Planescape: Torment чит-файл №2

Just look through a Hex Editor until you see the equipment names, then change
the HEX to what you want.

Line 14 has Gold Value Ц 255=FF 282=1A01 Least significant Byte is First

Experience Points for Character is after the CRE V1.2 (approx. that is. Number
written similar to Gold)


4D4F4F50554E4348 MOOPUNCH Punch Dagger of Moorin
47534B4E49464500 GSKNIFE Green Steel Knife
5343414C50454C00 SCALPEL Scalpel
5153544C4F000000 QSTLO Quality Stiletto
4158000000000000 AX Battle Axe
48414D4D45520000 HAMMER Hammer
434C554200000000 CLUB Club
4A4B4E4946450000 JKNIFE Jagged Knife
4158320000000000 AX2 Crescent Axe
5255535444414700 RUSTDAG Rusty Dagger


434C4F544348524D CLOTCHRM Clot Charm # (9)
43464C594348524D CFLYCHRM Fly Charm
424F4E454348524D BONECHRM Bone Charm
454D424348524D00 EMBCHRM Embalming Charm #
42414E4441474500 BANDAGE Bandages # (9)
445241544348524D DRATCHRM Dirty Rat Charm


45594542414C4C00 EYEBALL Eyeball
4C4F47424F4F4B00 LOGBOOK Receiving Logbook
544F4D4542410000 TOMEBA Tome of Bone and Ash
4C4F475041474500 LOGPAGE Torn Page from Logbook
5441534B4C495354 TASKLIST Tasklist from head in Mortuary
454D42414C4D0000 EMBALM Embalming Fluid # (2)
4452454D494E4400 DREMIND Mortuary Reminder Message
4452455155455354 DREQUEST Dustman Request
4E4545444C450000 NEEDLE Needle and Thread
50454E4E4F544500 PENNOTE PennТs Note
4F42454152000000 OBEAR
44424F5800000000 DBOX Quest
44555354524F4245 DUSTROBE DustmanТs Robes
5052594241520000 PRYBAR Pry bar


4B45594D4F320000 KEYMO2 Mortuary Key #2
4B45594D4F000000 KEYMO Mortuary Key


42524F52494E4700 BRORING Bronze Ring


42524F4252410000 BROBRA Bronze Bracelet
5453494C42524100 TSILBRA ? Bracelet


5445415252494E47 TEARRING Triangular Earring
4C4F434B5049434B LOCKPICK Chained-Teeth Earrings
53494C4541520000 SILEAR Silver Earring?


4252454153543100 BREAST1 Rune of Lesser Warding
4252454153543200 BREAST2 Rune of Armor
4252454153543300 BREAST3 Rune of Greater Warding


4B594E414D450000 KYNAME name tattoo of ? Ц buried city
5454444558310000 TTDEX1 of Action
5454444558320000 TTDEX2 of Greater Action
5454535452310000 TTSTR1 of Might
5454535452320000 TTSTR2 of Greater Might
5454574953310000 TTWIS1 of Spirit
5454574953320000 TTWIS2 of Soul
54544D4158485031 TTMAXHP1 of Enduring
54544D4158485032 TTMAXHP2 of Greater Enduring
5454434F4E310000 TTCON1 of Health
5454434F4E320000 TTCON2 of Greater Health
5454414331000000 TTAC1 of Warding
5454414332000000 TTAC2 of Greater Warding
5454414343555241 TTACCURA of Accuracy (+1 to THACO)
5454424C4F4F444C TTBLOODL of Bloodletting (+1 to damage)
5454494E54310000 TTINT1 of Insight
5454494E54320000 TTINT2 of Revelation
5454434852310000 TTCHR1 of Presence
5454434852320000 TTCHR2 of Greater Presence

Money Hex Cheat

To accomplish this, you need a hex editor, a saved Torment game, and a way to
convert decimal numbers into hexadecimal numbers. This edit has only one
tricky part, the rest is easy.

Open up the Torment.gam file and go to the second row, fifth column of four.

For example:

0000 0000 0000 0000 0D02 0000 0100 0000
^ This is the column you want to start in.

Now, pick an amount of money that you want to give your characters. Be
reasonable though, because I'm not sure how high you can go. I've been using
100000 and that's been doing me just fine. Convert that amount of money into a
hexadecimal number. In the case of 100000 you end up with 186A0. Now here is
the tricky part. You need to break that hexadecimal number into groups of two
digits, starting from the back, like so:

1 86 A0

See how the 1 is by itself? Just add a 0 in front of it to make it a group of
two digits:

01 86 A0

Now, starting with the last group of two digits, begin inserting the groups
into the column I specified. Inserting A0 gives the result:

0000 0000 0000 0000 A002 0000 0100 0000

Insert the next group and you get:

0000 0000 0000 0000 A086 0000 0100 0000

Insert the last group and you'll end up with

0000 0000 0000 0000 A086 0100 0100 0000

That's all there is to it. Enjoy.

Hex Stats Cheat

This will show how to modify any of your character's stats. It's actually
pretty simple.

1. Write down the stats for the specific character you want to edit
(probably start with the Nameless One but it will work on any person in
your party) in this order: STR, %STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHAR. Example:
18 30 15 15 17 12 9.

2. Once you have written them down, convert each one into HEX. You can use
windows calculator in scientific mode to do this. Enter the value in to
the calculator and click the Hex radio button to see the value in hex.
Here are the above values in hex: 12 1E 0F 0F 11 0C 09.

3. Once you have them converted, using your hex editor search for the
above numbers in the torment.gam file*. Enter in the search like so (no
spaces): 121E0F0F110C09.

4. Once you have found these values you can change them as you like. You
can use the your windows calculator the calculate the stats you want to
hex and replace them as you like.

The Torment.gam file is located ine the save directory off of your main
torment folder.