and talk to Aelwyn. She'll
tell you that you were almost lovers and that you used to be a Sensate.

Head towards the Civic Festhall in the northeast corner. You'll see an eldery
fortuneteller named Elobrande. She'll give you a scroll that she was told to
give you long ago. Read it and take some damage and then ask Elobrande about

Continue towards the Festhall and a woman dressed in red named Sarhava Vjhul
will wish to speak with you and start a fight with Annah. Just call for the
Guards to head off any impending violence. According to Matt Thomson, if you
have Grace in your party at this point, you will find out that Sarhava used to
be one of Grace's students (probably the one who used to have the tenth sensory
stone). You can resolve any problems peaceably and gain some exp in the

Also talk to Salabesh the Onyx in
this area. Talk to him and learn that he is The Master of Curses and wishes to
be the future mage-tutor of the Festhall. Ask him if he cursed the street
performer down the street. It turns out he did, but he says the curse is
harmless and enhances his act.


Enter the Civic Festhall. Talk to Splinter about everything he is willing to
talk about. It's very easy to join the Sensates, but it's really not worth it.
Instead, you can utilize Nemelle's knowledge that you used to be a Sensate.
You'll get all the privileges of a member (access to Private Sensoriums, free
room & board, can purchase items from Splinter), but won't actually have to

The noblewoman Jolmi who sent the messenger is here. You can let her kill you
for 1000 coppers. You'll also see Mertwyn the Headless who is aptly named for
he really is missing his head. You can also talk to (Romeo) Montague in the
main room and find out that he's having relationship problems.

Wandering around inside will be Jumble Murdersense, the man who cursed Reekwind.
He'll curse you, but don't panic just yet. Go outside and consult Salabesh.
Question his sense of superiority, and he'll teach you a curse you can use on
Jumble. You'll get 10000 exp for cursing Jumble and making him leave innocents
alone. Get another 1000 exp for telling him to take the curse of Reekwind as

Head further inside the Festhall until you see the Warriors-in-Training on the
south side. Talk to one of the idle ones to find out where the trainer is. Do
the same for the Thieves-in-Training and Mages-in-Training in the next two
rooms. You may notice an old grump named Merriman walking around, but he won't
be willing to talk to you at this point.

The Fighter trainer Qui-Sai is in the room off to the northeast of the main
foyer. Be patient and he will speak to you. Learn the Way of Stone from him
and get a permanent +1 bonus to your AC. Get 10000 exp for talking Qui-Sai into
training you as a Fighter.

Head outside to find the Thief trainer. Remember Eli Havelock? Go find him and
talk to him. You'll get 12000 exp to get him to return to the Festhall as a
trainer, but it'll cost you 500 coppers. Return to the Festhall.

Talk to Splinter and have him escort you to the Public Sensoriums. You can find
the gray-haired Lady Thorncombe here getting addicted to the sensory stones.
She will refuse to help you, so seek out Salabesh the Onyx instead. Tell him
that Lady Thorncombe is addicted and he'll request to be the new tutor. Return
to the Sensoriums and give Lady Thorncombe a chance to redeem herself. Once you
warn her about Salabesh trying to usurp her position, she will snap out of her
reverie and you'll gain 12000 exp.

Now all the trainers are back and you can purchase spells from Lady Thorncombe.
Before you leave the Sensorium, though, experience the sensations. Ask the
Sensate Guides to activate the sensory stones. The simple sensations (14 in
all) cost 10 coppers and reward 750 exp each the first time you experience them.
That's a mighty 10500 exp for a mere pittance of 140 copper. The extravagant
sensations (6 in all) cost 50 coppers and reward 1500 exp each the first time
you experience them. That's a total of 9000 exp for 300 copper, not quite as
efficient, but definitely worth it.

You can catch a few lectures if you want, too. In the room southeast of the
foyer, Ghysis the Crooked is lecturing on The Blood War. You can recall a
memory of being involved in The Blood War for 1500 exp. In the Western Lecture
Hall, Three-Planes-Aligned speaks on alignment and belief in the Planes. In the
next room over, Death's Advocate is giving a lecture which you and Morte can
ridicule. Head east of the Lecture Halls into the Dormitories.

Head into the first room on the left. You'll meet a striking woman named
Unfulfilled-Desire. Learn that she has a really weird ability that can help out
the Drunken Mage when you tell him about it. First talk to the Festhall Room
Clerk, though. She'll give you a key to your old room. Raid the shelves and
pick the lock on the cabinet to get the Dodecahedron item. You'll get 5000 exp
for examining it and solving its puzzle but you won't be able to read the
message yet. QUEST: Learn the language of the dodecahedron puzzle box.

Leave the Festhall, there's lots more to do in Clerk's Ward. Go talk to the
Drunken Mage and tell him about Unfulfilled-Desire for 10000 exp and a Frost-Ale
Mug that you'll need in a bit.

Also, get acquainted with Iannis the Advocate. It turns you know him, he is the
father of Deionarra. I vowed to help him know more about her tragic death and
the events that lead to those circumstances.

Now stop in at Finam the Linguist's home. Ask him to translate the
Dodecahedron, but he won't be able to because he lost his notes. QUEST: Find
and return Finam's research journal. His murdered father could teach the
language, and his ashes are on the small desk in the room. You can use your
Stories-Bones-Tell ability on the urn to communicate with his father. Learn the
language to the tune of 8000 exp and an additional 4000 exp for a memory about
killing Fin.

You can now go ahead and read the message withon the Dodecahedron for 10000 exp.
Discover you have a legacy and go claim it from Iannis. Before you do that,
though, kill the Thugs outside of Finam's. It turns out the Thug Boss is
carrying Mertwyn's head. QUEST: Return Mertwyn's head to his body.

Okay, now return to Iannis and get your legacy for 8000 exp. QUEST: Deliver
your receipt to the Great Foundry. No need to claim the Receipt just yet.
Leave for now to pick up a few items from The Curiosity Shoppe. Buy the
following exotic items: Fiend's Tongue, metallic cube figurine (Modron Cube),
Chocolate Quasit, Deva's Tears, and the Elixir of Horrific Separation. It'll
cost you a pretty penny, but they're all worth it.

Visit the Apothecary for the first time and find Pestle Kilnn in dire straits.
Get a Dream Vial for Xander in The Foundry and help Kilnn out with the Elixir
you just bought for 6000 exp. After they're separated, talk to Pestle for your
reward of healing concoctions.

Okay, you have enough to return to the Festhall now. Give Mertwyn his head for
8000 exp and some copper. Now ask Splinter to take you to the Private

Search out Quell, the mage dressed in blue and resident authority on Ravel
Puzzlewell. Go talk to him and give him the Chocolate Quasit for 8000 exp after
his falls onto the ground. Now he'll answer you questions about Ravel and sell
you magic candy. QUEST: Find the portal key to Ravel's maze.

