Shrek SuperSlam чит-файл №1

Shrek SuperSlam *Unlocker*

Unlocks (for Single Player Mode):

All 8 Chapters of Story Mode

All 3 Lessons of Training Mode

All 45 Areas of "Mega Challenge" Mode
(Some Areas have 3 or 5 Sub-Challenges, all are unlocked of course)

All 20 Characters of Melee & "Mega Challenge" Modes

All 16 Arenas of Melee Mode

Access to Pizza Challenge Mode (hihi, you are too late!)

All 3 Games of Pizza Challenge Mode (hihi again, yes we're still here)

Unlocks (for Multiplayer Mode):

All 20 Characters of Melee, "King of the Hill", & Slammaggedon Modes

All 16 Arenas of Melee & Slammaggedon Mode

Access to Slammaggedon Mode
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