Now check out all of the sensory stones here and use them. The one on the left
is a trap but you can will yourself out of it for 500 exp. The stone on the
bottom is a connection to Ravel. Gain 6000 exp and she'll tell you more of what
you already knew, that the portal was started long ago in The Foundry and that
the key is a part of her. The stone on the right is a link to Deionarra. Gain
2000 exp and learn about her legacy. Gain another 2000 exp as the memory
continues and yet another 2000 exp as it ends.

Time to talk to Iannis the Advocate again. Claim Deionarra's legacy for 8000
exp. Also tell him about Deionarra's residual memories inside the Private
Sensoriums and volunteer to help him. QUEST: Obtain permission for Iannis to
use Deionarra's sensory stone. Return to the Festhall and talk to Splinter on
Iannis' behalf. Obtain the permission and give Iannis the good news for 8000

Wow, that was a lot of stuff to do, but you're basically down with the Festhall
except for a couple of short trips you'll need to make.


You still have a few things needing doing in Clerk's Ward, though. Visit the
Art and Curio Galleria. Examine all the pieces of artwork. Certain ones are
significant, and I'll outline those: Dark Birds of Oceanus - catch one in your
Frost-Ale Mug; Painting 'Gray Hag of Oinos' - 300 exp memory; Statue - break a
piece off with your forge hammer for 4000 exp and a fragile weapon. You can
free him with the Gorgon Salve for the same amount of exp, but he'll complete
his curse and kill you. According to Erik S. and Brian Brown, this will power
up Morte's Litany of Curses. You can talk to Yvana about all the pieces of
artwork and the Modron Cube. She also knows a bit about Ravel.

Also this is a good time to buy/steal goods from The Curiosity Shoppe, and the
Marketplace and Pawn Shop in the Lower Ward. You can also finish up the
dreambuilder quest.

Go back into The Foundry. Hit Nadilin first and use your claim Receipt and get
a whopping 40000 experience. No go off to find Xander. Give him the Dream Vial
and he'll send off to get something from the siege tower. QUEST: Fetch a
birdcage festooned with razorblades. Enter the siege tower and talk to
Coaxmetal to receive the item. Return to Xander with the Dream Cage but he
still requires one item. QUEST: Bring a coffin pillow to Xander. Head over to
the Coffin Maker and talk to Hamrys. Endure his droning speech and get tot he
gist of it by threatening him. QUEST: Get a coffin pillow from the warehouse.
Again, they mention the non-existent problem at the Warehouse, you can just ask
the Vault for the item and get it. Return to Xander with the Dream Pillow and
receive the Dream Key and 16000 exp. The Dream Key will open the smaller locked
door northwest of the forge. You'll go in alone and watch a weird dream
sequence that hints at past and future events. After you're done, pick up your
party members and head to Clerk's Ward.


I know you've been dying to go in there, so head into the Brothel. The first
thing you'll notice is "easily the most beautiful woman you have ever seen," the
proprietress of the Brothel, a succubus named Fall-from-Grace. After talking to
her a bit, you'll be able to ask her to join your party. She refuses initially
and will relent and join only if you speak with all of her students. QUEST:
Speak to the ten students in the Brothel.

Head into the first room clockwise from the entrance. Finam's Book is in the
table by the bed, and you can meet Luis, the talking armoire. Move up one room
and talk to Juliette. Juliette is bored with her relationship with Montague, so
I volunteered to pretend to be one of her suitors. QUEST: 'Spice up' Juliette's
love life.

Leave the Brothel and go back to Finam's. Return his book for 25000; if you
haven't already learned the language of the Uyo, you can do so now. Now turn
to the Festhall and have a chat with Montague. Pretend to be a suitor but then
tell him that it is a ruse when he decides not to interfere. This is worth 5000
exp and you can gain another 5000 exp for suggesting that turnabout is fair
play. Return to the Brothel and tell Juliette that Montague seemed
disinterested for 10000 exp.

You'll probably see a redhead in white named Vivian wandering the halls nearby.
Strike up a conversation with her and she'll tell you about her problem. QUEST:
Find and return Vivian's personal scent.

Now head into the room above Juliette's and speak with Nenny Nine-Eyes. Ask her
about Vivian's scent, but she'll be reluctant to say anything bad about anyone
else. Gain 5000 exp for helping Nenny get in touch with her aggressive side.
Don't forget to be searching all these rooms. There are many items to be had,
hold onto one Handkerchief, too.

Keep going clockwise and talk to Ecco next. She can't respond, but you can ask
the other prostitutes about her. It turns out Dolora will know more about her
problem. In the room north of middle, there is a secret entrance in the wall
that leads upstairs. There's a Caretaker there and a few sensory stones, but I
never found any real purpose for this room other than additional depth and

Head back down the stairs and hit the next room in a clockwise direction.
Marissa will be hiding in here. Marissa will deny taking Vivian's scent and
will tell you of a problem of her own. QUEST: Find and return Marissa's
Crimson Veil. Ask Nenny about this and she'll tell you that she saw Kimasxi
wandering out of Marissa's room.

Keep moving clockwise and speak with the exotic Kesai-Serris. You won't be able
to interact with her too much yet. Dolora won't be in her chambers, but you can
find her wandering around in the open area.

Keep moving clockwise and you'll meet Kimasxi Adder-Tongue. Let her and Morte
insult each other for awhile before jumping in yourself. Ask her to make Morte
more abusive and she'll comply. She'll tell you that someone has been sneaking
into her room as well. Ask Nenny about it and she'll mention seeing a man creep
out of her room. Time to confront Luis. As he splutters, grab the cloth out of
his drawers.

The Veil is Marissa's, but it also has Vivian's scent on it. Go talk to Vivian
first and get 25000 exp. She'll also sprinkle you with some scent that raises
your Charisma +1. Now get another 25000 exp for returning the Veil to Marissa.
Marissa will also turn a Lim-Lim into stone for you, so go ahead and have that

Now go find Dolora. You can debate her and a memory will surface for 3000 exp.
Play a game with her and she'll teach you Wei Chi. It's commonly known as Go,
but Wei Chi is the Chinese name; and the Chinese *did* invent the game. Another
3000 exp memory will surface. Ask her questions but she'll say she's unable to
help because she has a problem of her own. QUEST: Return to Dolora the 'keys to
her heart.'

There are Modrons here, and they'll confirm that your Modron Cube is a portal
that is activated when manipulated properly. You can also talk to the Brothel
patrons, but none of them say anything of earth-shattering importance.

Return to the Festhall and talk to Merriman. He walks a circuit around the
Lecture Halls, so it might take a moment to locate him. He's a pudgy bastard,
though, so he doesn't move very quickly. Merriman wants to forget all about
Dolora, so give him a taste of a Dark Bird of Ocanthus for 12000 exp and the
Keys. Give the Keys to Dolora for 30000 exp. You can now ask her about Ecco
and Ravel.

Go talk to Ecco now. Tell her you'll find a way to recover her voice. QUEST:
Help Ecco regain the ability to speak. Talk to her again and slip her the
Tongue, the Fiend's Tongue, that is. Use the Deva's Tears to complete the
remedy for 30000 exp. Ecco will drop the bomb that Kesai-Serris is Ravel's

Talk to Yves now, she's in the first room counterclockwise from the entrance.
Trade some tales with her (the ones you learned from Reekwind) for 500 exp each:
Mortuary, Alley of Lingering Sighs, Reekwind's Curse, Alley of Dangerous Angles,
and Ignus. Each of your companions also has a tale to tell for 500 exp (1500
total). Ask Yves about herself and she'll tell you another story. You can also
spot the resemblance between Yves and Yvana and point it out. Ask her about

Visit the Art and Curio Galleria and meet with Yvana. Relate to her the Tale-
Chaser's story and she will be able to see again. Neither Yvana nor Yves
rewarded me for this, but I got a warm gushy feeling for doing such a
compassionate selfless act.

Go back and ask Dolora about the rumor that Kesai-Serris is one of Ravel's
children, and she'll point you to Juliette. Ask Juliette, and she'll point you
to Kesai-Serris' half-sister Kimasxi. Kimasxi will confirm that she is her
half-sister (same father, different mothers) and that as far as she knows,
Kessai-Serris is Ravel's daughter. Finally, ask Kessai-Serris about this and
she'll be angry at first and deny it. Go back and tell this to Kimasxi and
she'll tell you to have her contact their father, a powerful Cambion. Talk to
Kessai-Serris again and confront her with Kimasxi's words. She will speak with
her father and reluctantly accept the truth. Ask her what she knows about Ravel
and then ask her for a piece of herself. She'll place a drop of her blood on a
handkerchief and you'll place 40000 exp in your head. You can now activate the
Portal whenever you want, but it ain't quite time yet.

Now that you've talked to all the students and solved their quests, it's a good
time to pick up Fall-from-Grace.

a. Fall-from-Grace

Tell Grace you've spoken to nine students and then pronounce yourself the tenth.
I gained an undisclosed amount of experience when Grace joined the party. Talk
to Grace about everything and anything she's willing to talk about. You'll get
1000 exp for prodding her about her name. Ask about your companions, and she
will also bring up Morte's Baatorian smell. She will also definitely dispel the
notion that he is a mimir.

Now take a moment to confront Morte about being a mimir and his Baatorian odor.
Gain 12000 exp for learning Morte's past. Gain another 12000 exp for a memory
about freeing Morte from the Pillar of Skulls. Gain yet another 12000 exp for
discovering the reason why Morte has stayed with you for all these years. Morte
will also power up significantly in terms of Str, Dex, and Con.

Now that Grace is in your party, go acquire some better armor for her from The
Tailor. Also take a quick moment to visit The Curiosity Shoppe with Grace in
your party. Vrischika will positively bristle at Grace's presence and may cast
doubt as to her true intentions. You can ask Grace about this but she isn't
willing to talk much about her past.

Grace is a *horrible* fighter, so console yourself to your fact, and her special
abilities are, well, less than special; however, she is an extremely valuable
addition to your team merely for the power of her Priest spells. You'll
definitely need her in your party if you're to survive the trials ahead.

You're mostly done with Clerk's Ward. Now it would be prudent to ...


Before you head back to The Hive just yet, you can use your Stone Lim-Lim. Talk
to Giltspur in The Lower Ward and offer to sell him something. Select the Stone
Lim-Lim and he'll offer to give you the password to The Anarchists' headquarters
in the Warehouse. Thanks to MudFreak for finally solving the mystery of the
Stone Lim-Lim.

Talk to Leena and tell her the password, and she'll give you a quest to kill
Vorten near The Hive entrance of The Lower Ward. QUEST: Kill Officer Vorten.
You can complete this quest for 8000 exp. Conall will also let you rest there
and he will sell some decent items. Every time you talk to Leena, she will ask
you if you have recently disrupted others' plans. I didn't want to pursue
becoming an Anarchist any further, so I reloaded to a point before I killed

Visit the southwest section first and meet your old friend Reekwind. Reekwind
will give you 5000 exp and tell you another story (he'll write it into your
journal). It's the story of Pharod and you can talk to Annah about it. If this
is the first time you've talked to her since accepting Grace into your party,
she won't be particularly happy. Placate her and talk to her about Pharod, the
Bronze Sphere, and his former life for 2500 exp.

Head to the southeast quad now and enter The Smoldering Corpse Bar. Give Barkis
the note you've been carrying all this time. Now go free Ignus with the Endless
Decanter of Water for 5000 exp. If you talk to Drusilla again, Ingus will
embrace her and burn her up.

a. Ignus

If you ask Grace about Ignus, she'll tell you not to travel with him any longer
because he's so unstable. Take her advice, but get some usage out of Ignus
first. Talk to Ignus and be careful about what you say to him.

Tell him you wish to speak of flames and burning for 1500 exp. Gain 6000 exp
for asking Ignus who taught him The Art. A memory with 10000 exp will surface.
Now ask him to teach you a few things and say you are willing to suffer for

Lose -1 max HP for 6000 exp and the spell Ignus' Charm. If you continue, lose -
3 max HP and gain 12000 exp and the spell Infernal Orb. Now he'll accept pieces
of you as immortals' parts are evidently very powerful. Giving him your Eyeball
will net 12000 exp and the spell Ignus' Terror, but you'll lose -2 max HP. Gain
24000 exp and the spell Infernal Shield for handing over your Intestines. When
you lose max HP from learning from Ignus, you'll gain some fire resistance each

Ignus is a pretty powerful character, but who wants a rabid lion fighting on his
side? Reform your party and remove him as soon as you're done gaining
experience from him.

You're done here, head for Buried Village. Go to Pharod's Court and pick up all
the items he left on the ground. Make sure to grab the Bronze Sphere and the
Crutch. Move to the archway in the northwest corner and the Crutch will open
the hidden portal.

There's nothing here that you absolutely have to have, but there are a great
many scrolls and charms in Pharod's library. I never found that many coppers,
though. The only item that I'd say was key to find is the Lady of Pain Rag
Doll, but you can also purchase one in The Curiosity Shoppe in Clerk's Ward.

Once you feel that you've plundered enough, return to The Lower Ward. Report
back to Giltspur for one last time and earn 8000 exp for ferrying the message to
Barkis. Head to Clerk's Ward. If you discount the optional areas (to be
covered in the next section), you're basically done with two-thirds of the game.

E. OPTIONAL AREAS (forthcoming)

You don't have to do any of these, really, but I would if for nothing other than
the experience you'll earn completing them.


You won't land in this area unless you make The Lady of Pain very very angry.
Killing a lot of people at random will make her angry, but the fastest way to do
it is kill Dabus or just pray to her Doll likeness a lot. I got three different
messages when praying to her Doll. The first is no reaction, the second tells
you that what you're doing is dangerous, and the third tells you that you're up
the creek without a paddle *or* a boat. After you get the third message and try
to move within Sigil, she'll appear during the scene transition and maze you.

There are a couple of items to be had here. They are in a small pile to the
northeast of your starting location (taking the portal one down from the portal
straight to the west will take you nearby). One item is a decent Hammer and the
other is one of your old Journals, telling you that only one of the portals in
the maze is the correct exit. Also, you just can't randomly hit portals until
you leave, you have to go through one and then walk back to it and exit. Fun.

After you grab the items head out the portal that is one down from the one
straight to the east. After going through, walk all the way back to it and
enter it again. You should now be teleported to a different location and a new
portal will appear. Your party members should be near where you tried to exit,
pick them up and breathe a sigh of relief.

If you upset The Lady again, she'll keelhaul you for good.


There are just lots of monsters to kill and items to find. Supposedly, there is
a quest to kill the Larval Worms' mother, but I could never get this quest. The
monsters here are *great* experience, but you shouldn't try and do the entire
area in one trip unless you have a death wish or are incredibly powerful

One thing I hated about this area is that I couldn't use my big area spells
(like Cloudkill) on all the enemies before they came rushing in, or half of them
would not be visible due to the Fog of War effect. That's until I started
sending Annah out as a scout while she was hiding in the shadows. This way, you
can tell when the enemies are coming at you, and can hit all of them with your
big spells. Head back up after you've polished off all the nasties and
collected all the goodies.


Okay, the Modron Cube has uses other than taunting Morte. Actually, I once went
from Lawful Good to Neutral Good after teasing Morte with the Cube. I guess you
can't be Lawful and imaginatively humorous at the same time. As several people
may have told you, the cube is a portal but no one knows how to activate it; so
it's up to you to experiment. Here are the steps you need to take: Bend the
left knee, extend the left wing, extend the right wing, and rotate the right
arm. Welcome to Rubikon.

The first Modron you meet here is not exactly what you might call "helpful" or
even "capable of speaking more than a few rote phrases." You'll just have to
jump in and explore on your own. Here's a quick breakdown of Rubikon or the
Modron Maze, as it appears on the map: Each room has an identical square layout
with four potential exits in the middle of each side.

The first time you enter the maze, it'll be set on the easy difficulty setting,
so all the enemies you meet will be Low Threat Constructs. They'll occasionally
drop items that are worth absolutely nothing, so don't bother with the
following: A Bag of Coins, A Goody!, A Magic Item!, and A Clue! Certain
Constructs will also be carrying Lenses that can be used only by Modrons. You
may also luck into finding a Portal Lens, but don't use it to return home just

Eventually, you'll stumble into the Engineering Room. You'll quickly realize
that these Modrons are behaving quite oddly. It turns out they can't do
anything without instructions from The Engineer. The Modron in the middle
(sounds like a oldies song title, "Modron in the Middle") is the one to whom you
wish to speak. Volunteer to be the new Director and you can create new dungeons
to explore and reset them when you're finished with them.

You can go ahead and jump to the hard difficulty, but I did the normal
difficulty just for kicks. After resetting Rubikon, the Engineering Room will
always be adjacent to the room through which you enter the maze. The normal
difficulty setting features Medium Threat Constructs, but otherwise, this is
basically the same as before. You can keep resetting and doing the dungeons,
too, if you want to lose yourself in some mindless hack 'n' slash action.

Whenever you're ready to pick up a new character and fight a boss, tell The
Engineer to set the maze to hard. Now head out and thoroughly explore the maze.
The High Threat Constructs also dish out pretty good exp, but they're not nearly
as easy to defeat as their brethren. If you want to hide to backstab, you'll
have to do it the moment you enter the room, before the Constructs can talk to
you and turn hostile. The Modron Maze will be fairly large, so you may actually
want to map it out with pencil and paper.

There are two unique rooms in Rubikon when the setting is on hard. One is the
Wizard's Lair that contains the Evil Wizard Construct who has achieved sentience
and has been behind all of the glitches in Rubikon. Kill him to acquire some
nice items and a Portal Lens if you don't have one already.

The other unique room is entitled Nordom's Room because it's Nordom's room.
Interesting, that.


Talk to Nordom for a bit and then he'll ask to journey with you. Accept its
offer for 36000 exp. Besides Ignus, Nordom is the only PC capable of a ranged
attack. He's a decent character really, but missile weapons aren't that
advantageous in Planescape: Torment because of the zoomed-in view and limited
sight. You only have one, maybe two, shots before the enemy closes in and
renders ranged attack useless.

Talk to Nordom for awhile and find out that he obeys the Director fully. Order
him to memory dump for 36000 exp and Nordom's Int will increase by +2. You'll
also get a piece of clockwork junk. My Int of 17 wasn't up to the task, but it
looks like you can have Nordom upgrade his crossbows if you give him the correct
specifications. According to Brian Brown, you can get Nordom to increase his
stats, depending on how high your Int is. Also, he will create powerful Rule-
of-Three Bolts, also if your Int is high enough. You can also use Nordom's
login and gain exp by talking to him about your mortality.

Ask Nordom about the tasks that the previous Director assigned to him and you'll
discover a few things. Nordom has the useful ability to detect portals and
he'll give you what he found on his last excursion into Rubikon.

After I beat the Wizard Construct and acquired Nordom, I returned to Sigil using
the Portal Lens. After returning there, I reformed my party and left Nordom
with Ignus. You don't need the extra person and experience drain, and there's
somebody much cooler you can get for your sixth party member. You can also use
the Modron Cube in conjunction with the Portal Lens to teleport to places if
you're too lazy to walk.

Now do whatever you have to do, buy whatever you need, and tie up any loose
ends, because you're not going to be in Sigil for quite some time; and by the
time you come back, there won't be any point to being in Sigil. When you're
ready to start the final third of the game, activate the Unfolding Portal you've
been lugging around all this while and finally meet Ravel face-to-face.



This area is infested with Trigits, products of Ravel's twisted magic. You can
find Ravel in the center of the map, but I would advise searching out and
destroying all of the Trigits before you approach and talk to her. She won't
notice you if you don't speak to her directly. Explore the Maze fully and learn
the location of the two portals on either side.

Before you talk to Ravel, power up with whatever spells you usually use right
before a big battle. You'll be talking to Ravel for awhile, so spells with a
short duration will wear off before combat actually begins, so don't bother with

Gain 90000 for finding Ravel and talking to her. When she touches you, touch
her back and gain a memory. Don't tell her you could fall in love with both
Grace and Annah, though, because that will start the fight prematurely. Gain a
humongous 180000 exp for finding out about Trias, the angel who knows about your
mortality. QUEST: Find the angel Ravel spoke of. Tell Ravel the truth about
her appearance to learn who else she has been. When she turns into Mebbeth, you
can gain +1 Wis and another 90000 exp. As Ei-Vene, she will increase your max
HP +3. As Marta, she'll give you a powerful wrist item made out of your

When you prod her about the past, she'll give you a lock of her Hair and 90000
exp. You can also get spells form her, I learned the most when I said I was
only a student. As you try to leave, Ravel will attempt to hold you back by
force. Defeating Ravel earns 32000 exp. Don't forget to raid Ravel's corpse
for goodies.

Brian Brown solved the mystery of Ravel's Hair. Apparently if you acquire her
Hair and all of the Seeds, you can trigger a portal in the center of the maze by
twisting the lock of her Hair. Along with the plants in the southeast corner,
you can create Wands that cast the Black-Barbed spells.

The portal exit is the one to the northeast, don't merely walk through it,
though. When it prompts you, fold your arms like a cage and jump through.


Gain 10000 exp for arriving safely in Curst. The Citizens and Guards here are
completely unfriendly, but the Dump Caretaker Kyse is a pretty nice individual.
Talk to him and learn about the secret entrance he has hidden in the Dump, but
don't go through it. You'll see a noblewoman by the name of Roberta. She's
planning to murder her unfaithful husband. Lovely town.

There are two stores in Curst, the Blacksmith and the Distiller. If either of
the owners, who are brothers, ask you to help in deciding a will, decline for
now. Explore, but don't get too involved in anything or accept any quests just
yet. The Guard Captain can be found just east of the Distiller.

Make your first stop The Traitor's Gate Tavern. You should spy Marquez, a
Harmonium Guard, sitting alone. He won't be too friendly just yet. Go talk to
the bar's owner, Tainted Barse. He'll answer many questions and tell to rescue
his daughter in exchange for the key necessary to open the door to the deva.
Five bar patrons have pieces of the key and each one will require a service for
their portion. QUEST: Assemble the Key.

Barse will point you towards Marquez. He'll be a little more receptive now.
Marquez will tell you the location of the corrupt Harmonium Guards. QUEST:
Rescue Barse's Daughter. Leave the bar and exit to the northern portion of
Curst. The Guards aren't that hard to find, they're in an alley in the
northeast part of town. Kill them to rescue Barse's daughter Jasilya. Talk to
her briefly and return to The Traitor's Gate Tavern. Return to Marquez for
65000 exp and the first part of the Key. Marquez will also train you as a
Fighter. He'll direct you to Kitla.

Kitla is just northeast, in the area with the hanging shark. She wants you to
bring her Crumplepunch's and Kester's Legacies, because they both owe her money.
QUEST: Mediate the Family Dispute.

While you're still in the bar, you might as well explore upstairs. There's
nothing that has to be done, but I did find a few items of interest. An
adventurer named Berrog is here and feeling panicky because Curst is so corrupt.
I told him to go, and he left.

Now resume your quests and have chats with both Crumplepunch and Kester.
Collect their Legacies and then make your decision. Depending on how you
arbitrate the situation, you'll get a different result. If you give the
Legacies to Kitla, she'll offer to train you as a Mage. If you rule to split
the Legacies, Crumplepunch will be pleased. If you rule in favor of Kester, he
will be happy and reward you. Whomever you choose, the other two will not be
happy with your decision and will refuse you their services. Personally, I went
to Crumplepunch and told him to split the inheritance and got 15000 exp. Return
to Kitla and she'll give you a scroll of Abyssal Fury.

The next person to whom you need to speak is Nabat. He's hanging around the
south of the bar. QUEST: Defend the Dump Caretaker. Talk to Kyse and find out
who's threatening him. The Thug leader Wernet is in the north side of town,
down south near the wagons; have a chat with him and he'll scoff at you. Raid
the Warehouse crates, too, while you're at it. Go back to Kyse to defend him
from the Thugs. After you rescue him, he'll be grateful and sell healing if you
need it. Go back to Nabat and receive 43750 exp for this quest. He'll also
train you as a Thief.

Now talk to Dallan, he's east of the tavern, talking to a female friend. QUEST:
Deal with an Official Dispute. An'izius is way up north, near the Gate to
Carceri. An'izius wants you to make up a story for the Guard Captain, but I
went to go talk to Siabha first. She's standing outside the Administration
Building that you can't enter yet. Siabha will offer you double, and then
An'izius will double her offer. Siabha will match his offer, so now it's up to
you to choose whom to report. I turned them both in for 200000 exp and I also
had Roberta arrested for good measure. Return to Dallan and gain 87500 exp for
solving the quest.

Dona Quisho holds the last part of the Key; she's standing right nearby Kitla.
QUEST: Free Dona Quisho's fiend. Head into the Grain Silo, it's just north of
the tavern. Examine the Scroll while nearby the pentagram upstairs and gain
60000 exp. The fiend is Agril-Shanak, a powerful Glabrezu. Agril-Shanak will
tempt you with a powerful axe Heartgrinder (it is *quite* powerful). I didn't
learn axes and didn't hold with freeing fiends, so I just let him be. 131250
exp is yours for reporting back to Dona Quisho.

Now you're ready to enter the Underground with the complete Key. You could have
bypassed all these quests and just entered the secret entrance in the Dump, but
then you would have missed out on a whopping amount of easy experience. Talk to
Barse when you're ready to go through and you'll receive some exp, too.


You'll be beset by Trelons immediately upon entering, so beat them off (not in
that sense, you pervert). This is where it helps to be a powerful Mage, because
there are lots of Trelons in large groups.

Make your way west along the bottom tunnels and head north when you can. You'll
meet a talkative Gehreleth by the name of Ghrist. He wants to eat Trias and
you, so kill him for 14000 exp. If you're really banged up, keep going north
until you meet the Hermit. He'll let you rest and watch out for you while
you're sleeping. You can just leave west if you're impatient, but you might as
well clear out this area for the exp. You can always run back to the Hermit
after you get beat up.

There's a shifty fellow in the southern chambers by the name of Voorsha. It
turns out he's a smuggler and he promises to make you his partner if you kill
the Gehreleth. QUEST: Kill the gehreleth for Voorsha. You should have already
killed it, so go ahead and tell him that. He'll turn on you because he didn't
think you could actually do it. His actions don't really make sense, though; he
knows he can't kill the gehreleth, so he attacks the guy who is powerful enough
to kill it? Maybe he's just really greedy, oh well.

Up north, there are two rooms full of Lemures and Nupperibos. Feel free to put
them down. Cloudkill works like a charm here. North of this area are two Black
Abishai and a Cornugon named Tek'elach. You can fight the Abishai without
Tek'elach getting involved.

Talk to Tek'elach and find out that he has a hidden agenda by helping you.
After a few future events occur, it's clear what he's planning and why; but
it'll be a mystery for a little while longer. Kill him just because he looks
ugly, or you may want to wait because he will show up again later if you leave
him alone. Once you're done here, head back to the Hermit, rest if you need to,
then head west into the Curst Prison.


Your foes inside the prison will be Curst Guards for the most part. They're
fairly tough in large groups, so save your big spells for those occasions. Also
don't be afraid to head back to the Hermit and rest when necessary.

There'll be a lot of Guards in the northeast corner and a door that you won't be
able to open at all. Leave this alone for now, as you won't be able to do
anything with it until after you have beaten the boss here.

Head west and then south down the corridor. After fighting a few Guards, you'll
find a door that leads to the deva' prison. Talking to Trias will avail you
little for he claims that his chains smother his mind like the River Styx. He
needs his sword in order to be freed, and he'll teach you the words to get past
the gate in the northwest. QUEST: Free the deva. There are some huge bugs
here, but I won't touch on them as they are quite abusable.

Ready yourself for some more intense fighting before you open the gate. There
are a lot of Guards here, and a certain something else. There are three rings
to the prison. One of the Guards you kill in the Outer Ring will be carrying a
Finger Bone Key, so search the corpses thoroughly.

Inside the Second Ring, you'll find some more Guards and Roberta (if you had her
arrested). The Third Ring contains even more fun-loving Guards and possibly
Siabha and An'izius as well. I wasn't able to open the doors to the regular
citizenry who are imprisoned here, but they'll open on their own later. There's
a big trap here that Annah disarmed for 87500 exp.

The inner Sanctum contains a Nupperibo-lookalike named Cassius. He has Trias'
sword and you can challenge him in strength, wits, or speed. You don't gain any
experience for choosing wits and speed; but then again, you don't have to fight
him, either. He's pretty stupid, though. When you choose the challenge of
strength, he'll pursue The Nameless One relentlessly. Just have the rest of
your party members attack him and have The Nameless One run around out of his
reach. He's worth 10000 exp and drops Celestial Fire, Trias' sword.

After Cassius leaves or is killed, the doors to the prisoners will open and
they'll attempt to escape. Guards will arrive and they'll have a couple of big
fight. Go back to free Trias.

It's worth 306250 exp for freeing Trias. He offers several things, but will
only give knowledge. Ask him about your mortality, and he'll point you towards
Fhjull Forked-Tongue. QUEST: Find Forked-Tongue. The door to the northwest
that was locked previously is now open and a portal will open there as well.

Once you activate the portal, the door will open. *Don't* step through the
portal, instead walk behind it to meet Vhailor. As you approach the suit of
armor, speak his name to summon a memory for 60000 exp and then tell him to


Vhailor is a former Mercykiller who's just a suit of armor and an axe; but he
doesn't quite realize that he's dead. He's an embodiment of Justice itself and
becomes stronger depending on how great the injustice is that he must overcome.
He has the power to crush armies and destory Gods. All in all, he's a pretty
tough customer.

You can ask him to look at the other party members and see them through
Justice's eyes. Gain 90000 exp for the memory of imprisoning Vhailor here long
ago. Don't prod him too much about how he died, or else he'll get ugly and
you'll be forced to put him to rest; and he's much more useful as an ally. Gain
some more experience for getting Vhailor to join your party.

A few basics on Vhailor: He's a tank. He starts off at level 9 with 100 HPs.
He has 2.5 attacks with a THACO of 12 and +5 to hit and dam. But that's not
all, folks! His axe, Final Judgment does 5-15 with 1-6 fire damage and +3
THACO. It also does *double* damage against guilty or chaotic foes and protects
him. Its power is derived purely from Vhailor's will to mete out Justice. And
he can become exponentially more powerful near the end of the game.

After acquiring Vhailor (or not, depending on your tastes), jump through the
portal. Also, if you had to ditch a sixth party member to squeeze in Vhailor,
you'll not be seeing him again (unless it was Ignus).


There are two types of hostile critters here, Gronks and Grilligs. Gronks are
immune to crushing weapons and Grilligs edged, so an interesting pairing of
monster types here. Neither creature should be very difficult to defeat for
your powerful party.

The entrance to The House of Fhjull is in the maw of the giant skeleton. For a
fiend, Fhjull is pretty helpful, but that's only because Trias has bound him.
That's okay, take advantage however you can. :) Fhjull knows that you must
enter The Tower of Regrets, but he does not know the way. For 350000 exp, he'll
tell you about the Pillar of Skulls in Baator. He'll open a portal by the hand
of the creature that'll take you to Baator. Gain another 100000 exp for asking
him how to leave Baator once you have gotten the information you require. Ask
him about where you are presently and what the skeleton is that he inhabits.
This could be useful to you later on.

Also, ask him for aid and take all of his cool items. He has a grand assortment
of spells not available elsewhere. You can also rest here whenever you want.
When you're properly equipped and rested, leave and enter the portal in the left
arm of Ul-Goris' skeleton.


There are lots of bad guys here to fight, and there's only one pseudo-special
encounter. Off in the west, there'll be a woman who seems to be fighting for
her life. It's a ruse; if you save her she'll turn into an Abishai and you'll
be ambushed.

Your goal, the Pillar of Skulls, can be reached down to the southeast. You may
also notice the cleft in the rocks off to the east and be prompted to exit, but
you need to speak with the Pillar first.

The Pillar of Skulls doesn't like to play fair. It charges a very high price
for all of its answers. There's only question you have to ask it, though, and
that's about The Tower of Regrets. If you don't want to cough of Morte, they'll
ask you for the location of Fhjull, if you decline that, they want the Modron
Cube, then Grace, and then Annah. As Brian Brown wrote in, you can give Morte
to the Pillar and then yank him back out for a loss of -5 max HPs.

You can reform your party and just leave them off to the side while you talk to
the Pillar. They'll demand Fhjull, the Modron Cube, or a taste of your blood.
I just gave them a taste of my blood, but that's -15 max HPs, so you may just
want to give them the Modron Cube.

If you tell the Pillar of Forked-Tongue's location, fiends will be waiting for
you when you return to the Outlands. Also, if you talked to the Pillar with
Grace in your party, fiends will appear, attracted by her scent. QUEST: Return
to Curst and speak to Trias.

Return to Fhjull, and he'll tell you how to leave back to Curst. The portal is
aptly located under the arse of Ul-Goris' skeleton. If you betrayed Forked-
Tongue, the fiends hunting him will appear and Fhjull will turn against you.
Rest up before heading out, because you'll certainly need it.


Hrm, when you arrive in Curst, it'll be a ghost town. The only thing here will
be the Fiend from Moridor's Box. He's harder than heck to beat, but it's worth
it, as he carries a very powerful magic item and gives you 500000 exp to boot.
The easiest way to beat him is to leave the rest of your party by the entrance
to this area and take Annah off alone. Cast spells on her like Power of One,
Zerthimon's Focus, and Enoll Eva's Duplication to buff her up so she can do 150
point backstabs. Give her some healing items like Blood Charms so that every
time she gets injured, Grace won't come barging in to ruin your strategy (or
temporarily disable Party AI). Just make Annah hide and backstab; she can move
a lot faster than the Fiend, and once she's on the other side of one of the many
obstructions, she can hide again. Right after you attack, whether it's hit or
miss, duck back and start running, otherwise Annah will take a big hit. Rinse
and repeat with hide and backstab, and the Aegis of Torment will be yours.

I had previously thought that this Fiend was Agril-Shanak, but it turns out if
you leave both Agril-Shanak and Tek'elach alone, you can find them fighting by
the Barracks. Thanks to I-yang Chen for sending this correction in. The reason
I didn't think it was the Fiend is because if you summon the Fiend from
Moridor's Box after getting the delivery quest from Mar, it turns out to be some
wimpy Lemure-lookalike. I-yang Chen reported that if you don't have the priest
of Asokar take care of Moridor's Box, it won't be here in Curst.

Poke around a bit and find that the Gate to Carceri is now activated. As you
leave, the Gate Heads will talk to you and tell you what happened. You can also
rest here if you need to.

There are a lot of mini-encounters that you need to solve while you're in
Carceri. The first one you'll notice is just northwest of your starting
position after you enter the portal. Defend the townspeople against the
Gehreleths for a good bit of exp (250000 to be exact, I think).

Northeast of where you begin is Kyse. Talk to him to find out what's happening.
He'll give you a scroll of Meteor Storm Bombardment and tell you that you can
safely rest in The Distillery and The Barracks. He'll also tell that the more
anarchy and chaos you stop, the weaker Trias will be when you face him. You may
also see Tovus Giljaf and Berrog trapped under a nearby wagon. Free them both
and get a scroll of Deathbolt.

As you head north, you'll see poor hapless Jasilya under assault again, this
time from some Thugs. Save her for 750000 exp. Go up to the Warehouse and talk
some sense into the would-be looters for 150000 exp. Enter the Warehouse.
There are some decent items here, not to mention a group of Anarchists led by
Ebb Creakknees. He'll hand you a scroll of Desert Hell. There's also a Wish
Scroll hidden in here. It's down and to the left of the door and very hard to
find. You can do all sorts of fun things with this Scroll, such as learn Power
Word, Kill. I noticed this at The Pit (

There are some friendly Curst Guards trying to fight off the monsters, but it's
hard work as they come in non-stop waves. There are also a couple of annoying
Crazy Mages who don't stay dead for long.

Check out the Distillery and save Kester from the Thugs. He'll organize his
friends and let you rest here if you need it. There's a Dwelling to the west in
which a Citizen has apparently murdered another. Talk to the murderer and
avenge her.

Right outside, you may notice a mob scene in which everyone is fighting everyone
else. Clean up here. You may alternately see An'izius being taken forward to
trial. Stop the craziness here by talking to the Judge and gain 225000 exp.

Inside the Barracks, a couple of Guards will be fighting a Sohmien, after which
they'll turn on you. Polish them off and then you can use the Barracks to rest
whenever you need to.

Outside of the Administration Building, you'll see a Curst Official who's
inciting trouble. There are a few Thokola Guards nearby, protecting a slaver
named Hezobol. Cut them down and do the same for Hezobol. When you've done
enough to stem the flow of chaos, the Hermit will appear and tell you that Trias
is sufficiently weakened. Time to head inside.

There's not too much to say other than basically fight your way up to the top
floor, collecting what goodies you encounter. When you make it up to the third
floor, a nearly dead Guard will warn you about Trias. Search the room and pick
up some pretty tasty weaponry.

Before you fight Trias, you might want to leave Vhailor on the floor below. If
you do, though, you won't be able to get him back. He'll be troublesome when
you try to redeem Trias. Fight Trias, and he'll concede before he is killed and
tell you how to get to The Fortress of Regrets. You can beat Trias pretty
easily: Morte should also use his Skull Mob ability; Grace should cast Call
Lightning; and The Nameless One and Dak'kon should keep firing away with Magic
Missile, Reign of Anger, Ball Lightning, Elysium's Tears, Swarm Curse, and
whatever other quick-firing spells you have in your arsenal. If Trias succeeds
in summoning forth his Sohmien, just have The Nameless One cast a Cloudkill
centered on Trias; that should kill all of the nuisances. Annah and/or Vhailor
can kill any that escape the cloud.

I spared Trias and told him to ask forgiveness and gained 375000 exp. He'll
give you a copy of Celestial Host before he departs. If you're Lawful Good, you
may want to consider killing him for his sword, Celestial Fire, though. If
Vhailor is present, he'll rush forward and pronounce judgment on Trias.

Either way, after you defeat Trias, a portal will appear to take you back to The



Do whatever it is you want to do, because the next step you take in your journey
will be the last. Don't worry about powering up your teammates too much, as
combat shouldn't play prominently in the endgame. If you still want to do some
hacking and slashing, you can head back to UnderSigil. There should be some
Greater Glabrezu there now to entertain you. When you're ready to finish the
game, head back to The Mortuary.

Specifically, go back to the room in which your adventure began, the Southwest
Preparation Room on the second floor. Trias wasn't kidding when he said that
you were really close to getting to The Fortress of Regrets last time. Head
towards the center of the map, and you should start getting the proper prompts.

Inscribe a regret onto your skin and get ready for a wild ride. Personally, I
picked regretting what happened to my companions and all they had to endure to
reach this point for 250000 exp. Just before you leave, Morte will drop a
bombshell on you and Dak'kon will jump in as well.

If you're really and truly ready to find your mortality and solve all the
mysteries that surround you, jump through the portal that appears. Before you
leave, make sure you have the Negative Token, the Bronze Sphere, and Deionarra's
Wedding Ring on your person. It might also be prudent to have a few Cloudkill
spells memorized and maybe even an Infernal Shield.


Whoops, you and your companions have been separated. The Fortress is off to the
west, but swing east first. Deionarra will be waiting for you in the southeast
corner. She'll tell you a few things you should know and she'll mention the
importance of clocks the last time you came here. After you show her the Ring
you brought from her legacy, its power will triple.

When you're really truly ready, approach The Fortress and enter. You'll see a
brief scene with Ignus and The Transcendent One. You can't dally around here,
so immediately run up the stairs that are southeast of you. Examine the clock
there and read the message you wrote last time you were here.

It tells you to ignore the doors and use the cannons instead. The first cannon
is northeast of the clock in this room. Examine the panel, pull the lever, and
watch a scene with Fall-from-Grace.

You'll be teleported to another part of The Fortress. You can pause the game
and check the map to get your bearings. The next cannon you want to trigger is
immediately southeast down the nearby stairs. Pull the lever and watch a scene
with Annah. You'll be teleported again afterwards.

If the Shadows ever bunch up and start getting too close to you, let them have
it with a Cloudkill spell. Run down the southeast stairs, back to the main
floor near where you entered. The third cannon is on the north side of the
room. Again pull the lever, and this time watch a scene with Dak'kon.

You'll be teleported one last time. Run down the stairs southeast and then head
up the stairs that you'll heading north as you move east. The cannon will be
slightly east of you as you run up the stairs. After you pull its lever, you'll
hear and see a portal open nearby and be teleported one last time.

Again, pause and get your bearings. Head back to the room you were just in and
jump through the portal. It will take you to The Trial of Impulse and you'll
see a fairly pissed-off Ignus coming towards you.

Now's the time for Infernal Shield if you have it memorized. Ignus won't let
you use the crystal in the middle of the room, so you're going to have to Dead-
Book Ingus. I guess killing Ignus did the universe the favor, because it not
only garnered me 32000 exp but bumped my alignment from Neutral Good to Lawful
Good. Now you can use the strange floating crystal.


Oh boy, you'll wake up in the Maze of Reflections, surrounded by three of your
other incarnations: Larry, Curly, and Moe. Actually, they're Practical,
Paranoid, and Good Incarnations who have also been trapped inside the crystal.

The Practical Incarnation is the one whom you have heard the most about from
your companions. This is the man who saved Dak'kon (but only for his karach
blade), pried Morte off the Pillar of Skulls, imprisoned Vhailro, taught Ignus
The Art, and let Deionarra die deliberately so she could be his spy in The
Negative Material Plane. He intends to absorb you so that with your skills in
addition to his own, he can confront and defeat The Transcendent One. He also
purports to know the way out of the crystal trap. Gain 96000 exp for
discovering why the Bronze Sphere is so important; it contains the experiences
of the first of the incarnations. When you're done talking to him, tell him
that he will merge with you. Your Wisdom must be at least 21 to absorb him, so
you might not be able to do it. After absorbing him, gain 96000 exp and bonuses
to Int and Wis.

Now turn to the Paranoid Incarnation. He's the one who left the traps for you
and killed Fin, the linguist. He's also the one The Lady mazed but he escaped
and committed various and sundry heinous crimes. Don't anger him, instead speak
with him in the language of the Uyo. Put him out of his misery by absorbing him
for 64000 exp and increases in Str and Con.

Now talk to the Good Incarnation. He'll merge with you readily enough for 32000
exp and +1 Wis, but that's not realizing his real potential. Gain 96000 exp for
asking him about the first incarnation and learning the truth about him. Absorb
him. You'll get the same bonuses as before, but now you can use the Bronze
Sphere. Gain 2000000 exp, learn your name, and gain the powerful Symbol of

After you kill/absorb the other Incarnations, Deionarra will appear to spirit
you away. You can also rest in this room, so make sure to do so before leaving.
She will take you where you ask, but it's all the same place. Talk to her first
to gain her forgiveness, or not, depending on whether or not you're an unfeeling
bastard who can't throw a sorrowful ghost who's been looking out for you all
these years a scrap of food while you're chowing down at an all-you-can-eat


Okay, it's time for the showdown with your mortality. You'll see your dead
compatriots and The Transcendent One just beyond. There's not much you can do
other than talk to him. There are several different routes to victory here:

Merge with The Transcendent One:
1. Threaten him with the Blade of the Immortal.
2. Threaten to unmake yourself with your will (min. Wis of 23).
3. Force him to merge with you (must have activated the Bronze Sphere).

Kill yourself:
1. Use the Blade of the Immortal.
2. Unmake yourself with your will (min. Wis of 23).

Kill The Transcendent One:
1. Unmake him with your will (must have activated the Bronze Sphere).
1. Kill him by yourself.
2. Resurrect one of your companions while talking to him; pick Morte first and
then pick Dak'kon (if you taught him the Eighth Circle of Zerthimon) or Vhailor
for the easiest time as they will both power up tremendously.

"The best ending" is when you merge with The Transcendent One, because you get
to resurrect all of your companions and talk with them before meeting your final
judgment. You see the movie Transcendence 1, revive your friends, and then see
the Finale.

If you kill yourself or The Transcendent One, you get treated to Transcendence
2, but you don't get to save your friends before the Finale kicks in.



Here's a list of the movies to which I was treated over the course of the game:

Black Isle Logo
TSR Logo
Shadows Will Follow
Sigil: City of Doors
Pharod's Destiny
Death in the Alley
The Alley's Birth
To the Maze
The Lady's Fury
The Outlands
Curst Returns
Fortress of Regrets
Fortress Door
Ignus' Arrival
The Transcendant One
Transcendence 1
Transcendence 2
Mechanus Cannon
Meteor Storm
Celestial Host
Rune of Torment

You can also get a pretty cool movie if you are unable to complete the game
(like allowing the Practical Incarnation to absorb you), but unfortunately it
doesn't show up under your Movies selection options. I thought it was pretty
cool how they had Final Fantasy-type scenes for the following spells:
Conflagration, Mechanus' Cannon, Meteor Storm Bombardment, Celestial Host, and
Rune of Torment. There's a pretty long part of the Celestial Host spell that
isn't part of the movie, either.

If you haven't gotten all these movies and want to watch them, you can edit the
torment.ini file using your handy-dandy copy of Notepad. Under the [Movies]
heading, set the following things to true (strangely enough, the death movie
seems to show up here):


I spotted this cool tip about the torment.ini at GameSages
(, though I think I have a few movies listed that they
missed, not to mention the fact that I organized mine, too.


-Everyone who contributed to this FAQ (credited inside the body of this document
near the information they sent in).
-People who sent me interesting questions about Planescape: Torment so that I
felt like some kind of strange guru.
-My fiance Su-Hoay for being so darned adorable all the time.
-Black Isle for making such an interesting and involved game.
-CJayC and GameFAQs ( for providing a place for
documents like these.

-People who sent me random, incoherent, nigh-illiterate e-mail about the FAQ.
-Black Isle for releasing a product behind schedule that clearly had tons of
-"The slowdown bug." I hate you! Die! Die!


I guess FAQ-writers are starting to include this type of section now to toot
their own horns, and I have never been remiss in this regard; ergo (I had to use
this somewhere in this FAQ or it just wouldn't be complete), here it is. Listed
below are other works I have completed:

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Heroes of Might and Magic III: Armageddon's Blade FAQ/Walkthrough
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